Saturday, January 05, 2013

Three and a half!

Happy birthday to A & B, Mandy E's babies, who are 4 today! Mandy, today Connor finally identified your kids correctly :)

These are the only kids who call me Miss Marcia! I do love well-mannered little Southern ladies :)


So I decided to do it. Have a half-birthday celebration.

However I did things a little bit differently this year.

I asked the babies who they wanted to invite and only invited those people plus one other that I haven't seen for a long time. Turns out two couldn't come and so we had 6 babies, all born within 4 months of one another plus all the parents.

I feel so blessed that all our husbands get on - it just makes things so much easier.

we didn't plan the blue thing...

My kids will be going to school for the first time on Wed so I decided on a back-to-school theme.


A banner, some straw flags, "school snacks" and the activity was crafting, of course.

I put markers, crayons, scissors & glue, stickers/ paper/ board in four little buckets, plus I had an exercise book for each child. Some didn't even notice the exercise books :)

And then I let them loose.

The place was full of paper snippets when everyone left but it was a success. Mostly the kids got on with playing and didn't need too much intervention.

It really was a lovely day.


Roz brought a quiche and Caren brought a cake so everything was really easy for me. Of course, I asked Nanny S to work just so I could socialise a bit. That was a brilliant idea.

And then I bribed all the kids with Smarties so I could get some pics :)

finally - all 6!
cutey patooties

Because there were only going to be 6 kids, I could give nice little presents for both the littles and the moms.

And that was our half-year celebration.

Once everybody left, I fed the kids lunch, put them down for a nap and de-Christmas-ified the house.

I just have to do my Christmas card binder ring mini book and then I'm all done!

Is your tree down yet?

Guess what? On Friday I ordered the kids' 4th birthday party printables from my favourite etsy printables store.

I've been wanting to do this theme for about two years. I won't really kick into gear til a month before but I like to have my vision very clear, hence the lead time.

Can you guess the theme? :)
How far in advance do you plan?


  1. My tree was down on the 1st :) such a clever theme! and I did giggle at the smarties bribery :)

  2. Lesley12:35 am

    Took all the decorations down today too, house looks very bare!
    Love the cake eating picture.
    Was thinking of a summer theme, but then realized our seasons are different, duh! SO... how about a guess of 'nursery rhymes' - trying to think of something that would work for boys and girls.
    I usually plan about 3 weeks ahead - thinking about ideas, crafts, things i need to get. Then about a week before i start think about food.

  3. Very cute!

    I usually decide on a theme a couple of montha before, start thinking up ideas after that, final planning about a month in advance, invites two or three weeks before, then shopping on the nearest payday and scrambling a week before to make the magic happen.

    It's only once a year so I go all out. For my own birthday I do nothing!'s winter then and all I really want to do is curl up in bed abd sleep anyway. ;-)

  4. Ah...this is BEAUTIFUL. Took the decor off last night. Am thrilled to have my home (and clean spaces) back. We don't really do themes in these parts and the organising takes place a few weeks (maybe even days) before the time. Am really bad like that. However, Joshua turns 13 this year so I have to be proper. I asked him to think about what he wanted for his B-Day so I could start planning. Still waiting for answers.

  5. That looks so lovely and look at all the little people :)

    I took our tree down on the 31st - I wanted to come back on the 1st and not have to stress about cleaning and taking it down!!

    I am SOOOO excited for my post tomorrow - the organising that happened in my craft room yesterday was nothing short of phenomenal :)

  6. This looked like so much fun!

  7. Oh gosh, this is very very cute. I love the feet / legs picture. I tend to plan ahead but sometimes life catches up . This year I just did not get around to plan the Princess' last year which I have to do as its so early in January so we decided with her to have it later in the month. And think of me - she wants a " save the rhinos" party. If we ever thought last year's 70's flower power party was odd for a 7 year old try this one!

  8. Oh and our tree will go down tomorrow after Ouma and Oupa arrives - the kids begged that they see it first. Mine are usually down first thing in January or even earlier

  9. I agree. When hubby's do get along, then things are much easier. Lovely party and photos.

  10. The smarties worked!!!! Gorgeous photos.

  11. Our tree was down on the 31st. Earliest it's been down for a while. But with a houseful of people it was easier.

    Planning a party once a year is enough for me - no half parties in this house!

    Gorgeous theme tho x


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