Monday, February 11, 2013

{Create} Washi tape Project Life cards

Thanks for all the great comments on yesterday's are you done post! I'm replying in the comments so there's a thread!


On last week's project life post, I mentioned washi-ing up the plain grid cards.

This is what I meant :) (feel free to pin)

my new chevron washi tape :)
a stash I made - I'm good for a few months now
supplies - oh, and scissors!
I think this is my favourite washi tape ever - it's a lovely blue and I use it for everything. I'm ready with my next roll when this one runs out... which is soon
gift from lovely friend

Have I mentioned I don't actually use these cards for Project Life? Tee-hee.

I use them for my lists, of course. Also good for checklists for Nanny S to pack bags correctly *ahem*

the list has been added to since then....
Isn't this SUPER easy?

I love the grid cards - they're the PERFECT width for my handwriting. And of course I love washi tape.

Can you think of other uses for these cards? Do you love them too?


  1. So pretty! I do love them and would use them for little notes and lists.

  2. Oh I must make a plan - these are lovely. My fav washi taoe? The little birds on a wire one

  3. So pretty! :) Do you just trim your washi tape with scissors?

    The tape I used on the last card I sent you (pinks and purples with the "hello" stamp), I bought on clearance at the craft store. I noticed a couple of days ago that their washi tape is much more expensive now, though. Wonder if folks are getting the hang of it and the demand is up?

    1. Yes, with my gunky scissors. I am fussy about other scissors being used only for paper so I have a special pair for tape :)

  4. I need these cards in my life. NEED them!

  5. Wow...what a difference a bit of washi makes.

  6. Very very Pretty. A quick and easy way to glam up plain cards. Wish I could be into the washi tape "craze" though.

  7. Love these cards - i use them ALL THE TIME!


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