Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{Trust} Uploading photos, the interview and a really nice resource

Something rather annoying is happening with Blogger/ Picasa.

I used to choose pics in Picasa, pin them and email to my blogger address. I'd then log into Blogger and get the draft, make the pics extra large, write a few words (!) and publish.

The pics were still a good quality, right?

Well, something that's been happening the last few weeks is when I go look at my pics they're all pixelated like when you make a low res pic too big.

Then I have to go back to Picasa, compress the pics, drag them to somewhere else, and upload to my post the old-fashioned way (by clicking on the little pic in the menu bar).

The old-fashioned way takes longer so it's very annoying.

Because I have a to-do list. I can't be faffing around with pics every night.

How do you put your pics in your posts?

Old-fashioned way, through Picasa my way, or through Picasa with the create and then publish to blogger?

I got D to do this one specially for me at the beach :)

Okay, now that that's out, let me tell you a little bit about my interview.

I started posting the whole long story on here and then remembered how Claudia gets so worried about me putting it all out. I then did the responsible thing and put it on the private blog. If you have access you can read my story here.

The interview went very well. I could absolutely do that job and I am exactly the right sort of person for it. I also did a short stint of this exact thing years ago so I know I'm good at it.

However, I went through with the interview because I'd accepted the meeting invite prior to me receiving some very promising news about another job. Oy.

Isn't this typical though? You find nothing forever and then suddenly jobs are springing up everywhere. Next thing those people from p.n.e.t will be phoning me again.

I'm 90% certain this other promising thing will pan out but it will take a little bit longer than I normally like to wait (TRUST!).

I just hope I get some more positive feedback before I hear from job 1. Either way, it will be good to either feel hopeful if my application is unsuccessful or to be able to turn down having something else in the hand.

Now before I end, a bit of a plug:

I have to tell you about a fantastic site I found a few days ago. At the moment you can get free access to a Myers Briggs test. I retook it this afternoon just for kicks and it is SUPER AWESOME and accurate. There are videos that are so nicely done.

Once you get your score, they have a few ways of verifying whether that is, in fact, your true type or if there's another that feels more like you. Very nice. I've never seen that part before.

So if you have never been properly assessed by a MBTI practitioner, please go do this thing and come back to tell me your type. I'm going to put up a page with all our MBTI types so I can go all nerdy on you. And at the end you can download a really nice 3-page report.

You will love it - I promise. I'll give you a virtual Cadbury's slab if you don't love it. *

What's your type?

PS I'm ESTJ. You'll laugh at bits of the videos because you see yourself in them so clearly!
PPS This is not a sponsored post - I always gush when I really love something!


  1. I edit them through picmonkey if they need it (generally only the ones from my DSLR, the cell ones I just slap on instagram and link from there) and then upload them once they're all edited and resized.

  2. I resize with Faststone and then publish the old fashioned way. They load really fast because they are small files. I have never takent he test - so let me try!

    Great job front news!

  3. I edit using Lightroom, and the photo thing is why I'm so happy I moved to Wordpress ;)

    1. this probably sounds sacrilegous to the WP users but I hate WP so much I send my pics to blogger, size them there and then copy the HTML to my WP blog :o

  4. So glad you had a great conversation, Marcia! And I know it's nerve-wracking to have multiple things popping up, but try to roll with it as best you can....yes, trust. :)

    I just realized I never answered your email question a few days ago. (I have a reply saved in my draft folder.) :) Please don't start to shake when I tell you that I've never been assessed for my type. ;) I will do this online, though! I need in on your "letter" conversation!

  5. I go about the looong way posting pics to posts. Usually once I've downloaded the whole months photos, I copy the entire folder, delete the ones I don't want to post, compress everything left in one go, then upload three at a time to my drafts. And that's where they then sit waiting for me until I have a ramble to attach to them and post.

    Good luck with all the interviews, I hope the one you want comes through in time.

    I'll go check out that link.

  6. I like that site - loved the video's. I came out as an ESFJ :)

  7. I never post pics. It’s pure laziness more than anything. I must say though that I’ve never found it difficult or anything to post pics in WP.

    Fantastic that you had a great interview. Must say I am feeling incredibly disillusioned about job-hunting at the moment.

    Have signed into that link but simply haven’t had the time for it yet. Going to make time for it tomorrow because tonight = make a pot of food for tomorrow + clean kitchen + do 2 loads of laundry + do some banking + read for 1 hour.


  8. I edit in Picasa and then save to my PC and then upload!

    I did that test a while ago but it bores me so half way through I loose focus and click to get it done *blush*

  9. I download my photos in Picasa, edit it and then use Faststone to resize. It works like a charm.

  10. I just LOVE your "TRUST" photo in the beach sand! Next time I go to the beach I want to do a word in the sand, take a pic and hopefully it will look as lovely as yours!!!


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