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Brazilians, bras and a work bash

Here are some pics of our work Christmas lunch - I'm only putting a pic of one person... from the side... because I love her bored expression :)

Enjoy and keep reading because I'd love to know what you think.

What's your favourite pic?

I know I haven't posted Jan goals yet... tomorrow, I promise, but I really need to talk about some very important things:

my hair and my lady garments.

To date, I've had 6 Brazilian Blowwaves.

Normally they last about 3 months before I need to have them done again.

I had the last one on 14 November and it barely lasted a month. The back of my head is still fine but the front (where it matters!) has been looking horrible for at least 3 weeks now.
At Christmas my SIL told D to go buy me a Brazilian! I politely said, "actually, I have them regularly and I've had 6 over the last 18 months."  Aren't you amazed at my composure in these sorts of circumstances?

The product used was the same one as they normally use and I've been using the same recommended shampoo. I've not been near sea water or done anything to damage my hair.

Anyway, I'm thinking of actually phoning them up and asking them if this is normal. I'm well prepared to pay the money IF it lasts the 3 months as its meant to. Strange thing is I actually felt this last treatment was done beautifully - she took her time and did it properly.

Do you think it's possible for one's hair to get used to something such that it no longer works effectively?

Then the bra issue.

Confession 1 - I hadn't bought bras since just after I had the babies (3 years). Well, you know me and decluttering and one too many times after I was irritated by a loose-fitting bra, I threw most of them out.

I had some new padded ones in the drawer but when I fitted them they irritated me just being in the bedroom so I couldn't have that (I think they're the wrong size).

Also, padded bras make me sweat too much in summer.... TMI? 

Confession 2 - I don't know what my actual size is.

So off I went to the shops on Sunday.

Mr Price had nothing except super sexy bras and who on earth wears hot pink and bright blue bras? (don't tell me)

They used to sell sets of 2 bras which I loved.

Well, they don't sell them anymore, only these weird and very sexy bras.

Off I went to Edgars where I was even more disappointed.

I wanted underwire but not padded.

Racks and racks and still more racks of bras and there were only about 8 sets of suitable Triumph bras.

The rest were the teenage-girl bras (the little cotton triangles), underwire padded bras and those grandmother-type bras with lots of lace and the big cross on the chest, super-hefty straps.

Packed it in for Sunday and set out again on Monday for the Great Bra Search.

I found some bras at Jet - not great, but at least "normal" (flesh-coloured, underwire but non padded), bought a set but I'm taking them back tomorrow morning because I then went to Woolies and the stars started twinkling brightly.

They had just the bras I wanted, in cotton, with underwire support. And in packs of 2 for R160.

I fitted on a couple of sizes and it seems I'm a 36B (how is this possible?).

I bought 4 just in case Woolies decides not to stock normal bras in the near future :) While I was at it, I also bought some lovely panties and I was this close to buying control underwear (!) til I remembered I sweat! They wouldn't work for me for even 1 hour.

Last night I happened upon a really lovely fashion blog and I must admit, I'm kind-of addicted. I think I'm even convinced that I need to go out and SHOP for work clothes even though I'm 6 - 7 kg overweight.

Here are her two posts on bras.

A proper bra-fitting
This is not a bra (confession 3 - I do all of those no-nos except the lacy number - you all know I don't do lacy anything)

I also read everything about work clothes.

Question for those who work outside the home.

What do you wear to work?

Do you buy the sizes as is, or do you get them altered?

I used to be perfectly fine with anything on the top but needed to always get my pants hemmed. These days my whole body is out of whack so if anything fits properly, it's a miracle!

This is why I buy bags :)

PS Woolies/ Woolworths is Marks and Spencer, South Africanised :)
PPS I also bought the babies rain boots and they LOVE them. They wore their boots the whole day today (in the heat of summer...). They were so cute I took about 50 pics!


  1. I DO think that one's hair can get used to something. Not to a chemical process necessarily but to a shampoo/conditioner product. Sometimes it's just a matter of changing the shampoo though. Try that and see? I know that you are meant to use Keratin shampoo (I forget now what I used) but there is more than one brand on the market. My hair has not been behaving for some time and someone suggested to me that hormones are at play. I don't know if I need to go have that checked out, for now I remain in denial.

    For work I have a number of black trousers - 7 of them actually. I wear one to work every day and I change my top. It's just easier for me. We used to be able to wear jeans until NBL came along - she's very set on appearance (rather shallow actually) and then I had to go and shop. I only wear black because it's slimming.

    When I shop for work clothing (OK, I actually don't shop for clothing, my Mother does this for me) then she usually only gets tops for me. I add shoes and accessories as and when I need them. I'm not good at clothing shopping for myself.
    I buy as is and get them altered, we have a tailor person close to where I work who does this for me. I usually need to have the pants hemmed (depending on the style).
    WRT the bra thing - I go for a proper fitting at least twice a year (that's when I buy bra's) and I make sure not to go when I'm PMS'ing because I won't get an accurate size around that time. All my underwear is black. Always. I can't be bothered to find sets of stuff in the mornings and I save my money and go buy these things at La Senza (there is one in Eastgate shopping centre I think) or Storm in a G Cup - this place even does alterations on underwear for you. It's expensive but sooooo worth it. There is NOTHING more flattering or comfortable than a well-fitting bra.
    I really love the pic of the bored girl. But then I really like side profile pics.

