Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Johannesburg CBD photowalk - part 2

isn't this lovely?
library - loooovveee those steps

door 2
from the library facing outwards. Used to be called Library Gardens, now Beyers Naude Square. This is where the people used to get political :)
don't you love this angle?
Many moons ago I worked there - Sage Centre. LOVED the location. In those days I took a bus into and out of town. Best thing ever.
of course I had to be the one to spot this.
side of the library
another favourite
I love this pic - patterns....
oh, street signs
I love this one of Louisa :)
my favourite of the 3 doors. I would love to get inside but I had to poke my lens through the fence to get this one. Worth it!
these blocks are at Louisa's work. Don't you just want to plop them off? Or am I the only one that thinks like that? :)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. If you loved those stairs then you would LOVE taking pics at UCT of the Jameson Hall. Stunning!
    We have those concrete balls next to the pathways at work and last week some lady actually drove OVER one of them. I have NO IDEA how she did that! She had to get the professionals to come and lift her car.

  2. Love your photos. If I lived closer I would join you. Although my photo skills are not that great.

  3. LOL Julia's comment made me smile... she drove over the concrete balls?!
    Anyhoo, love how differently we saw the city

  4. Love the silhouette of the bird...the hanging shoes...and the last one of the blocks! Awesome focal point on that one! :)

  5. your photos are just fabulous! love seeing the detail I would not have noticed!

  6. Oh I love love all. Fabulous work my friend.

  7. Beautiful photography.

  8. I really need to go on a diet! Hahaha (that's nervous laughter by the way)

    Great photos Marcia, I didn't even see you taking that last one!

  9. My favourite is the shoes on the wire. LOVE


    1. Let's just say Joburg looks different when you are up close. Too many gems, hopefully it can just shake off the image


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