Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{Create} Project Life pages - January

I have LOADS of picture posts for Wordless Wednesdays - I actually decided to delete most of them and only post to the kids' blog.

However, today's one is topical so I'm bumping it up in the queue.

I must tell you about a little heart-beating-fast moment I had. I ordered the rain mini album for this year and then the next day Becky Higgins wrote that midnight would most suit the colours of Seafoam. EEK. You all know how colours can be distorted on screen!

But once my Seafoam kit arrived, the colour of the album worked PERFECTLY with the kit.

My thoughts and feelings...
  1. I know myself and I like to set myself up for success so this weekly layout thing would just not fly for me, well, if I want to read, coach, create, do business projects, and play with my photos like I do. So I decided on monthly.
  2. I was going to use the photo album til I saw the mini albums. These are the perfect size for me - space for 80 photos and 80 of those 3 X 4 cards
  3. Because I'm a little bit nerdy, 80/12 months = 6.something so I know I have to aim for 6 pics a month. In January I'm using 8 pockets, April will be 8 (public holidays baby!), July will be 8 too and probably two of the summer months like October - December. Front and back pages and probably some months will just have 4 pics.
  4. I REALLY love having boundaries that's why I love the monthly photo challenges so much. They restrict me to choose just 5 pics! Without boundaries I would just keep adding. And that's why I love this fixed album.
So here we go - my pages.
  • I decided not to show all the journalling on the blog so you won't see that. (if you really want to see, mail me and I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours :))
  • That's the only thing you're not seeing - I don't stick a single thing anywhere. no stickers, no embellishments, no extra cards/ paper/ etc, nothing. It's literally just the cards with some writing here and there and the pics. I like to think that my photos tell a story anyway :)
This was a very difficult "shoot" and I still don't think the colour here is 100% true but this is the best pic of the bunch.
my tanned hand to contrast
front page - summary of the start of 2013

first half of Jan

rest of month - highlights
I have an album for holiday pics so only 1 here.
And that's it.
Super easy.
It took me 5 minutes (if that) to choose where pics would go and which cards would go where. I still haven't done the journalling - that's for Friday night.

Are you all keeping up with your month-in-review?


  1. That's just fantastic, Marcia!!!

    I'm a bit on the emotional side today (all good!), but it brought tears to my eyes to see the one page that you chose. :) :)

    I love the way this comes together...not only is it neat and organized for you to do, but what a palatable treasure it will be to look back through years from now. Make sense? Although I have limits (my photo albums are set up to hold about 30 pictures / month!)...and even that's terribly hard sometimes...I hope they won't be so cumbersome 20 years from now that I won't want to go through them.

  2. Wow, looks fantasitc! I just maybe had a bit of a brainwave

  3. Looking good Marcia!

  4. My fave colour ;-) You are going to love this project.


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