Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday (twin) madness

Crikey, today's been crazy. Except for that hour this morning when we all painted on the patio.

Have your kids also been a bit crazy?

By crazy, I mean not listening, blatantly ignoring you, etc.

So much so D and I gave each other one look and said, "no way are we taking these two out for supper" so I cooked.

We're going to try to go out for lunch tomorrow and reverse the meals so sandwiches for supper, so that the kids are slightly more well behaved.....let's see if that works.

Connor told D, "I AM listening. I'm just not doing"

D "That's the point. You need to listen AND obey".


On the bright side, I did awesome work today. Knocked out goal number 2 and 25% of goal 3 for my business.

I'm also having huge fun looking through all the pics - I will post my spreadsheet at the end of the holiday because I've officially gone over to complete nerdiness...

And.... 3 months til I see Heather again :) It's my goal to lose 5 kg before I see her. I can do it, right?

Meanwhile, enjoy the pics!These were all taken yesterday - some after we came from church (yes, we go even on holidays) and some at our evening walk.

I love rusted anything.
"Baby Blue" - brand Define (R19,99 at Clicks)

don't you think she looks cute with her new sunglasses? she has such a small face that we're very limited with what's on offer

The font is Amelie :)

Which is your favourite pic?


  1. Stunning pics! I love the eating apples one. My kids have BOTH gone a bit nuts. I'm putting it down to adjusting to routine and I'm giving them until the end of the week before I go hardcore. They were OK this past weekend though - I was alone with them because Lance was away.

  2. Oh I,love the last one. Very cute . And love the flip flops. You know what I think about kids and holidays. I think by about 5 when the concept of gratitude sinks in, they all have these days

  3. Love her glasses :)

  4. love the pics from vacation. so fun. makes me feel like i need an excuse to get to the beach!!! :)

  5. Love the rusty pic, and the one of your flip-flops...because I think I love those flip-flops! I hope they're as comfy as they look...they look just like me! :)

    And that color pink on you is a great one!

    We all have those crazy days where the kiddos don't listen. You were smart to adjust your plans and not try to force a meal out. It's so hard...there are times when I have my mind set on an errand or meal out...but I've learned things can get a lot worse if the kiddos aren't in the zone. ;) A car ride is sometimes my trick...mama gets a coffee, and the girls get a change of scenery and a chance to reset.

    Hope tomorrow is a great day!

  6. I like the one of everyone looking to the camera :)
    Like those flip flops of yours. Very comfortable

  7. I really like the flower one!

    We get days like that from time to time, but touch wood, we haven't had one in a while - for which i am very grateful.

  8. I like the eating apple picture :)

  9. Gorgeous I want to go to the beach.

  10. OH I love K's patchwork dress!!

  11. My terrible twosome have been impossible since they turned 3!!! I recently got new star charts and not even those are working! They don't listen to us, are cheeky and fight with each other often.
    Love the font on the pics, did you add it using Picasa? Stunning beach photos!
    I also want to go to the beach now, maybe in July!


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