Friday, January 04, 2013

A tiny bit of {Friendship Friday} plus a new little feature

Can I just say how it warmed my heart to see all of your 3 goals for January in the comments over here?

People are embracing the New Year. I so hope we can continue this throughout the year. I'll be here blogging away but it will be nice if others join me besides my faithful goals sidekick, Mandy.

Are you starting with your 3 goals this weekend?


I know I've officially stopped the regular Friendship Friday BUT I actually have two friend things to talk about this week.

I went back to work on Wednesday and it was a beautifully grey and overcast day.

While driving, I thought to myself, "oh God, you know just how to cheer me up with the grey skies" and so when I was at work, I took a pic and Instagram/ Facebooked it. (I don't post all my instagrams to FB by the way).

And then dear Lesley sent me the most awesome scripture in a FB comment which I made into a little print :)

Beautiful! I was on a HIGH! Thanks again, Lesley, for listening to God and encouraging me accordingly.

And then later that day the messenger brought me a package they'd been keeping for me.

A gift from MandyE.

When I opened the card and looked through everything, I cried. Seriously, I cried. Thank goodness there was no-one in the office.

You see, Mandy made me magnets with each of the places we'd been together - the hotel, two places we ate at, my word for 2011, and maps of Charlotte and NYC.

She also got an ornament made for me which I will treasure forever.

Everytime I think about it, I get all teary.

Isn't it the most special thing ever?

(I wrote her a very soppy email too once I could hold it together :))

Did anything special friend-wise happen to you this week?

(I loved being at work these 3 days - quiet, lots of parking, and my phone only rang 3 times the whole time, one of them being SIL)

Charlotte skyline

This is a new little something I'm starting on the blog.

It's not going to be every week, only if I have some good stuff to share.

People often tell me I find the best links. I honestly do! I read a big variety of great blogs and I declutter regularly to keep my inspiration fresh.

Here are some links I loved reading this week:

a New Year's ritual

There was a time

The most awesome gift for a kid (Mandy can do this)

She gets my thing about the New Year

I've ordered some of these business cards... just for the heck of it :)
Let me know if any of those links resonated with you.
What are you up to this weekend?

I want to finish my year-in-review book tonight so I can take pics tomorrow. Yay!


  1. Oh I had a DIVINE friendship week. A friend date on Wednesday which was supposed to be just dessert ended up being a four and a half hours and 3 desserts kind of date. Was LOVELY. And an impromptu one today during lunch time where I even got some copies of books that were on one of my wishlists. I LOVE it! Also got the loveliest gift from a blogger and some encouragement from dearest Lesley too!
    I am actually exhausted from ALL the late nights these past few weeks so I'll be taking it easy this weekend. I plan to read and catch up with series and I also have a bit of planning scheduled. I am planning to declutter some of AT LEAST one room. Have been doing little bits so don't want to spend more than an hour on it. Loved the Clover Lane link.

  2. ps I LOVE what Mandy did for you! It's BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Oh wow what a special gift!

  4. Lesley2:19 am

    Ahhh you're so nice!
    Loved Mandy's gift, what a special thing to do.

  5. Isn't Mandy's gift so thoughtful? The girls love ours. I have a thing for ornaments, so I too shed a tear!

    And it's funny you should post the tent, because I'm looking to make a tepee!

    That's in addition for the other 47 half-finished projects on my plate...

  6. That gift is indeed special :)

    I had a good friend day yesterday while we made wedding invites - we cut out for hours!!!!! A friend who will spend hours cutting out for you is a friend indeed :)

  7. ooohh I have a word (well 2 words) but check my blog out!!

  8. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift!!! Very Beautiful. I would also shed some tears if someone took the time to make me such wonderful keepsakes

    Oh yes on the goals, just finished a spinning class and plan to start on the pictures today.

    Friendship wise - made a date with a fellow blogger to meet later in the month and some long email exchanges with another blogger (I sometimes wonder if I talk/write too much) LOL

    I couldn't help but the the Spunky Junky website looks so similar to yours (I guess it must be the colours) and the DIY tent is such a cool gift idea for kids that already have too much (except it looks like it would need a lot of creative juices and time to construct)

  9. Most of my friends are still away on holiday. I spent three awesome days with my youngest sister (and good friend) and then I am married to my very, very best friend...and I have him around constantly;-)

  10. Oh food heavens that gift will have me in tears forever. How very very special. I had a very treasured morning with my BFF on the 27th, here from Oz. if totally filled my cup.

    I need to do a lot,of friendship work this year. A lot!

    BTWshe brought me the Christmas edition of the Australian womans weekly - wow, fantastic

  11. I had a great friend week last week. Started off with a lovely braai at friends on New Years day and then had a spontaneous friend meet up on the weekend as well.



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