Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back to ... everything and the talking twins

So tomorrow's back to work for D and me, and back to school for the kids.

They've only had 3 days at school in the whole of Jan which kind-of kills me that we paid full school fees but I've put that out of my mind... mostly :)

I've decided that I'm turning over a new leaf.

Dullstroom, 2011 - taken with Sony Cybershot

As in, since the kids will be out of the house by 7.30, there'll be no more faffing around in the morning so in theory I should be able to be at work by 8.30 every day.

Let's see how that goes but to set myself up for success, I've packed my humongous lunch bag, gym bag and my work bag, and I've even set my clothes out for tomorrow.

Oh, I didn't mention this on purpose...but I saw in my diary that I have an interview tomorrow... so I'm wearing a navy pants suit with a lovely lime-green/ yellowish bag (not the huge one I've put on the blog before) and Jess's rosette necklace.

I'm "having the conversation" but the job was initially graded at lower than my current grade and I told the HR it's a no-go for me, so let's see if they've briefed the recruiting manager otherwise the interview is going to be very brief. :) It is something I'd be verrrrrry good at in an area I'm absolutely passionate about, working for an ISTJ :) :)

The kids are all ready so hopefully they also co-operate tomorrow.

Today after church we split up to go do girl/boy toilet duties (how do you parents of same gender twins do it?!!!).

Me So, Kendra, did you enjoy church today?

K: No

Me (shocked) Why, Baby?

K: Because I don't like church! (as if it's so obvious!)

In the car I explored this a bit more. Turns out the teacher wanted them to pray in front of the other kids.

Me (coaching) Okay, Kendra, here's what I think you should do. Next week, go to the teacher straight away and tell her you don't feel ready to pray in front of the class yet.

Then we'll keep practising at home and when you're ready, you can tell her when you want to pray with everyone again.

K I won't EVER be ready. None times! (this is how she says NEVER)

D and I laughed so hard.

Me (trying) But Baby, when you practise, it gets easier.

K (waving her little finger at me) I told you, none times!

Of course then Connor pipes up: Mummy, I LOVE to pray in front of lots of people.

Me Yes, Baby, we know.

(he really does - he just takes over and gets all Pentecostal... Father God! blah blah blah - it's actually really sweet)

Thank goodness for these laughs because we had a little boy screaming for about 30 minutes on the way home, throwing a tantrum. He was so exhausted he just went to his bed and passed out.

And last, I finished my Dorothy Koomson, "Goodnight, Beautiful" As usual, her books are gorgeous - so rich and characters full of life and depth.

Have you read any Dorothy Koomsons?

I'm on 8 for the month so far. I want to squeeze another in this week :)

How was your weekend?


  1. None times...I love it! And your outfit sounds great for tomorrow. :) I hope the transition back is a smooth one for all of you!

  2. I love that - None times!

    Hope the interview goes well tomorrow.

  3. Lesley10:46 pm

    I KILLED myself laughing at Connor going all Pentecostal!! It took me back to my first church, i can just imagine it! Loved the conversation about praying with Kendra.

    I made marmalade yesterday AND it set, YIPPEE!
    I also bought a pair of earrings and a bracelet at a 50% off sale!! VERY naughty i know.

    Hope the interview goes well.

  4. Hope the interview goes well tomorrow!
    I'm on my way to Amazon to check out her books...

  5. I am a bag lady in the morning, too: gym bag, lunch bag, purse, computer bag, and more craziness.

    Mellow's class learns a new prayer every couple of weeks. The one we are saying now is:
    I thank you God for a hundred things.
    For the flowers that bloom. For the birds that sing.
    For the sun that shines. For the rain that drops.
    For ice cream, raisins, and lollipops. Amen.

    It's that the best!?

    Good luck on your interview - maybe it will be what you want!

  6. Good luck on the interview. Hubs and I are both ISTJ :)

  7. Oh I have never read one of her books - time to get one. Good luck with back to work and the interview. A yes, we believe that they should always want to pray at home but in front of others is a choice.

  8. I am nearly through one book this year - bwahaha - I really don't know how you find the time!!!

    Kiara is like your Kendra - hates public speaking - actually both kids do which is funny cos I loved it - I was on the debate team and the public speaking group thing we had!

  9. Mwahaha @ none times! With the finger waving - too cute. It sounds like she feels very strongly about it. ;-)

  10. Where on earth do you get the time to read so many books in a month? Pre K I used to read voraciously but now... not so much!


  11. LOL...LOVE the None times. Tell Kendra that Aunty Julia also doesn't do being put on the spot to pray. How was interview?

  12. Hope everything went as planned today? And no drama with the school run... How did the interview go? As expected?

    K is too cute, but I always say it and I will say it again, she's a girl after my heart, knows what she wants and says it, whether she will get it or not :) And C, ever the people's man. I need to ask him to pray for me when next I see him

    Never heard of the author, will check her out (though I am not allowed to buy any books for the next 1 year!!! I bought about 10 books last week)

    Aside from the heat, weekend was good and restful. Lots of reading, watching TV and being lazy

    I had a little chuckle on the bags - my boot is always filled with bags (office bag, lunch bag, gym bag, shoe bag and an extra bag) and shoes (flip flops for driving, my train shoes, my office shoes, my gym shoe or shoes (depending on my mood) :) :)


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