Wednesday, February 06, 2013

38.5, a tiny funk and some lovely pics

Today I'm 38 and a half!

Happy half birthday to me.

I got a lovely half birthday gift yesterday - my project life stuff arrived. I thought I could do a quick post but I have much to say, so tomorrow it is. And in one hour, we have friends arriving for supper and I haven't started cooking!

Flying by the seat of my pants :)

I'm still in somewhat of a funk (not only about the job; I have niggles about something else too but it's still in process mode) but I want to thank you for your lovely comments on the job post.

I particularly resonated with two of them:

Claudia who said that it's like being rejected by a guy you're actually not even interested in. YES! Exactly

and Lovely Cathy who said it was right that I didn't get the job... because I need to have the space to fully hold out for the job I really want. *sigh* so true. I mailed her back and said that's how my babies came to me.

I don't know that I've ever written about that (I have spoken to people about it) but I listened to a teleseminar  in 2008 where the coach spoke about unconsciously  sabotaging your (business) success.

I had an aha moment about my baby success. Like how on earth would a baby EVER fit into my super busy life. If you think I'm busy now, you had to see me then - SUPER busy, coaching, teleseminars, speaking, writing up a storm.

I decided to stop doing everything that other people could do and save my energy for things only I could do. So I started delegating like mad, ramping up my virtual assistant's hours and training her to do everything I could delegate. Over a few months I was only doing actual calls, writing actual articles, blogs and newsletters, doing actual talks. All the admin except emails was done by my VA.

And I do believe that creating that space helped us to have a successful 2nd IVF.

Nevertheless, let's talk about things I'm loving at the moment:
  •  Cooler Jhb weather and my favourite, grey skies
  • Billy Joel - I keep thinking what would have happened if he didn't persist with his passion - I would have so much less joy in my life :)
  • Toasted hot cross buns
  •  did you see my nail colour in this post? I was quite tickled when I told Cat “nice hair and nails” on an instagram pic and she said I gave her that nail colour. I loved it so much I bought bottles for a few other people.
  • I showed Kendra the glued to Daddy pic in this post – she is quite taken that all of you like it so much!

That's all for now. Best I get cooking :)
How's your Wednesday been?

PS all pics in this post by Blackhuff. There were more adorable ones but she doesn't post pics of her kids on the internet and I respect those boundaries.
PPS if you want to see a super cute video of Connor, go here


  1. Happy belated half birthday to you! :-)

  2. Happy 38.5 birthday to you :)
    Thanks for posting the photos. Like that you love them.
    I love how you decided to do things that you can and not what others does. I too should do this - stop doing what others can do and do what I can.

  3. Oh gosh, that pic of you and Kendra is stunning! Frameable - a moment in time.
    Happy half Bday!

  4. Happy half b-day to you! LOVE the whole "creating space for your dream" thing. Never quite saw it that way. I OBVIOUSLY need to go back to the drawing board! My Wednesday was lovely except that fatigue caught up with me. Such nice pics!

  5. Happy half birthday to you!

    Love the pic of you and K!

  6. Happy half birthday :)

    Wednesday was busy-day (almost becoming a norm these days)

    Hope you got dinner ready in time for your guests

  7. It's SO hard to do sometimes, but I do think it's so important to step back and see what we *can* focus on those things...and figure out a way around the rest.

    I have a friend who is going through a very trying situation right now. She is so distraught, she can barely function. I'm trying, as delicately as possible, to talk to her about what she can control, and putting some of those other things aside, at least until she can better breathe / process.

    I know that's not the exact point of your post, but it definitely reminded me, particularly as you talked about IVF. :)

    Happy half birthday!!! You know our kiddos are 6 months apart to the day, and you and I are pretty close to 6 months apart, too. :)


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