Sunday, December 09, 2012

Weekend snippets and some of my favourite ornaments

I can't find a gingerbread cookie cutter anywhere. South Africans???
I love this one. I get the feeling this angel is taking a leap off a stage into the crowd :)
what's not to love? wood plus gingham
beaded angel from my friend Roz a few years ago
I'm too crazy about these -I have hope, love, joy, adore
Well, I've had a productive weekend socially but not so much list-wise.

Which is how it goes, I suppose :)

A few quick updates:

1. This week I found out that two other people who work with me were robbed of their iphones in Ackermans at Eastgate within two weeks of my incident. The one has been taking the matter further and eventually some people in the management office told her there seems to be a syndicate operating in that store this Christmas season.

While I'm not happy this has happened to others, on the one hand it makes me feel more okay, like it wasn't totally my fault.

So I went to Eastgate yesterday to sort out an email problem on my iphone and I was extremely anxious being amongst the crowds. I actually mini-freaked at the istore guy when he wanted to go out of the store to test my 3G signal "what are you doing? my iphone was stolen here a few weeks ago!!!!" And then I realised I need to calm down but still stay away from that shopping centre for a few months til the immediacy of the incident passes.

2. My study is a hot mess. I'm working off two desks - one for the computer, one for crafting/ gifting/ cards - which is effective but driving me a bit batty. I also can't leave any presents in plain view because my kids got into their Sunday school teacher's present and ate a few of the toffees.... so I want to get everything DONE and wrapped and put up high. Louisa, Connor wanted to know why Nicola gets to have THAT present and why he can't have one too.......... so looks like I may go
back and see if there's another :)

3. What do you say when people ask you what you want for Christmas? "I really don't need anything" seems to not be acceptable. Hey - maybe I should tell them to get me a Kindle book. I will definitely read it and bonus - NO CLUTTER! I got the most lovely present from a client - a
bottle of handmade marmalade. Totally speaks to me - consumable food (also I'm the only one in the house who eats marmalade :) :)) and an acts of service gift! I've been clever with gifts from the "kids". I went and bought a few things at Mr P for me for the beach and came back, gave them all to D and said, "here - these are my presents from the kids" He loves it!

4. We went to a 3rd birthday party. The kids had a ball playing in the water and I have some lovely spontaneous laughing pics (sneakily taken thanks to the zoom lens). I also met someone who reads this blog (that's the first time someone's said "I read your blog" and I was a bit taken aback!) and have some pics of her too.

My friend did the most awesome party favours (I won't tell you exactly what because I don't want to
spoil the surprise for someone else reading) and put them in gorgeous handmade drawstring bags. My two have been dragging those bags around the house with their treasures the whole weekend.

5. Today we went to some 3 am friends for a quick lunch. They're off to Australia for a month (jealous!) and we all wanted to see each other one last time this year. I love going there because once my kids eat, I don't see them again til we have to go so we 4 can actually talk and connect. Bliss! My friends have 3 teenagers who are a huge source of fascination for K & C and they're the most relaxed people I know. The kids can get away with murder there... but of course, I don't allow outright crazy :)

6. I'm still on book 1 for December and my goal is 7. So after I finish this one, I'm going to be strategic and read shorter ones and only ones I know I'll get through quickly. D has challenged me and you know me, I'm always up for a challenge :)

How was your weekend?

What's your reading goal for December?


  1. Sounds like a very fun weekend you had! Weekend was good but busy. I hit the bed for a quick snooze at past 7 last night and next thing I knew it was 5am :)

    Reading goal for December is to read 3 or 4 books, 1 NF which I'm currently reading and the rest Fiction . I never plan to read more than 4 books a month (considering some books I read are about 600 pages short ;) )

    My Boney M CD is out so I'm definitely in the mood for Christmas.

    Have a great week ahead

    PS: hope you sorted out your email issues

  2. Hahaha, shame - poor Connor! I've also had to stash all gifts out of sight, because Nicola reckons anything wrapped is hers at the moment and she gets very upset if I tell her it's not. We packed party packs this weekend and I must say they came out super cute. My assistant was not very good at the helping part but she did some excellent quality control of the parts...also she put took some of the chocolate coins and banked them in her piggy bank, which should be a fun find later on. ;-)

    I don't have a December reading goal per se, but I do have two full carrier bags of books glaring at me from my living room floor!


    I saw some on Yuppie Chef's site last week. Link to one above :)

  4. Oh dear, I apologise that my awkward blurting out of "I read your blog" took you aback a bit... little bit of a lack of social finesse there - sorry! it was lovely to meet you M and your kids are just too delicious for words and SO well behaved! I'm sorry that we didn't get to chat properly tho due to Mommy duty at the party. K absolutely loves his bag from the party as well - he keeps putting his toy cars in there so he can carry them around all at once :)

  5. We had a great weekend! Spent time with both sets of our friends - D has friends and I have friends - lol - we both like both sets but they don't really ever mix :)

    Then yesterday we chilled!!

  6. I saw a Gingerbread man cookie cutter the other day at Pick n Pay Hypermarket. Also, a saw one at my local Mr Price Home. A stainless steel one.
    I love your Christmas ornaments.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend on all counts! GOsh the cellphone thing is scary. I am dure I saw a gingerbread shape at @Home on Thursday. ANd I think Kindle books are totally acceptable gifts. BTW I made a conscious decision NOT to read shorter books just because I am short of my goals - I feel I will rather not make the goal than miss out on great books (atm I am reading two of which the one is 598 pages and the other 435!

  8. I love Christmas "words" as tree decorations too :)

    Now that our Christmas decor is finally up I must start taking some pics!

    It is weird the first time you meet someone who only knew you through your blog isn't it....!

  9. That first sentence was absolute brilliance. It was like an open call to the country!


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