Friday, January 11, 2013

{Friendship Friday} & I think I may be a cold person

When I checked my starred items in Google Reader, I see I have quite a bit this week. I'm going to post them all anyway because some will appeal to different people.

Go get a nice cup of tea :)

This post made me very sad. Please go send some love.
This made me laugh.
This video is apparently making people cry. Not me. That's why I think I'm cold.
However, this one did. LOVE it all.
This post reminds me of my word for the year.
I also need to write some rules for my life.
How to pick a husband if you want to have kids - talks to my MBTI nerdiness :)

Right, despite my very best intentions, I have still not stopped FF.

I had a wonderful time on Sat with my two twin-mom friends at the half birthday celebration.

And later today I'll be in the Joburg CBD carousing with two others where we'll be taking pics.

There is a 100% chance of rain today according to the Weather SA app - I'm hoping for overcast weather while we're out and about and rain once I arrive home :)

Although I have my purple umbrella with me and I may just beg them to take some pics of me with my umbrella like this one :)

Which was your favourite link?
Did any of those videos make you cry? 1 or 2?


  1. My favorite is number 2 especially the number 8 question she asks.
    Number 1 post made me cry as well.
    I really hope that tomorrow some sun will shine otherwise we might have to be indoors :(

  2. I am with you!! The second video is a lot more moving :) I love seeing stuff like that:)

  3. I loved both videos but number 1 made me weep a little. I guess it's my context and the fact that I have a boys who struggle with those very things. I don't think you are cold - I just think you have a different context. Which is fine.
    LOVED the Be Still link. Hope you enjoyed your photo walk and got to use your umbrella?

  4. Lesley10:12 pm

    LOL! Didn't look at any of the sad ones, but looked at the 'rules' then got very sidetracked by her organizing home posts, Oh my goodness, i need baskets to organize laundry a.s.a.p!

  5. I am not surprised you continued the FF theme :) How did your photo walk go yesterday? Hope you got your umbrella pictures Couldn't view the videos (bad internet) but checked out the rules one and I must say it resonates with me, sometimes we need to set boundaries and make these rules otherwise you try to be a superwoman and the result burnout (with no one to blame but yourself)

    Have a lovely weekend. Hope the weather stays cools all through xxx

  6. My connection is too whacked to watch videos, but I wanted tos ay that i love your photo of your family - it's gorgeous x

    1. Thanks, Shayne, I also love it. It so perfectly captures their three personalities :) :) and was my October pic for last year :)

  7. Shame, you never did get your umbrella shot. Next time it rains, we'll have to make some work of that!


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