Friday, January 18, 2013

Some reading for the weekend and a really nice pic

SIL and Kendra - I love this pic! They've bonded so nicely this holiday

I only have a few links this week mainly because my Google Reader is very full and unread :( *ahem* 182 *ahem*

Four personality types by Gretchen Rubin (good thing I'm not at work otherwise I'd have read all the comments too!)
Culinary traditions from Artsyville
A very cute birthday party which I may just have to copy :) :)

And that's it for this week's reading. Be prepared for a bumper edition when I get up-to-date with my reading :)

Which is your favourite link?

PS feel free to tell me about the favourite link you came across this week in the comments


  1. Nice picture of K and her aunt. Trust you were in grey sky heaven (LOL)

    I saw the cute birthday party and loved it. Very nice idea for a kiddies party.

    I stumbled upon Capri+3 and I have to tell you, I am still in awe.

    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the rest of your holiday

    1. Total grey sky heaven - Mrs FF< I'm stealing that phrase too :)

  2. That is a gorgeous picture!

    I'll have to check out Gretchen's post.

    (And thank you!!!) :)

  3. That IS a gorgeous pic. Definitely canvas-worthy. I love the Gretchen post and I had two favourite reads this week. This one:

    And this piece that Claudia wrote:

    Also liked this one from Fat Mum Slim:

  4. Oh I loved the party too! I am so behind that I have nothing great to share

  5. Oh that pic is perfect! I'm behind too. I've starred a few things in my reader, but yeah.


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