Saturday, January 19, 2013

{Create} Washi tape leaves

So the lovely Mandy sent me a lovely notecard and a little gift a few months ago (I know! BEHIND on blogging pics).

She said she saw these, thought they would be good with washi tape and sent me a pack. I love it (that she thought of me in Target and the leaves).

I actually needed the creative jumpstart because I did them that very evening, and that kicked off my washi tape notecards craze.

wearing my 2nd favourite colour, Sienna (Beaute - Clicks brand)
What have you created lately? 
Do you get random things for people? I do.

I think I need to set a little target again this year. Maybe 25 random gifts for people? I obviously won't blog it but I'll tell you in my monthly goals round-up how I'm doing. 

I think for the year I've done 4 so far. 


  1. Those are gorgeous, Marcia! I'm so glad you had fun with them. And I recognize the Target washi tape, too! :) Just yesterday I ran across the ones I bought for myself, and I thought of you. :) :)

    Even though I just finished with all the birthday crafting (on the heels of holiday!), I am itching to do something else. I really hope to have my own space one day so I can dabble more easily.

  2. Very pretty! I DO get random things for people and the extent of my creativity so far (in 2013) includes a half-finished piece of embroidery and LOTS of book covering. Which DOES make me happy. Am going back to the embroidery stuff this week.

  3. Your leaves are very pretty. I have done a lot of scrapping lately and often get random gifts from bloggy friends.

  4. Hi Marcia. I have been reading you blog for a while and thought it was time to come out and say hi. Love your blog and you are a real inspiration.

  5. Oh I adore these. I really want to do more random stuff this year though

  6. Speaking of... I need your address ;)

  7. Those leaf tags are beautiful. And I do make things and give them to people I think would appreciate them, but am not sure of volumes. It is one thing I am going to try and do more of this year.


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