Sunday, January 20, 2013

The moments between Instagram updates

I'm the type of person who is much more interested in the moments between the facebook and instagram updates.

The moments when real life happens.

We all know that everybody has sucky moments but no-one posts those updates, do they?

Just in case you thought our holiday was only gorgeous beach views and cute kids, nope. We also have the normal boring things going on like laundry, plenty of time-outs and bribing kids to eat all their food by giving 1 Jelly Tot (yes, I'm breaking loose).

Guess what I did first thing after breakfast on Tuesday? I made star charts. I'd had both kids in 3 time-outs by about 9:30 and we'd had enough.

The behaviour is much better, by the way.

So here is our real life, half way through our holiday.

Yesterday was a lovely rainy day but cr@appy coastal rain (soft and wishy-washy), not gorgeous, dramatic, thunder-and-lightning rain like we get in Joburg.

The kids asked me why I like the loud rain and I said, "it's got passion!" (blank stares :))

Anyway, I'd planned to do the laundry anyway so I did.

5 grey t-shirts in one batch of laundry; there are at least 2 at home and here's another in the pic below
here is the 6th grey t-shirt
By the way, why has no-one told me of the wonder that is an LG washing machine. My word, even I could figure it out and I pressed just 1 button to start it. Quiet as a mouse and the clothes emerged practically dry.

I'm (almost) wishing for my Defy to bite the dust (actually that day could be soon - we've had ours for about 8 - 9 years already) so I can get myself one of these beauties.

I'm already planning my next load :) :)

It's the small things in life, people!

We've settled into a (mostly) nice routine.

Breakfast at "our Ballito flat" as the kids call it, down to the beach for 1.5 hours max, back at 12, shower/ bath, have lunch, put the kids down for naps and then it's MY time :)

isn't this mirror lovely? SIL and I loved it; MIL hated it and yet.... it would fit perfectly in her house :)

D reads for a bit and then dozes off. I've been reading with him until I finished the unputdownable book (Cuckoo - Julia Crouch - 9 out of 10) and now I need to catch up with photos so I'm reading Chasing Superwoman. Tomorrow I will start something on my Kindle.

However, yesterday I told D to go browse bookshops (he's an introvert and in-laws plus noisy kids 24/7 = frazzled D) while the kids napped.

not sure if I bought these for them or for me but they're a delight :)

Kendra was very upset when she woke and he wasn't here so today she told him, "and you're not allowed to go to the shops again without me". LOL

One kid inevitably wakes before the other (Kendra) and then we colour, write our name, paint our nails, paint, and so on. The other kid joins in when they wake.

We then go for a long walk along the promenade to take pics (me) and tire the kids out. When we get back, D baths them while I make supper. I have been VERRRRY good - we only ate out twice so far in the 6 days.

The kids have reached their first 25 stars though so we're due a treat again tomorrow. There's a Thai place in town which we want to go to. Other than that I have no idea.

Anybody know of any nice places that would welcome kids? Not too expensive . We've been to John Dory's already.

Tell me about the moments between your Facebook and Instagram updates.


  1. Kendra is such a daddy's girl, love the giving instructions :)

    The rain has been the same here - very wishy washy :) No dramatic thunderstorms, though it's been enough to turn the pool green again :(

    I don't do instagram and facebook
    ;) ;)

    This weekend I planned to do a lot of cleaning up and decluttering but ended up catching up on TV, reading and relaxing

  2. Your holiday does sound wonderful. Interesting enough we have found that in the first few days of the holiday you always hit a very bad behaviour day where the kids are all totally ungrateful and total brats. We usually do a big speech and then things seem to settle down. Funny enough, this year was the first time we did not have it. So maybe, its just part of growing up. Thanks for the book recommendation and do tell, which brand of pencils?

  3. It's been tough lately. I think I'm ready to make some star charts and see if that helps the boys' behavior. You know that saying, "If a woman says something and no one hears her, her name is probably Mom." That kind of sums up how we are these days. So star charts. Sounding like a great idea!!! I also need to stop beating myself up. I'm feeling like I'm not getting through the to-do list of things I need to get done. Of course I am, I just ask myself to do way too much. But if it doesn't get done, then who else will take care of it, LOL! Granted everyone at home is fantastic, I can not complain about a lack of help around the house. Yesterday I was at school and DH and Phoebe cleaned the house. They did a great job! That's what's been going on around here.

  4. Love your honesty in this post. You have inspired me to create my own post. :)

  5. You officially have more grey shirts than ANYONE else I know - hahahaha!
    That is a really pretty mirror, but I think it must be a real pain to keep clean? Just based on that, I'd enjoy it more in someone else's house. ;-)

    We've had no major drama here for a couple of days at least. Nicola's been in a pretty good mood and I haven't even seen any honest to goodness tantrums. I think kids tend to act up a bit in strange places because the routine changes and they feel unsettled? That's what I tell myself anyway - it helps.

  6. Bwahaha love the "passion" answer that got a blank stare.

  7. is those REAL life moments...the boring moments...that make the rest of life so great. I am glad to hear you are getting time to rest and relax, read books and do what you love to.

  8. My washing machine is broken again! Awesome hey!!

    The moments between - I try keep everything together :)


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