Friday, January 18, 2013

So, the holiday in a very brief nutshell

D and the kids went to the in-laws' flat for a bit and are having coffee so I'm quickly blogging :)

  1. On the whole things are working out much better with them here than I anticipated. They are respecting our boundaries and only coming round if we ask them to, like on the way to the beach every morning.
  2. D and I have had one date night (Facebook friends may have seen my update on Wed) and we're hoping to make a run to the Milk Cafe this afternoon on their last day here.
  3. As I told you, there has been absolutely NO cooking over there so I felt a little guilty and invited them to supper last night. Seriously, you can't survive on rolls and cheese!
  4. One thing that is driving me up the wall is this "daily floor service" which means a maid comes in and mops. Now that does zip for me. Things that make a difference in my life are dishes and beds. You?
  5. I've made my mini book and am up to date with it so far, the journalling that is.
  6. I'm up to date with downloading pics but they are sadly still disorganised. I haven't even been through the weekend's ones......Tonight!
  7. The weather is gorgeous - grey and overcast in the mornings which is great beach weather because it's still HOT but I don't bake as much as full on sunny weather. Then it gets blue and beautiful and then cloudy again in the afternoons. However, I have no sunset pics yet. I have told D that the first SIGN I see of a sunset I am out of here with my camera and off to take pics.
  8. The photo situation so far....837. As you can see, I have deleted some in camera.
  9. And then, very sadly, my favourite flip flop sandals broke on Wed while walking on rocks. I'm desperate for another pair so please keep your eyes peeled. I remember telling you before (but I don't expect you to remember the minute details of my life) that I bought these about 10 years ago at a shop in Canal Walk (CT). They were R99 at the time and there were pink and yellow ones. I'm so desperate for them I've written to zoom!!!
  10. After supper last night, we had a very nice talk about friendship (D, me and the in laws). That deserves its own post so I'll write that up too.

So how has your week been?

PS I'm trying to read a bit here and there but I am at that part in my book where I feel absolutely no guilt about neglecting necessary functions just to find out what happens next :)


  1. I would definitely prefer someone washing the dishes - beds not so much but dishes I hate!!

    Sorry about your flip flops :( That's sad!

    I had to chuckle about the book - D hates that part in a book because it often means they need to fend for themselves (like make their own lunch or find their own socks).

  2. Hmm I saw very similiar ones in the Pep there in the mall in Ballito when we were there in October, but then already they only had one brown pair left. Hope you find your shoes, its so nice when you find a comfy pair. It lasted long though. LOL, hate cooking when we're by the coast, so for us its usually a quick salad and a cozy fire watching over the wonderfully calm waters of the sea. ;)

  3. So what are you reading? Sounds good. I have to say your holiday sounds like total bliss ( apart from the flip flops). I have an issue with sand on floors because I love being barefoot, so I would love the mop lady but dishes would be better. Beds are fine for us - we all make our own now

  4. Sorry to hear about your flops - hope you can get another pair (they lasted a HELL of a long time)

    As for the service I would need the floor mop cos like Cat I love being barefoot and having sand everywhere would drive me mental. Why can't the floor service also include a quick dish wash? Seems silly to have service in the room which ONLY includes a floor mop. I make the bed as we get up so that wouldn't be needed for us.


  5. I think the floor service is just perfect for Ballito... to get rid of seasand. We always choose a flat that has a dishwasher and tumbledrier anyway :)

  6. So glad to hear how well things are going with the inlaws, and you always amaze me how PRODUCTIVE you are on holiday!!!

    I am so sorry about your flip-flops, though! I broke a beloved pair this past spring, and my heart still hurts a little bit. I haven't been able to satisfactorily replace them. :( Hope you have better luck finding "THAT" pair!

  7. P.S. I know you are backed up on Google Reader, but make sure you check out my post today...I know you'll appreciate it! :)

  8. The joys of having small children ... You get to go on holiday when the rest of the world has gone back to work and school!!!

    One question ... Does your in-laws read your blog??

  9. You will love the weather around here now, grey and heavenly showers and expected to remain like this for most of the weekend:)

    Hope your holiday is going well and you are relaxing? Floor service? Sounds weird that they don't do any other cleaning!!!

    I know that part in a book, though have not read any book in almost 2 years that was "unputdownable"

    1. PS: Zoom should really send you a few flip flops (wink wink)

  10. If I am reading 5 and 6 correctly you even have a "to do list" on holiday? SERIOUSLY? I never feel guilty when reading on holiday...and everything is neglected ;-) I am so with you...when I am on holiday I don't want to do dishes or beds.

  11. My week has been lovely but busy as is par for the course when school re-opens after a long holiday. SO sorry about your shoe.
    I do ABSOLUTELY nothing when I'm on holiday. Just read, eat, swim, sleep. And connect with my family. No to-do list for me! Good that you are getting things done though.
    I would prefer an all-of-the-above option for service. Beds, floors, dishes AND laundry. Am just a lazy bum like that.

  12. I hate it when favourite flip-flops finally kick the bucket.

    It sounds like you're having a pretty brilliant vacation! I am so impressed at how well the boundaries are holding up. :-)


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