Friday, January 25, 2013

Ballito - what worked well and what didn't

D and I had a lovely chat about the holidays

What didn't go well
  • the kids' not listening was terrible. I reassured D that it doesn't mean our kids are little delinquents, just that they're normal 3,5 year-olds testing boundaries, asserting their independence, etc. Of course that doesn't make it any easier. We missed two nights of eating out due to really bad behaviour but I'm happy to do so and stand my ground.
  • There was the kitchen island in this flat instead of a dining room table and those counter stools were uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time hence not a lot of blogging got done (this may be a good thing too)
  • I worked more than I thought I'd have to... but D more than pulled his weight too so all's well.
  • Not enough decent pics of me with the kids (there is that one from Sunday). Then again, I'm 5 - 6 kg overweight so I haven't pushed the issue either.
Things that went really well
  • having MIL and SIL in a separate flat so that our styles didn't annoy the others
    SIL bonding with the babies - this was so, so precious for all of us to see
    two dates!
  • meeting up with D's granny and having her meet the kids for the first time - SOOOOOO precious!
  • read 6 books, 3 non-fiction
  • only one headache for me the entire holiday - unheard of in this heat!
  • the kids were more independent. I set out clothes and they got dressed by themselves, etc. 
  • two costumes per kid - one to wear and one drying - any more and they would have been too picky but it was quite simple "the other one is still wet" - so no tantrums were had over swimwear!
  • letting the kids carry their own beach toys. They went with HUMONGOUS bags on days 1 and 2 and quickly learned to scale down (I love it!)
  • Connor is sleeping through the night and naps without a nappy! (I bribed with one Jelly Tot, not a packet, for every dry nappy; once he had 5, I stopped with the nappies but he still gets the Jelly Tot)
  • keeping up with the photos  (by keeping up I mean I am only two days behind - awesome!)
  • D bathing them while I did lunch every day = I could get on with kitchen stuff without two littles under my feet and they were clean and "starving" so lunch was mostly a breeze.
  • my work password expired the weekend before we left. At my secret company you have to change your password on the premises - it can't be done on mobile devices - so I took it as a sign and haven't even looked at work.... this could move to the "things that went terribly" column on Monday when I'm back.
  • pool in complex overlooking the beach = no sand = perfection!
  • LG washing machine! I did a 3rd load yesterday just to use that machine again :) :)
  • the photographer didn't get back to me and I'm super glad. I'm 100% sure we would have gotten 3 decent ones which would have disappointed me. when these two calm down a bit, I'll book a Jhb photo shoot
  • So many nice walks on the beach. This was my favourite favourite :) It's not as hot in the afternoons, we're all clean and sand-free, un-lotioned, the kids have napped so are mostly pleasant and they get to run a bit and use up their energy.
What I need to do differently next time?

Pack less - books & clothes for me, activities for kids :)

Do you like the beach?
What are your favourite things?


  1. Oh my hat. Do I love the beach? I dream of beach. I eat, sleep and breathe beach. It's my happy place. I walk. I sit and stare. I breathe in the fresh air. I have the most epic swims. I get perspective every single time. I should write a post on this!

    btw...I never take anything along to the beach. Each man carries his own towel and his bottle of water. I don't even take toys. There are shells and all sorts of things to play with. Oh, and Lance carries the umbrella.

  2. I am more a fan of the beach these days than I have ever that we have finally learned how wonderful it is to go in early fall rather than the middle of summer! I don't do the heat well.

    Glad you had a good trip! I'd agree, the not listening is just part of being 3.5. A & M are doing a little better lately, and it's a huge relief.

  3. Sounds like it was a very successful holiday! I LOVE the beach, especially Cape Towns beautiful beaches!!!

  4. I love the beach but find it can be a mission with kids and I am a little wary of it - so tend to become a helicopter parent. But it is lovely to be there :))

    I don't enjoy sitting on bar stools at all!!

  5. It is so beautiful I can't wait for our April holiday. We will be in the Drakensberg for a week and a week in Durban and the coast.

  6. Lesley6:54 pm

    Glad you back and that you had a great time, felt like you were gone forever! x

  7. Sounds like it was a superb trip!

  8. It sounds like a great holiday - all things considered.

    I love the beach! I could spend hours just staring at the sea - I often do when I'm close enough.

  9. Good that the went wells outnumber the not went wells ;) I'm taking tips cos we're soon leaving on our beach holiday with K...

    I LOVE the beach!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The sound of the waves calms me like nothing else on earth.


  10. You are a strong woman for standing your ground and not going out. Much stronger than I am though.
    2 costumes per kid? Now that's a cool thought. I need to do this next time for them and me. Thanks for that tip.
    It's a good security method your company have. Must really tell my company about this too.

  11. That's such a lovely picture of K and C.

    It's nice that the good outweighed the not so good. You and D are definitely NERDS (wink wink)I do make a mental note about things to do or not do when next I am holiday which most time always revolves around packing less especially where air travel is concerned, but I like to have choices even when I am away from home, hence my challenge

    I like the beach, but I am not crazy about it. I much prefer the rolling hills and greens, and lakes and rives, but not so much the beach. One of my favourite picture was taken in Kynsna the hills in the background and the sun glistening on the river. I grew up in a beach town and went to the beach every other weekend as a family until we were "beached out" And my commute to work was on a beach front for many years. I love the sandy beaches with palm trees though (which I haven't seen around here)


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