Wednesday, January 09, 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} Fun in the sun at Nicola's birthday

Thank you for your lovely comments on the school post.

There were NO tears this morning from any of us. I wondered for awhile if I'm just cold.... but then I decided, no :)

Kendra looked a bit overwhelmed at one point and so I bent down and whispered to her, "Baby, do you need a hug?"

She nodded yes and gave me the tightest hug ever. And then went to give D a hug too.

(when I told my work colleague this story, she teared up!)

When Connor told me, "Mummy, please close that door" I realised our time there was done and we could go.

I checked on them mid-morning via email and the principal said they were both perfect! No issues.

Waiting to see what happens on day 2.


We went to Nicola's princess and dragon party (I forget the official name) in December. As it usually is blazing hot that time of year, Louisa instructed all to bring swimsuits.

As usual, there was enough food for 4 times the number of people :) Louisa said "come hungry"!

the glorious cake
one side of the kiddies sweet table
while I personally don't care for watermelon, my kids and D love it
look at the hair swish :) Now we know where Nicola gets all that hair
Sadly, this is the only clear pic of mother and daughter
Mr L
Mr C

watermelon juice
Cat's Princess
Connor and Louisa's dad
Kendra and Louisa's Dad
Have I mentioned before that I don't like taking "traditional" party pics? Too many people, too many details and it feels like nothing is special.

However, if I get a child alone, oh yes! bring it on.

See the pics of Cat's and my kids above? Decent because they're alone!

Which is your favourite pic?
Do you eat watermelon?


  1. Connor is so funny, asking you to close the door :) :). Glad to hear the school run went well. Guess them going to the holiday program at your office helped a great deal plus I think they were ready. I hope your ears haven't gone burst with all the "juicy" details from their first day tales ;)

    I love watermelon, but after a dietician told me it contains too much sugar I don't eat it as much because who can have a tiny slice (not me).

    Hmm choosing a favourite picture is always a big mission from your lovely pictures: K digging into the watermelon, Cat's princess, Connor's "juicy" mouth and the pics with Louisa's dad. See difficult to choose just one. All beautiful pictures with so much stories to tell

    1. PS: This should have been not so wordless Wednesday :)

  2. So glad the first day went well!!! I was thinking about you last night, and then first thing this morning. If our two are any indication, I'll bet K&C will be ready to go back on Day 2.

    To the "Not-So-Wordless" Wednesday post (HA!), that candy spread is amazing!!! And my favorite pics are the two of Cat's boys.

    We LOVE watermelon...and any kind of melon, for that matters. We eat a couple of melons a week when they're in season! ;) Of course that's when J is home for the summer, so that helps spread it out a bit...but we all go nuts for it.

  3. P.S. I've been stalking your blog all day to see the post about school. :)

  4. you're right - I had the pics scheduled to post and then had to do a quick update about school so it ended up not so wordless :)

    1. Somehow I can only reply and not leave a comment. I love the pics of my kids- just stunning, it was a great party. And I love watermelon.

      I am so glad all went well - I spent all day yesterday not only thinking about mine but specially yours ( and you) too

    2. And love the watermelon juice one with the Connor squishy cheeks best. And is Louisa's dad not the best?

  5. Glad school went so well! I love the watermelon eating pictures, too!

  6. Glad the school day went well....

    Jada loved Nicolas party...all that food at her level..heaven!!! And, yes, the watermelon went down very well

  7. I'm glad it went well on their first day. Hopefully they'll skip right past that separation anxiety bit that sometimes happens.

    I love the pics of my dad with your babies - look at how much fun he's having! (and them of course) ;-)

    You know me Marcia. I ALWAYS over-cater. That's not even the issue though - my mom offers to get "one or two" platters of things for the grown-ups to eat and once she gets the go ahead on that it all gets a bit out of hand (I didn't do an official count when they delivered the platters but I'm pretty sure there were more than 10!). Hahaha!

    Still, I don't mind so much. I'd rather have too much than not enough. No one ever walks away from one of our parties hungry.

    I've had watermelon in one form or another at every one of Nicola's parties - but last year I really did miss the soft serve ice cream! For December when it's so hot I think from now on my first focus is going to be the ice cream.

  8. Glad the first day at school went so well :) GREAT job Mommy!

    I love watermelon but don't eat much of it anymore due to the high sugar content it has.

    As for my favorite picture... the watermelon juice one by far! LOVE it :)


  9. I love all the photos. Interesting fact about how you take photos of not a bunch of people but rather one in a shot.
    I don't eat watermelon as well but just like your kids and hubby, mine also love it. Me and you can start a "no watermelon" party ;)

  10. wow. looks like you had a great time. and holy crap! that's a lot of candy!!! :)

    the pool looks amazing. as it is near freezing here right now, that is a welcome group of pictures!

  11. I love watermelon :)

    I like the big one of Louisas dad holding Kendra's hand - its a special moment!

  12. Beautiful the pool and watermelon eating photos. I could just climb into that sweetie table all by myself.


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