Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Johannesburg CBD photowalk - part 1

Well, I feel quite chuffed that already I've had photowalk 1 of 6 (my goal for the year) and in the gorgeous CBD to boot!

Louisa and Jeanette were very fast walkers/ picture takers (or maybe it's that I'm too slow) - sorry guys, but I just love all the little details. Which made me wonder exactly how much I slowed the guys down in Charlotte :)

I had 204 pics when I started deleting, I now have 143 and of those, 78 are starred..... so to get 35 pics for blogging was amazing :) Hence the part 1 and 2.

I worked in the CBD for nearly 6 years and loved it. Although I was so scared my first two months because in PE where I'm from, we hardly had any buildings taller than 2 - 3 stories (this was 20 years ago when I moved here) so all these huge buildings plus all the people and cars just overwhelmed me completely... til I got hooked on the buzz :)

Here we go, the CBD through my lens :)

this one reminds me of Charlotte

door 1
really horrible in colour but in b&w, nice
Jeanette - I love this pic!
the old Standard Bank building - isn't it gorgeous?!
Louisa mentioned this in her post. Kids colouring in right on the pavement.
"exciting" - some good marketing there...

I love this little random Christmas ornament on one of the palisade fencing in the middle of the CBD

this is my money shot of the day. Also the best straight on shot facing down a street. This, to me, is the CBD. I spent 5 years walking these streets seeing exactly this view. The grey buildings on either side of Simmonds Street is Bank City.
Do you do photowalks? 
Where do you think I should do my next one? 
Which is your favourite?

PS Louisa, my secret place's campus?


  1. Lesley8:48 pm

    Loved all the building pictures, but my favourite one was the children colouring on the street.
    I did a photo walk last week, i even made it into a little 'movie' and put it on facebook, first time i'd ever used 'moviemaker'- felt so pleased, lol.

  2. Loved your photowalk - looking forward to more :)

    Took me about 2/3rds of the post to work out what CBD stood for - not a term we use here!

    I love doing photowalks, but never done one with others - sounds much more social :)

  3. I think we should do one in Chinatown next... and Braamfontein :)

  4. This is awesome...I would love to do a CBD walk...but not in PE. It is so dingy in our CBD.

  5. These are great Marcia, I'm so glad you got one of the kids - I have no idea why i didn't take one myself!

    I'm happy to walk anywhere, just let me know when and where. :-)

  6. I like Door 1 photo. Love the story that photo tells.
    Thanks for sharing the photo of the kids coloring. Looks totally different to what I imagined.

  7. Oh I want to do a photowalk. My favorite- second from last.and I love the one of Jeannette

  8. Wow, these are all awesome. Love the kids colouring in shot. Also the building pic posted above the door #1 speaks to me.

    I have never done a photo walk in my life. I think I should add this to my "to do" list this year.


  9. I just love all your have quite a gift for photography. I'm so boring, it never dawns on me to take shots at various angles or put them in black and white!!!!

  10. Gorgeous pictures! I love the kids coloring, and I am always a fan of your door pictures. : )

    Haven't done a photo walk, but I'm looking forward to playing with my camera a bit on a youth retreat this weekend.

    1. Lovely pictures (as always). The two B&W are my favorites. I was in this part of the CBD during the week and as I was taking pictures, I thought oh wow, this is the view from Marcia's photowalk!.

      I kind of do photowalks but not always intentionally. I take long walks and decide today I am going to take pictures of the sky as it changes or of a particular tree in different lights (does that count). So after a 45 mins to 1 hour walk, I have 100+ pictures ;) ;) I do have one planned for next weekend though.

      I would say do one around where there are railway tracks (just after Nelson Mandela Bridge) not sure what that area is called - Newtown??

  11. Wow! Terrific! I can't wait to see it in person. I'll send you an email about our schedule in May. Phoebe and Tom are coming too! We're leaving the boys with their grandparents. I'm arriving in Johannesburg May 4 and will be there a few days with my classmates and then we're going to Cape Town. Tom and Phoebe are going to meet me in Cape Town and then we'll be back in Johannesburg on May 11. While all my classmates are going home, we're going to stay the weekend in Johannesburg and are hoping to hang out with you then. We'll leave on Monday and then we are going to Paris and London!!! We're tacking an extra week onto the trip for that! We're all so very excited. I'll email you and we can work out details!


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