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Books, Babies and Becky Higgins

Deanna inspired me with this post.

My original 2012 reading goal was 60 books. I reached that goal sometime in November and D challenged me to go for 70.

Of course I'm never one to back down from a challenge so I changed my little widget on Goodreads (if you're not on Goodreads and you read books, please do so - it's such fun!) and started reading the next 10.

Well, I made it!

At about 10 am on New Year's Eve, I finished number 70 :) Such fun!

Reading goals really work for me because I have trouble relaxing. So if I "have" to read, it's the one way to make me stop working, organising, doing and just being.

Some screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

this right here is how I know I'm a nerd :) I love all the stats

My absolute favourite books from 2012 were What Alice Forgot - Liane Moriarty, and another Moriarty, Sinead Moriarty's books. ALL of them. Sinead is Irish (no kidding!) and I love the humour interspersed with seriousness. Get the ones I've read - they are all good. By the way, I don't give 5s so if a book gets 4, it's VERRRRRRRRY good.

I also loved this entire series of 4 books called the Sister Circle. Deanna, you will love it too.

On the other hand, please don't waste your money and get any Hea.ther War.dells on the Kindle. I got about 6 (I think they were on special) and I've now deleted 3 because they are cr*p.

What was your favourite 2012 read?

My reading goal for this year is 65, with 15 of those books being non-fiction. I've also set a little goal to read at least a third of those books from my (physical) bookshelves.

At this rate, I might finish the physical books in the year 2016 :)

This year I'm going to read

  1. The Total Money Makeover
  2. Nice Girls don't get rich
  3. Grace for the good girl
  4. Happier at Home

amongst others

What's on your 2013 to-read list?


Nobody cried yesterday. Are you surprised?

The babies seemed to have a nice time at school. I say "seemed" because they didn't give me much detail!!!

D said two teachers said Connor was very helpful.

However this morning Kendra told me (in exactly the same tone that I use), "there are two options: either I go to Connor's class or I have to get another teacher"

There is nothing wrong with the teacher but she loves the one lady who was helping out in Connor's class yesterday because his real teacher is off sick.

We told her it was her choice to be in separate classes and now they have to live with it (unless things go pear-shaped but I don't think they will). Yes, I'm that kind of mother.

I wait to get the low-down on how today went.


And finally, Becky Higgins.

Thank God I can stop stalking her blog and facebook page waiting for product updates.

Seafoam arrived (it's the kit pictured below), Roz pinged me on Whatsup to tell me (who's on whatsup? I want to chat with you there) and I ordered all my stuff.


My things should arrive in SA at the end of the month, just in time for my month in review. BTW, I'm so pleased I've inspired some of you.

But I've started talking to myself because you all know I'm a huge paper lover and I could so easily spend all my money ordering project life stuff, not for scrapbooking like normal people, but for making lists :) I'm sure the teachers appreciated a nice Project Life card with the kids' school supplies nicely listed and ticked off :)

Some of the questions from that post...

1. Where do I get the books from?

The books in my post - one is a normal, 24-page photo album (this is what I suggest for anyone starting for the first time).

I make mini-books so I made the 2012 one.

I would offer to make you one but people who are creative won't think very much of MY creativity. That said, I am happy to make it.

I like the made one because I personalised it with washi tape, paper I liked, etc. and the binder rings make it easy to put extra pages in.

2. The comment about printing photos

This is not meant to be a photo book. It's just a snapshot of 1 - 3 key pics representing that month. That's all.

I take about 600 pics a month, if not more. That's what is left after I delete all the duds. And I print 3 :)

I do print 100 everytime we go on a big holiday. I printed about 12 - 16 when we went to Sabie for 4 days though.

I love the tangibility of having an album to take out and show my friends everytime I see them.

Do you still print pics?

3. Brene's autograph

I mailed Lynette but in case others were interested, she invited people to get an autographed bookplate on one of her blog posts. I had both books so I responded and lo and behold, two weeks later I had a little lovely on my desk at work. She sent a bookmark too which was super cool :)

4. Time

You've all seen how I put "month in review" on my goals every month?

That's how I get it done. I schedule it and I do it. It takes me all of 30 mins, if that. I should blog my process.

I can't stress enough how easy it is once you get started. Just go buy a 24-page photo book from CNA and start keeping notes.

