Saturday, February 23, 2013

{Create} Valentine's Teachers Gifts

This is what I did for the teachers' gifts.

While it wasn't full on creativity, I'll take the snippets I can get. And it was so nice to play with colour, bakers'twine and paper labels.

Confession - I enjoyed taking the pics far more :)

not the fliip-flops, but the taking pics outside on the grass :)

Mr P Home

I love it - 5 gifts for R60 - you can't beat that... and they were super cute!

seriously, from my very backyard!
top right corner of the pic

Julia, these are strawberry fluffs - I love them..... these ones are minis so were extra cute :)
I love taking pics like these

Have you signed up for Superhero Photo yet?

Don't you love these little jars?

I've bravely resisted buying more because I'm still on that simplicity kick!


  1. I love your new look - it is fantastic!

  2. These are awesome!!

    Where did you get the pink topped jars from? I am thinking this may be nice gifts for the kids at the wedding :)

    1. Hi, I got those jars from Pep Stores. They had ones with pink, green and orange tops.

  3. These are totally awesome. Yes, please tell where yougot the jars from?

  4. Very cute! LOVE it. Am going to HAVE to buy those sweeties now.

  5. These are beautiful, Marcia! I love everything about them! The jars...the twine...the little sampling of yummy goodies...gorgeous!!!

  6. Sooooo pretty. What font are you using on the photos?


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