Monday, January 14, 2013

Just a quick one

Well, we left 1 hour 20 minutes later than we planned... par for the course... made three (very long) stops and arrived in Ballito just before 4 pm.

Thankfully, the kids were very sweet, full of giggles and cuteness and not a meltdown between them.

At supper tonight (I cooked a creamy pasta with chicken, garlic rolls and salad) Connor asked us when we were going home.

Horrified, we looked at him and asked why.

"because I like it better at home"

Why, baby?

And then he proceeds to name everything that's at home - really random things. Poor thing! On the bright side, he loves our house. I must say, I love it too :) I need to make a list of things I want to do at home (most of them involve decluttering). I love that I can say more things left this December than came in.

He does like it here though.

Kendra LOVES it here because Granny's here. She said when I unlocked and we walked inside, "OOOH, it's beautiful" - too funny!
Another funny from K - we usually snuggle in the mornings before getting up. Because we were travelling this morning there were no snuggles so she says to me all serious, "tomorrow I'll come snuggle with you again, okay?" Totally okay with me!

I love the place (it is gorgeous!) and the view. I have not loved the non-listening kids this evening. Maybe they used all their good listening ears in the car? 

I didn't write about it on the blog but MIL and SIL rented their own place in the building. Turns out it's about 4 doors from us.


They gave us lots of space this evening though. So far so good.

They'll be here for 5 nights.

Anyway, off to bed now. Those two will still be up at the crack of dawn even after finally falling asleep at 9:30 so I've got to be on my game :)

How was your Monday?
Do you like the predictability of home or are you always up for travel?

(I like both - I love travelling but I really like coming home. I don't love the laundry though; then again, that's nothing to do with travel!)

PS pics all taken with iphone (first 4 from a moving vehicle at a rapid speed) and non-edited
PPS I'm going to do a mini book again this year. I brought all the supplies and will assemble it tomorrow night and then carry on with photo editing.
PPPS I tried recipe 4 for the month - another dud - so I brought one with me to try out on the kids this week :)


  1. What a great view! Glad it's going well with MIL and SIL so far...hopefully it will stay that way!

    I'm the same as you--I love to travel, but I love the comfort and routine of home too. My children are total homebodies. They do well at the beach and our long weekend in Mobile last year, but on the whole, they prefer home to pretty much anything else. I love it. : )

  2. If they get to much just lock the door and hide where they can't see you and pretend that you aren't there :-p

    I like travelling and being at home - I will be honest when the kids are little - up to about 3 I do prefer home purely because it's just easier having them in their own space.

    My monday was productive despite me waking the baby after barely an hour nap!!

  3. Enjoy the holidays...looks like a perfect destination

  4. It seems to,be a good arrangement with the in laws. And I love the cuddles bit. I also love both - travelling but always great to get home too. Enjoy the holiday!

  5. Awe! So sweet of Connor to like his home and good as well because obviously he feels safe there :)
    Enjoy the holiday, love the iPhone photos

  6. Looks AWESOME!!! Enjoy the holiday to the max xxxx

  7. Stunning view. When the children are that little home is always the nicest place for them. I hope you get lots of "space" with MIL and SIL that close ;-)

  8. That's so sweet of them, both C with the missing of home and K with her cuddles arrangment. Too cute!

    I like a bit of travel, but I'll be honest - I liked it more before I had to pack for two. Now I make it work where in the past it just did that all on its own. ;-) The road trips are really the bits I don't enjoy, because you're trapped in a confined space for HOURS, but I can't just check out and have a nap either when it gets too tedious because I have to provide in flight entertainment for my little person. And might I just add that my little person has a habit of getting car sick on long journeys so i usually arrive at the other end smelling of vomit...and sometimes looking like it too.

    Once we're unpacked and settled in it's all fun though - those bits I love. I don't even mind the laundry bits that much because we spend so much time in swimwear that I usually end up with less than usual anyway.

  9. Glad they've giving you space!
    Think I know where you're staying, and we love staying in that block... we normally stay in one of the end flats close to the top.

  10. Awwwww, poor Connor. And Kendra is just too adorable.

    Hope your holiday is going as planned? And that view is to die for

  11. I LOVE being away from home. But I also like being home. Poor baby. least you are getting space? And you have babysitters for date nights?
    Your pics are LOVELY. x

  12. The place looks stunning, you have to tell me all about it when you get home! And take LOTS of pics, although I know I don't have to tell you that!!! Maybe MIL and SIL can babysit while you and D go on a date? When is the beach photoshoot?


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