Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Photo conversations & pet photography peeves

So as I've been editing pics I've been sending MIL and SIL some photos.

I got a lovely mail from SIL about how awesome my pics are (here's one) and then MIL phoned D.

MIL            Please thank Marsh for the pics but D, my mouth is open in all the pics

Me to D      That's called laughing!

D and I looked through the pics I sent and granted, in a good % of them she is laughing but come on, I like natural pics and she's always laughing with the kids.

Speaking of which, can I tell you a pet photography peeve?

When people say, "take a pic of that" and I am just Not Inspired by whatever it is. I used to just take the pic, it was typically awful (unemotional) and I'd delete it anyway.

E.g. Random flowers.

I said to MIL the other day, "I'm just not seeing what you are"

Oh, but it's a beautiful _____ bush (am useless with flowers).

Me (later)   ooohh, now THAT's a beautiful flower (some lonesome little flower!)

I'm resolving to hand over my camera so they can capture their vision.

What are your photography pet peeves?

And then, I think I lost my Superhero Photo mojo.

I could do the low f-stop pics so nicely and now, nothing.

I spent about 5 minutes the other day TRYING to take nice blurry background pics and it would not focus on the flower but only on the blurry background.


Then I give up and just switch the camera to its macro setting (little flower).

Am I trying to focus too close?

That poor little lens goes jsh jsh jsh jsh jsh jsh as it tries to focus its little heart out. Poor thing.

One more thing...

Mark your diaries

Sat 9 Feb

Our next photo challenge is self-portraits.
5 pics - one each of your face, hands, doing something you love, feet, wearing something

Are you in? Start snapping away!


  1. Oh heavens, what a challenge. but I am so going to try!

    I got a nifty fifty lens for Christmas and really, yes, little flowers heaven. And beautiful blurry backgrounds and portraits. I love it!

    Pet peeve - when someone tries to tell me I shoul NOT photograph something.

  2. Yes you're trying to focus too closely :)
    As for your pet peeve, that's why I keep my camera in my bag now when we go out... so that I don't get asked to take photos.

  3. My pet peeve...when people try to pose for a picture and I want to just capture natural photos.

  4. No real peeves. But I don't like people to ask me to smile and pose for pics. I like them to catch me unaware.

  5. I hate self portraits so you may get 5 pics of my feet :-p

  6. I think I'm gonna try this one... Question? Do they all have to be taken now or can they be older pic's I've already taken?

    1. No!!! From many of the challenges, I always have a few from the archives, the key is to stick to 5 pictures, that is usually the challenge. PLEASE JOIN IN, it is so much FUN

  7. I actually don't have any photography pet peeves. If someone wants me to take a picture of something and I don't get it, I still take it anyway, send it to them and delete. I like taking pictures too much to be bothered. And I think with many of the older generation, they like to be posed and ready when they take a picture and what we see as natural to them looks like a bad picture. I take it as a case of one man's food is another man's poison :)

    I love self-portraits, I am just going to have to get very creative. Good thing it is still many days away


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