Saturday, January 26, 2013

While I wilt in this heat...

how long do you suppose I can keep trotting out beach pics?!
So last night when I started unpacking my stuff from the holiday, I realised that all my clothes felt just a little bit damp.

Isn't that disgusting?

I chucked everything into the tumble drier to dry it all properly.

How quickly we forget the humidity at the sea!

There were 3 mini-piles of ironing to do and I did another 2 loads of laundry today. It's the PERFECT day to dry washing on the line. PERFECT.

Dear Lord, thank you for the DRY Joburg heat, even if it is 30 degrees and I'm wilting.

I went just a little bit mad this morning - I told the kids to pack their toys away and if I got to 3, I was removing everything I saw.


K started packing up her stuff and C looked at me defiantly while I tossed!

I won't throw it all out (that would be wasteful) but there are a few things which will leave. And his scissors have been removed for a week because he cut the elastics from his slippers :)

There is now a laundry basket full of toys banished to the cottage and I feel like I can breathe in that sunroom again.

I went a little mad in Mr Price Home too. I went in for pillows (I can't be the only one that is obsessed with sleeping on NICE pillows all the time, right?) as the kids' ones are looking just a little bit sad, especially after the lovely bedding in the Ballito flat.

Well, the pillows cost R200 and I came out with R1000 worth of who-knows-what? Lovely decorative pillows, tea towels, photo albums (Mr P Home now sells photo albums), etc.

I also returned some more of the clothes I bought that day at Pick and Pay - 3 items for R260, so I'm trying to be responsible. And I have a pair of shoes in my car to return to Woolworths.

Question before I share this week's links: do you like seeing these or is it too much?

I love them because it's a glimpse into what I star in my Google Reader (as if you care), I can share a pretty pic and a new font (the one above is called cinnamon cake) and I can share some linky love.

  1. 14 photographers, 1 post - you are my wild - I would love someone (volunteers) to put together something like this and we can share one pic for the week of our kids :)
  2. Passion, action and money (I read blogs like this for fun)
  3. I really liked this one about ambition and anxiety
  4. Sex before dinner :) for a certain dot dot dot blogger. It makes sense... but what about cleaning the kitchen :) A little-known fact about me - I was once quoted in a magazine as saying "a clean kitchen is like
  5. And this is why I love Susannah Conway
  6. A personal fun list for 2013. We could all do this, right?
  7. Being happy despite Pinterest pressure
What kind of heat do you prefer? dry heat or humidity?
Which was your favourite link?
Have you started reading any new blogs because of my links?


  1. Of course I prefer dry heat! Humidity is just not good for my hair.
    I enjoyed the Ambition vs Anxiety post - lots of think about and OF COURSE I loved the dot dot dot post. :) I am now reading Artsyville after that one that you linked last week. So much of colour and fun and pretty over there!

  2. ps...I NEVER get tired of beach pics so you can keep them coming! When I buy a proper camera I'm only ever going to take beach pics. And maybe some pics of the kids. LOL...not food or anything like that.

  3. Lesley1:57 am

    I have had a good read of 'Clover Lane' and like it.
    Heat?? I live in Ireland i dont know much about heat ; )

  4. You pictures are gorgeous - not like the white sandy beaches in Georgia. Thanks for the link selections. I find that blogging still comes with some restrictions, like it's hard to write about dot dot dot when the MIL is a reader!

  5. Guilty! I'm ALWAYS buying pillows... My husband frekas out everytime yet I still buy them. I was eyeing some yesterday on our spontaneous shooping trip but got distracted by my 3yr old. Maybe he's Dad is in on distracting me. LOL

    Love the holiday pics

  6. I hate all heat - ALL OF IT!!! I am really battling with the heat at the moment - it turns me into an overtired toddler :( I grew up in Durban and the humdity makes me just as miserable!

    I will admit I click the links if I have time - right now Jack is napping and I have hopefully 90 minutes but possible 60 minutes so I am cramming as much "essential" stuff into that time as possible :)

  7. I prefer dry heat and humid cold. Odd hey? ;-)

  8. I much prefer the dry heat we have in JHB. I also never tire of beach pics. I click the links if I have time and if the link sounds like it would be something I would connect with ;)


  9. We don't have a Mr. Price store, but we have Target. And Aaron calls Target the One Hundred Dollar Store... I can't seem to get out of there without spending a ton!

    I hate heat. And humidity. And cold. I love spring and fall.

    A clean kitchen is like...??

    1. jayme, I wanted to quote it properly so I stopped writing to haul out my "media" file and then I forgot. I'll look it up for you :)

  10. I hate heat of all kinds - dry, humid, heat is heat. Spring and Autumn for me any day and I would even take winter cold over summer heat...

    Oh yes, Confession I found most of the blogs I read from your blog - Louisa, Cat, the 2 Mandys, Jeanette (from the favourite photo shoot) One rad mother, Joys in my life, Clover lane , I can go on and on.

    PS: I went crazy in Boardmans yesterday but you would too, I bought 4 bale sets (2 queen, 1 double, 1 3/4) for R505!!!!! And all I went to get was one flat sheet ;) You are not alone!!!!


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