Please ask away if you have more questions!


  1. omg. i thought of you when i saw my email this morning. my library emailed me that a book is ready for pick up. and it seems very "marcia" :)


  2. LOL. I HAD to laugh at Kendra providing you with options to make her happy!!

    I very rarely print pics - I print as and when they are needed. BUT, I am busy with a photo wall and will be doing a lot more printing in the coming months.

    Am planning to read at least half of whatever's on that NF book list that I posted. And Graceful. And Grace for the Good Girl. And Quitter.

  3. Oh Kendra is just precious. I am so inspired by you my friend and no, you are VERY creative. And I really do not know why I am not on Good reads yet? But I am on Whatsapp.

    I loved "Me before you" by Joji Moyes best last year and have finished my first book this year

  4. After your post about project me I went to the site and immediately need all those sets - I actually also had plans for them other than the PL project :) I am buying lots of scrapbooking stuff at the moment and with the wedding around the corner I simply can not afford to splurge on this right now!

    Yes I print photos - either for frames or for scrapbooking. I am more purposeful now when I print them - I plan the page and print what I need - same with the frames! This said I still have a shoe box full of the big kids photos and some of Jack!

  5. Lesley8:27 pm

    Great post!
    My favourite book last year would have to be 'The Help' -loved it! Closely followed by 'Vanity Fair'. Worst book last year was 'Howards End'- dont bother.
    Like the name 'Sister Circle' and the fact that there are 4 of them : )
    Really want to read -'Long walk to freedom' - long over due, been sitting in the bookcase for years, but husband has read it.

  6. So glad the babies had a great first day, and that they were ~excited to go back for Day 2. I'm laughing at Kendra's comment, though! That's a girl who knows what she wants, and I love it! :) Stick to your guns, though...I completely agree with your approach.

    My favorite reads of 2012 were the Gretchen Rubin books. I think about them every single day (although I have YET to sit down and get myself together for my Happiness Project this year...ugh!...just too much going on between the holidays and birthday...but that will come to a close after this weekend).

    I have a few books on my to-read list this year already...the 5 LL book (the original, which a friend loaned me), and the one for children; "Buy, Buy Baby" (reading now), and one on the Montessori approach to parenting. I also got a John Grisham book for Christmas that I'm looking forward to digging into.

    I hope you'll blog more about PL! I love, love, love the way it looks!

  7. Do you know I've never even seen that stats page on goodreads? I am NOT a statistics person (though I did well in the class in was the one everyone dreaded!). I am definitely making note to check out the books you recommend!

    I am so glad to hear K & C had such a good time at school--and that you did well with it too! : ) I laughed about the "no details" thing. My girls have been in MDO since they were 16 months old, and I am just NOW beginning to get a few details here and there. We are starting to hear a little more about their friends and the games they play with the other kids, and I love it!

  8. I love Goodreads! They now block all the images on my work laptop which kind of kills the whole thing for me, but luckily i now have the app on my phone and that works brilliantly too.

    I'm in the middle of a book which is full of excercises to do, so I feel like I've been reading it forever, but I'll be updating again soon.

  9. wow, 70 books! I think I do pretty well at 1 a month.
    I also needed to have a little "chat" to myself at the end of last year about paper goods. I had to have it again as I was standing at Exclusive books with 2 more notebooks in my hand.... HARD! I also don't scrapbook, but love notebooks, paper, lists etc. Urgh!

  10. 70 books, wow Marcia that's awesome. I only aim for 2 to 3 (max 4 per month) which is big considering some of the books I read have up to 500 pages and even more sometimes :) I am loving good reads so far. Any detailed updates from the babies about their first week experience so far? 2012 was a year of NF so my standout books for the year were: Marriage Under Cover, Were it not for grace and Everyday a Friday. Interestingly the 2 books I have read this year are also NF and the one I am currently reading is also NF.

    I love Kendra, she is a girl after my own very heart. Knows what she wants and lets mama know, even if she knows she won't get her way, a girl's gotta try her luck. Great you stood your grounds. Is Connor giving away some of his ladies' charm again (LOL)

  11. I only get time to read when we are on no goals there. I love to read tho...DH says I might as well be unconscious while reading ;-)

    So glad the little ones had a good day on their first day.


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