Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And this is why I don't buy clothes!

taken this evening on our walk
taken this morning - this nail polish reminds me of the blue Tippex we used to use yonks ago. And this grey sleeveless T was one of my absolute favourite T-shirts ever... bought in Thailand 6 years ago and the only thing I still have from there.
I've been thinking about that new fashion blog a lot, just because first impressions do count no matter what anyone says, and I want to get back to who I was at work despite the weight I need to lose.

So last week Thursday off I went to Woolies because that's where I traditionally get my work clothes.

I walked around just grabbing things that took my fancy and went into the fitting room with 8 items of clothes - a dress (just for you guys!), two skirts and pants.

Any guesses as to how many of those items fit?

2! Size 12s.

I was very despondent and promptly went to buy 3 pairs of shoes. Lovely yellow flip flops and two pairs of work shoes.

Again, this is why I buy bags!

Then I went to Pick and Pay (have you ever looked at PnP's clothes? I love it!) and saw SUCh a lot of great things I just bought and bought and bought... to the tune of about R1200.

The size 12 jeans from Woolworths wouldn't close (I now have the belly as well as the bum I've always had!) so at P&P I took size 14.

I fitted all the stuff on at home and this time only took back 4 items. The one thing I'm very sad about is a yellow striped T-shirt (I've totally given into my yellow obsession..... and it all started with a
frivolous yellow bag) that was too big in a large. They had no mediums.

The one pair of capri jeans is PERFECT and even makes me look thin (a dark rinse) and the other pair is okay but is getting looser by the day....

So, bottom line - I have a ton of new clothes and the only things I can wear to work? One pair of black pants (elasticated but it looks much more classic than it sounds!) and two pairs of shoes.

Have you bought any clothes lately you just love?
Are you also freaked by the number?

I really am trying not to be... for now. But the one thing I am looking forward to is getting back to Weigh-Less. The exercise? Not so much. But I've booked with a new personal trainer.

PS I've been very good - cooked both meals today! Tomorrow we're breaking loose though :) and eating out.


  1. Lesley9:56 pm

    I bought 2 dresses just before christmas, tried them on in the shop and liked them -think i told you already. One was GOLD and one was red. Put the gold one on Christmas day and thought 'not sure about this, lets see what Sam thinks.' Well, Sam didnt like it! So i went upstairs and changed into the red one, only to realize i no longer liked that one! lol. The annoying thing was i ripped the tags off the gold one just before putting it on : ( But the good news is i sold it half price to my very small/cute/young friend who looked AMAZING in it.

    Well done to you for buying all the new clothes. You know what they say 'Practice makes perfect.' lol x

  2. Last time I regularly purchased clothes for a sense of fashion was probably early in high school. I just stopped caring. I feel so lazy and careless writing that, but I generally just dress in jeans and t-shirts. It only hits me when we have somethings "nice" to do and I have NOTHING. Like this concert next month... Then I find myself browsing, but knowing I have no sense of style, cannot decide on clothes.

    And you can't focus on numbers, it's a case of the haves and the have-nots. I wear either a size 2-4 depending on cut. Sounds great, but it means I have no hips or a$$. None at all. About 2 years after having the ladies my hips went back in over night. I went from a size 10 to a 2. With that in mind, I was a size 00 before having the ladies *cringe* but now I'm 2 size bigger and weigh 40 pounds more!

    Stop getting caught up in the number game. Be healthy and happy!

  3. girl. you KNOW i have problems with the numbers. I just recently started actually looking at smaller sizes because i felt dumb for continuting to look at the bigger sizes and then not having them fit me right. i've been buying bigger clothes for so long now that i cannot feel comfortable buying the smaller sizes again!

    i HATE shopping for women's clothes. it's all a conspiracy! :)

  4. I just put on a sweater this morning for the first time...I bought it probably two months ago. I felt great in it...now why haven't I been wearing it??!!!

    I feel in a state of limbo to a certain degree, as you may remember. It feels weird spending money on so many casual clothes, when that used to be the minority of my wardrobe. I've gotten past most of that feeling, since I've been at this mom thing for FOUR YEARS now, but it still strikes me sometimes.

    Since I've been volunteering, I do pull out some of my work clothes from time to time. I can't wear jeans to the hospital, so I am at least working through some of my work pants.

    Whatever the occasion...the size...the style...doesn't it feel great to find things you really love wearing???

  5. I am refusing to buy any more clothes until I loose weight...and those mirrors in the change room just make me look fatter. Joined weigh less again last week...so off to a good start

  6. I'm always freaked out by a number on the clothes, although I know that all sizes in different stores differ. But still I am freaked.
    Love the two photos of you and D.

  7. I have missed something. Fashion blog? (blame it on holiday brains). I have bought a striped dress from Pick n Pay that I love (in cotton not the usual T shirt stuff that all the striped dresses are in and shows the tummy)but that's about it. Bought H al lot at Pn P in December. I really have a lot of very nice clothes that fits and I seldom wear so I need to re look at my existing stuff and either wear them again or chuck out. BTW - love that first pic

  8. I also hate buying clothes lately. Firstly I hate searching for my size, the small changerooms with BRIGHT lights, and the cost of clothes!
    Recently I bought 2 t-shirts (lovely bright colours) at Edgars on SALE less 50% and a dress also less 50%. I like those kind of sales, and I found my size!!!

  9. I hardly ever shop for myself, for work clothes or casual ones, and it's starting to show - all my stuff is falling apart at the same time! I definitely need to start topping up my wardrobe again this year.

  10. I haven't bought any clothes this summer. I seldom fit clothes in the stores because of their horrid lighting...it is just lumps and bumps where ever you look. I still fit into the same clothes I did my whole life a 10...but blame that on my obsessive walking routine.

  11. I love PnP's clothes - there sizes work well for me and the stuff looks nice and lasts well. Also Mr Price Sport shops have a trail range that I LOVE and their sizes are totally different to the stuff in their stores!

    I used to stress about the sizes but don't know because for some reason it is never the same at any 2 shops - so I may have a 34 pants from PnP and a 36 one from Woolies!

    LOVE the first photo!!!!

  12. I generally hate shopping for clothes as well. And the numbers just plain suck - they are so different and different shops.

    This summer I have bought quite a few clothes at PnP. I love their clothes and my new denim shorts from them are my favourite item in my wardrobe!

  13. I love Miladys for work clothes, I always find something suitable for work and people are always commenting on the nice tops. Pants I buy from Woolies, the fit properly and doesn't make that wet pants diaper look.

    Casual, I'm still a bit undecided, its always between Woolies, P&P and Miladys...

    I brought some lovely clothes for my sisters kids last year at P&P and they seem to last longer than the usual Pep or Ackermans buy... The Hub there in Greenstone also have some lovely specials for the kids sometimes. Got them thick tracksuits for winter there.

  14. Nope. I don’t buy clothing. Unless I REALLY have to. And even then I send my Mother because I find it to be a VERY traumatic experience.

  15. I'm in that weird stage after pregnancy where nothing is back to normal, plus I'm still breastfeeding so I need to wear nursing tops so there's really no point in buying new clothes for a while.

    I *want* to get to a stable weight, but am just not motivated to put in the work. Not sure how to change that :(


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