Thursday, January 03, 2013

Whoop-whoop - it's time for January goals

I realised I didn't officially tell you Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! May 2013 be filled with health and happiness and words of the year coming to life.
is this not the cutest picture ever?!
So December recap.

I managed to get 88% of my goals done - amazing really considering the craziness of Christmas. We had 7 socials and only 1 of those was just me (Mrs FF).

Last year was a productive but still meaningful year.

The areas I am obviously not skippy happy about are weight/ fitness and job. Thank God I love the company and the people and my beautiful view......

For 2013, I have 30 personal goals (some of which are continuous like a monthly date with a friend and some are once-off) and I have 18 business goals.

3 things I think you may find interesting: plan next overseas trip,  go on a weekend away with D, go on a girls weekend away and have a tea party for my birthday - girls only.

Yes, hefty but you know me - I thrive on a challenge.

Without further ado, here are my January goals, and yes, most of them are Ballito-related, since we're there for 11 days.
  1. Go for a walk every day in Ballito
  2. Take beautiful pics with my zoom lens (last time I left it at home - why, Marcia, why? I think I was scared of it)
  3. Go on a beach photo walk all by myself. That's photo walk 1 of the 6 I have challenged myself to do
  4. Get D to take beautiful photos of me with the kids. I'm still debating whether to pay R2000 for a beach photo shoot. What do you think?
  5. Stay up to date with photos (this is going to be a challenge as I normally don't take hundreds daily, only on the weekends). Be at least up to date with half of the holiday, preferably all of it, by the end of Jan.
  6. Go on three dates with D, two on holiday
  7. Read 7 books, 4 on holiday
  8. Order and start my version of Project Life... yes, something to blog about.
  9. Half birthday celebration
  10. Braai at Marleen's
  11. Lunch with Caroline 
  12. Lunch and a photo walk with Louisa in the CBD (I can't WAIT!) - photo walk 2
  13. Sort all school stuff (my study looks like a nightmare with all the piles - I can't wait for school to open so I can drop it all off and not worry the rest of the year - yay!)
  14. Blog on kids' blog at least 5 times
  15. Start weigh-less *sigh*
  16. Get back to gym and go 5 times
  17. Finish off my 2012 year in review book and blog with pics both this one and the 2011 (I want to inspire all of you!!!)
  18. Try 4 new recipes (I'm on leave that's why this is so ambitious - my yearly goal is 25 recipes), make a little badge and start blogging these on a regular basis. I do like a nice project.
  19. Set up my photo printer
  20. Take down Christmas :)
  21. Tidy my messy study and put away all new books (I caved at a sale! but I took two bags to a bookshop to sell to them)
  22. Set up monthly product email and automate for the whole year
  23. Do an organising checklist for the year
  24. Re-format goals product
And that's me for the month.

What are the top 3 things on your list for January?


  1. 1. Declutter at least my craft room and spare room.
    2. Do menu planning from the 7th of January.
    3. Have a weekly date night with my husband.

  2. I can't make the lists so long - they make me loose focus a bit! I prefer shorter lists then I feel like I am acheiving something!

  3. Soooo jealous of your upcoming Ballito trip. These are my main 3 items:

    Finish decluttering my bedroom and kids bedroom before paint job at end of January.
    Get kids settled into school and organise all extramural routines etc.
    Some business at the bank (activate certain things on current account and open a new one for something else).

  4. A few of my January goals are...

    1) Photos for November and December
    2) Finish Q3 photo book

    I need to figure out what I want to do with the Happiness Project, too. That's a biggie. :)

  5. Let me know when you're doing your city photowalk with Louisa and I'll try make it too!

  6. My big goal for January ... getting our family back into a schedule with school and chores.

  7. My January Goal's Post ...

  8. Amazing picture!
    Top three?
    1. Year end finances
    2. New budget
    3. Try to find my craft table again...

    And as for you last post, I couldn't comment so here goes...
    Spend money on a wonderful bra! Find a lingerie shop and get properly measured, you'll be so glad you did and your back with thank you. Those padded granny straps are heavenly! I don't know how you can love underwires and hate padded straps. I totally agree that the colors have gone insane. How am I suppose to hide pink leopard print under my clothes?

    1. Thank you - i love that pic!

      Underwires give me (some) support. It's the padded bras I'm not fond of... :)

  9. Yay for upcoming vacations! You have SO MANY goals. I can deal with 1, I think, and do it well :) This year for me it's finally tackling weight loss while I have the extra calorie burn of nursing to help.

  10. You have a busy list for January. But knowing you, you will eliminate most of them.
    I took down my Christmas decorations this morning with the kids. Was so sad.
    From this morning I too am thinking and doing research on where to go for a photography outing. Hubby is making a suggestion of the Botanical gardens in PTA. What do you think?

  11. Wow that is some list Marce! My top 3 are as follows:

    1. Declutter and organise spare room (currently my junk where I hide EVERYTHING room)
    2. Take books to the second hand book shop (have already sorted thru these)
    3. Declutter and organise my tupperware cupboard


  12. Lesley1:31 pm

    Love the picture.
    My top three are -
    1. Go for a walk every day, except when Irish weather is just too much to bear (mmmm may be not very realistic for January)
    2. Going to bake a different type of bread each month so i will choose my bread for this month and bake : )
    3. Be bolder about asking for friend dates.

  13. Love, Love, Love that picture

    I seriously still don't know how you get through these long list of goals!!!

    Anything more than 5 or 6 things on my list and I end up ignoring the list. Trying to get to 10 goals a month this year and making sure I get it done.

    My top 3 for Jan

    3. Fitness - Revive going to the gym 4/5 to 6 time a week (so far this week, I have managed 2 times and 2 swim sessions and I am going for spinning tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed I can make 5 times a week from next week). If I can't, then I am going back to bootcamp in Feb and register for my Jan and Feb races and walks

    2. Photography - Sort out November and December pictures (especially November as there are work pictures there that I need to share ASAP)

    1. Friends - A photo walk date with M (date originally planned but changed to photo walk after reading this post)

  14. This is a very ambitious list! Ooh...walks in Ballito - I'm getting mine end Feb. Hope Jenty can make the Friday walk? (I need the other registration number to arrange parking)

  15. Wow - impressive list!

    For me
    1. Daily iphone pics
    2. More blogging
    3. Approach more retailers about stocking my jewellery

  16. Oh gosh, that pic is adorable.

    1. Get the Princess party done and dusted, in a very short time.
    2. Get the back to school thing done including extra murals which can be daunting to say the least
    3. De clutter and organize at least 3 areas


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