Thursday, January 31, 2013

{Goals} How has January treated you?

I said  today, "wow, this month's gone quickly. Well it would if you spend half the month on the beach!" Hahaha

Seriously, I still think there's more good than bad because I still feel very relaxed and unstressed, which is super great!

I want to quickly talk about my 3 goals lists:

my 38 list
So far 14 completely done and 3 in progress

2013 goals list
  • Business goals: 5 out of 18 done
  • Project Dating D: 2 out of 25 done
  • Project Recipe: 5 out of 25 done
  • Project Photowalk: 2 out of 6 done
  • Project Random Acts of Kindness: I said in the post 25 but have already done 10 for Jan so let's make it 50 for the year.
  • Project Create: mini book for holiday in progress, mini book for 2012 done, I've been decorating some grid cards with washi tape (I'll show you when I get my A into G with Project Life) and I've been instagramming (words I never thought would come out of my mouth)

 And then my January goals

I set 24 and got 22.6 done - this is amazing even for my driven self. I'm putting it all down to holidays.... as I'll not be able to keep up the pace for the rest of the year :)

These didn't get done
One lunch with a friend was postponed (something came up for her)
I got to gym 3 times out of the goal of 5.

  1. Children transitioned to school beautifully. Absolutely no tears, no problems whatsoever. I'm still in shock actually.
  2. We had a great holiday at the beach in a beautiful flat (apartment) for 11 long, relaxing days.
  3. I've read 8 books for the month and am about 40% through with number 9.
  4. The job thing at work is looking very promising.

I'll blog my Feb goals tomorrow because I haven't thought about them yet.

How was your January?
Tell me the best thing that happened for you in January.


  1. Love love love that first makes me feel very calm

    1. Thank you so much!

      It was the closest to a pic of reflection I could find :)

  2. Oh gosh, with all the sick I really did nto get much done, apart from read - a lot! Read 5 boks of which 3 are over 450 pages thick so I did great there.

    1. Now that, dear Cat, is the best kind of sick - the one where you're actually able to read and don't just sleep the days away (like mine last year)

  3. I actually don't know where January went? Feels like I am still recovering from our News Years party and its Feb already!!

    Best thing? Probably the trip to East London - even though the results weren't as we wanted - it was nice to get away for a bit!

    1. oh yes, if your instagrams were anything to go by, EL was a great time away.

  4. Nice pictures. All very reflective!!!

    That's a wonderful percentage of your goals achieved! Jan was good goal wise especially on the exercise and reading front.

    1. It was GREAT for goals.

      Yes to more reading!

  5. Lesley12:20 pm

    Didn't do that much walking - but weather has been SO bad, so much rain, so dont feel too bad.
    Had LOADS of friend dates, connected with 3 new people :)
    Joined a new craft group (as well as continuing with old group) to meet new people where i live (other group is church based mainly). Have begun to learn to crochet!!
    Am writing more, wrote a poem.
    Have cooked several new meals.
    Made marmalade.
    Made two lots of different bread, thought the bread i made last night was too crusty, but actually was fine, and is now all gone! Very happy.
    Have been teaching my son to read.
    Been having more children over for play dates.
    Have bought the book to do my 'project life' and will write a January review today.
    Wow, actually am pleased with myself. But have to give you the credit for inspiring me to make some goals, and helping me to get my A into G as you would say. Thanks. xx

    1. Lesley, this comment made my day. I am smiling from ear to ear :)

  6. I'm really glad that you still feel very relaxed. It does help a lot at work :)
    Love that photo of you from behind. Something different. Very artistic.

  7. I didn't have loads of goals. I started decluttering at the beginning of the month...and at this stage (and after many black bags) my bedroom is the only area that must still be tackled.

    1. wow, wow, wow, that is fantastic progress - you're a decluttering machine!

  8. My January wasn't half bad. It was MUCH bussier than I anticipated, but for the most part I think it went quite well. The best thing for me in January is that I amazingly didn't run out of money - hahaha! Not sure if Feb will treat me as well in that regard. ;-)

    1. the money thing is a miracle everywhere - those 6 weeks are long :)

  9. Your pics are BEAUTIFUL. My only goal was to sort out some money stuff (done), get both kids settled into school (done, get the extra-mural programme sorted (done) and have fun (absolutely done!). Am going to blog about my fun January just now.

    1. I love it! Sounds like a fun January :)

      Thanks - I love those pics too!

  10. best thing in january? i said yes. yes to a book club. yes to a lunch with a friend. yes to dinner with another friend. yes to being in a triathlon. :) my year of yes is off to a good start! :)

  11. I just LOVE tha pic of you from behind with the beautiful sky!!!


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