  2. Gosh, I'm soooo sorry for this essay. Hope it's helpful though.

  3. Lesley10:35 pm

    Love the photos of the restaurant, looks like a really cool place to be.
    I always try to buy plain under wired bras as well, but like you say, they are hard to come by. Loads of padded ones though!?
    The tiny 'This is why I buy bags' made me LOL. I feel the same way about scarves.

  4. Mellow received a pair of rain boots this Christmas and he has already worn them everywhere, too. As a teacher, I have a pair of nice fitting black/brown/gray trousers and a nice pair of jeans (jeans=Fridays). I rotate the pants with about four-five nice dresses and a TON of tops - tops are so much easier to find than pants that fit right. I probably have 5 times the number of tops vs pants.

  5. I love the very first photo...and the photos of the food makes me feel hungry;-)

    I usually buy my bras at Woolies...if they have my size. I struggled with size for a long time because I hate for a bra to ride up in the back. With a proper fitting I found that I am have been wearing 34's for years and should be 32.

  6. I love how open you are in this post. Most ladies won't talk about these things like you do.
    Bra's: I buy mine at Ackermans. They are under wired and so soft on the breast itself. They cost R80 per bra. I'm very good with regards to buying bra's often as it irritates me when they get worn out. So I do get around in buying new ones every 6-8 months. I don't know what my actual size is either.
    Work clothes - I'm working for a company which are very laid back and don't receive clients often. So casual is often the way we dress.
    It's so sad to hear about the Brazilian. You're the first person I came across saying that yours don't last. Did you do some investigation as to why this might be happening and if there are others out there who are experiencing the same?

  7. You should have gone to woolies first! I always buy my bras at woolies. I also don't do lace, sexy padded bras. For me comfort is the most important!

    Your xmas lunch looked lovely, well the food that is, and the decor at the restaurant. Where was it?

  8. All the food ones look delicious!
    That's quite rude of your SIL. Wow...great composure.
    I buy as is, but my top and bottom sizes are not even closely the same.

  9. Oh yes on the hair product...I do believe that's exactly what happens. I change my shampoo and conditioner every month for that very reason.

  10. Oh yum, the food from your office party makes my office party food look like rubbish ;) I want some food....

    My favourite picture is the one with all those words - relax, create, love, happy, laugh. But as always your pictures are so beautiful

    The lady doesn't look bored, to me she looks like she is deep in though!!

    Work clothes for me is very formal, I can't remember fitting my work clothes, even if the waist of a skirt is a bit big, I just make sure I get a good belt to whip it into shape. If pants are too long, I wear my killer heels!! I would occasionally dress down on Friday (though my dress down looks like some people's every other day). I don't wear jeans to work even on casual day. Just not my thing and sandals no no!! I wear a lot of black - suits, pants, skirts. And the dresses and colourful shirts and camisoles - blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, purple etc (I have been told the colours look good on me, so I will make more effort to wear them this year). I believe one can't go wrong with black - add to the fact that it is quite slimming as well (BIG BONUS)

    I also get my bras in Woolies, I think they have one of the best value for money range in SA and still stylish and fashionable. I get fitted regularly to make sure I am wearing the right size. I once saw an Op.rah show where she did the bra revolution and it was revealed that something like 90% or so women wear the wrong size, I got fitted the weekend after and realised I had been wearing the wrong size for almost a year. Since then I don't focus so much on the size I am wearing but on the fit and comfort. Woolies have a quality sale twice a year which is when I stock up as you can get sets for up to 65% and sometimes 75% off the normal price (ifyou can find your size that is).

    Please share some of that calm with me, I would have said a million and one words back to your SIL (even if just with my eyes), but good you didn't let her get to you.

    PS: Isn't she the same one planning to crash your holiday?

    PPS: I once went to some bra studio around my office and they had a bra that cost about R950 !#$%

    1. OOPS - I didn't realise my comment was almost as long as the post itself (SORRY)

  11. Mia had a pair of giraffe rainboots that she wore for several months- with everything- even her Easter dress that year. She was about three :)

  12. Ah yea, dear Woollies. We also have a Triumph factory shop close and they are fantastic. I really need to buy new ones - size is fine, but they are old, and tired.

  13. I know you specifically said you didn't want to know, but- I wear brightly coloured underwear all the time! As long as the top I'm wearing is dark / opaque, there's no reason not to- nobody sees except d, right? And I guarantee he won't complain. Lovely underwear can still be supportive and it's sooooo much nicer to wear. Also, panties must match. Buy yourself a set- pink is a good entry colour- I guarantee you won't regret it!

  14. I know you specifically said you didn't want to know, but- I wear brightly coloured underwear all the time! As long as the top I'm wearing is dark / opaque, there's no reason not to- nobody sees except d, right? And I guarantee he won't complain. Lovely underwear can still be supportive and it's sooooo much nicer to wear. Also, panties must match. Buy yourself a set- pink is a good entry colour- I guarantee you won't regret it!

  15. Bali cotton bras are superb and I love the fit and comfort of this particular bra. Straps are comfortable and stay in place.


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