Tuesday, January 08, 2013

We have a big day tomorrow

The kids are finally going to pre-school.

At 3.5.

I mentioned this before but I feel like such a granola mother - I don't know of any other kids who are not at school yet.

The other day the babies were wearing those all in one Woolworths pjs for babies and these ones were white with some print so they really looked like babies.

I said to Connor, "baby, don't you want to rather stay home with nanny S for another 6 months? You're so little and I'm not sure if you should go to school"

Can you guess what he said?

"No, I'm going to school"

I wasn't surprised but still.

I'm one of those parents who likes to do things quickly and get it out of my mental space. So I don't have to think about it for a whole year.

So I bought all the school stuff for the whole year.

When it was all piling up in the study, I told Nanny S to pack it in the cottage for a few days and I emailed the school to ask if I could bring it all a day early.

With twins it takes three times as long to get anything done - each child and then the dynamic of them faffing around with one another, not listening, etc. Actually it may be four times as long :) So to cart all that stuff plus kids plus bags? No way.

We went there this morning and dropped off a boot (trunk) full of things - toilet rolls, tissues, soap, and 4 reams of paper.

The kids loved exploring and wouldn't come home. I very nearly had to 1, 2, 3 them.

By the way, my friend, Roz counts very fast. We drag out the 1, 2, 3 a bit so since we've spent a lot of time with them lately, I now say to the babies, "must I count fast like Aunty Roz?"

"NO, MUMMY, NO" :)

I met the 2 - 3 age group teacher. Really nice, young and energetic :)

Whenever I'm around teachers, I want to give them all medals. There is no way I would cope with even 8 littles for a whole day.

So it appears we're ready!

The kids are in bed, the camera is charged, D's taken leave (not just for this) and their outfits have been set aside.

Please tell me your words of advice for making the mornings run smoothly.

While you're at it, tell me again how I have 3 and a half year old children!

PS I'm going back to my no more than 2 hours blogging and reading blogs a day. I have some projects which I need to get to, besides all the reading and lazing around in this extreme heat :)

How long do you blog and read blogs daily for?


  1. Prepare for tears. From you, not them :)

  2. My boys were 3 years and 3 months when they went to school. Ai, it will be tough on you but say the goodbyes as quickly as possible.

    My advice- get everything as ready as possile- bags at the door the night before, just add lunch bags etc ( fridge stuff). Get a good caleneder on the wall where everybody in the household can see it at the breakfast table and make notes of every little thing you need to remeber on it.

    Good luck!

  3. Awwww, I know they will love school! Sounds like they are very ready. Hope the day goes smoothly for ALL of you!! : )

  4. Lesley11:22 pm

    Loved Conner's comment!
    You will be fine! You are so organized! I would do as Cat suggests and say goodbyes quickly in a very upbeat way, lol.

  5. Nope, not ready! If yours go that only leaves me... Be strong!!!

  6. They are going to love School.....and hopefully will be exhausted by the time they get home

  7. Hope your morning went well - school is a big deal but it is so good for them and they are ready :) They are going to love it!

    Welcome to the "kids at school" club :-p

  8. I'm sure they are going to thrive at school Marce! LOVE LOVE LOVE the last set of pics on this post - just delish!

    When did you start the 1,2,3 thing with them?


  9. I can't really give advice, as there is always something last minute that comes up no matter how organised we are :(

  10. Quick goodbeys are the best way to do it. Even if you get to a stage where they're a bit teary. Usually when that happens they stop crying the moment they can't see you anymore, so the longer you drag it out the more traumatic it is for everyone.

    What I do to save a bit of time with Nicola in the mornings is that I already dress her in whatever she's going to wear the next day after bath the night before. I mean really? How dirty is she really going to get while she's sleeping? Saves me about 20 minutes easily! Obviously we'll have to stop this when we move into uniform type phase - but for now I'll take it.

    Plus with her I know that she really needs about 30 minutes to wake up and get in touch with her inner morning person, so usually at 6:00 I wake her up and she tells me to leave her alone she's sleeping. I put on some music or a cartoon and go have a bath. By the time I'm done and getting dressed she's properly awake. Then we brush teeth, wash face, have some tea or coffee and off we go.

    Good luck! Let us know how it went.

  11. Hope that today went well xx

  12. LOVE this set of pics. How was the homecoming?
    We do EVERYTHING at night. Pack bags, prepare lunches, prepare clothing. You'll find your groove. xx

  13. I love the photos of the two hugging...so sweet. All those milestones. It is great that you document them.

  14. Oh your babies are gorgeous! Have they settled nicely? My Hannah still a bit teary in the morning, but otherwise she is doing well!

  15. Love the pics!!!! Well you know me with blogging lately. It's been pretty tough to find the time. Getting the mornings to go smoothly is to layout clothes the night before and pack lunches the night before too. I get up early before the boys so when they get up they go through the same routine every day: potty, get dressed, eat breakfast, out the door. They have gotten used to it by now, although there are some days they want to stay home and it breaks my heart. How did preschool go? Are they having fun. The boys do really have fun and they've been learning so much there.


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