Monday, February 25, 2013

Daddies and their girls/ toilet duty

I've wondered a lot lately how parents of two littles of the same gender do the toilet thing.

When we're out, D takes Connor and I take Kendra to the loo. Of course if one parent is out with both kids (rare), I squish us all into one stall (the Bedford Centre's newer section has the best family toilets) or I keep the door open but block other people from seeing the peeing child.

I've seen signs at the gym that kids of the opposite sex are only allowed in the ladies' change rooms up til the age of 4. So I'm not really sure what Connor and I are going to do come July.

But more to the point - do you ladies of two girls have to do all the toilet duty? Crikey, it would do my head in.

Already, I go a bit mental saying, "don't TOUCH! No, it's DIRTY" so imagine that with two kids...

How do you deal with the toilet thing?

In other news, my little girl has a little infection and can't pee without screaming the house down. Oh, it's terrible.

This started last night at supper time, she woke up three times trying to pee (screaming all the time) and so on the DOT of 8 am this morning, I phoned for a dr appointment.

I collected her from school, we went to Dr P and the best? She can now tell the doctor everything herself. Aren't talking kids fabulous? I love the talking more every day!

We went to get meds, K screamed a couple of times in Clicks (good thing I don't get shy!) and we eventually went home.

At home, I bribed her to eat something with a jelly tot (I love that a tiny jelly sweet is good enough) because she had no appetite and I needed to get her anti-biotics into her.

So she goes...

Connor I love you
S I love you
Mummy I love you


(exactly like that - screaming)

I guess she was in such pain that only Daddy would do. I must add that D is GREAT with sick people. I love him the most when I'm a little sick because he takes really good care of me :) So I'm not at all insulted or offended that she prefers Daddy. I'd prefer his care over mine too.

Oy, Daddies and their girls.

He emailed me - should I come home now? I said NO, you keep on working, and just make sure you get home on time :)

It was beautiful to see when he got home.

She heard the gate open and FLEW to the door.


And then she was happy, poor little thing.

She hasn't woken up yet (2.5 hours later) so I think she's on the mend. By this time yesterday, she'd woken twice already.

Are you good with your sick kids? Or with sick people in general?
PS these pics are from a photowalk we did in our neighbourhood last weekend. Remember I put 6 photowalks on my goals list, and somehow I've already done more than 6. The power of intention....
How are you doing on your goals for Feb? 3 days left...


  1. Gosh no, I'm terrible with sick people. I don't even visit them! I am awesome with sick kids but only until they turn 7 or so. Then I expect them to take meds and just get into bed or whatever. Lance is better with older sick kids than with younger sick kids. Actually Lance is an excellent Florence. He takes REALLY good care of anyone who is sick.

    If I am alone with Joel then I take him to the loo. Joshua always offers but I'm not comfortable with that just yet. And actually, I have only just started to allow Joshua to go on his own. We do have a VERY important rule in this house: You WILL use the toilet at home before we go ANYWHERE. It mostly helps to avoid that situation altogether.

  2. Lesley11:26 pm

    Oh my giddy aunt! Only 3 days left! I'm a third of the way through 'The Other Boleyn Girl', got to finish by thursday night :0

    I actually like looking after my family when they are sick. Well, as long as no one is REALLY dangerously ill, otherwise i would freak and Sam would have to calm me down. But if its a matter of getting drinks, meds, tucking up on sofas then I'm happy to do it.

  3. I am ok with moderately sick people - very sick, nope. Totally not. At the gym, ask them where the disabled toilet is. We, and many other parents use that as a sort of family loo. I have without success complained at Virgin active about the lack of family dressing rooms. Maybe if you get on to them with me....

  4. J freaks out about public restrooms, even for himself. He hates the thought of ever having to take the girls to the men's bathroom. Luckily, A & M can still hold it really well, so if he makes them go before leaving home (or his grandparents, etc., wherever he happens to have them when he's alone), they are good to go for awhile. If he's in town, he would just go back home, there's no doubt in my mind! : )

    I can picture him sending them into the restroom in a few years, then waiting anxiously outside the door.

  5. Training, training, training! Lots of purell, and the occasional "OMG YOU'LL DIE" usually gets us through the bathroom. Our ladies rarely go in public thankfully, and we still have a to-go potty in the trunk. I have no problem with half naked kids in a parking lot or throwing away pee-bags, but public restrooms are gross.

  6. Gosh I have lots to say!

    Firstly on the loo thing - I had to do both kids when I was a single mom - no choice. We would all squash but Cameron was 4 and a big kid - so they would each use a stall - next to one another and I would stand outside then if I needed to go they had to stand outside the stall I was in and I would talk to them the whole time and the door wouldn't be locked. I actually had a moment with Virgin Active about that rule :-/ They wouldn't budge.

    Kiara also had a little infection about 2 weeks ago but some citra soda sorted it out before it got bad. Does she wear shorts to school? It is often from the sand pit at school.

    Then onto sick kids - NOPE I do not deal well with them at all. I think my kids have gotten used to it :) D's mom is a paed nurse so she is super great with sick kids. So when they see her then they are on deaths door *sigh*. If D gets sick I get irratated *blush* - no idea why - I just do!

  7. The loo thing I have never given much thought to..but I would rather my little boy come to the ladies toilet than my little girl go to the mens toilet (smile)

    On sick kids,...very Jadakins wants nothing to do with me when she is sick. She only wants her Dad

  8. We women can so relate to those infections. Poor little girl of yours :( I hope she gets well soon. Not the nicest experience.
    I remember when our son was 4 years old and he wasn't allowed in the ladies rooms/toilets anymore due to age. When I went out with him alone and he needed to pee, I chose toilets which I know only have one Exit. I will let him then go in alone into the bathroom and told him that I will wait at this door all the time. He would go in alone and when he exited the only exit there was, I was standing there.
    I know it's difficult but this also teach a child responsibility. Good luck.

  9. First, I am IN LOVE with that last picture of K holding D's hand!!! I want a picture just like!!!

    I think I'm a pretty good "sick" mama. I don't generally "baby" the girls, but they do get plenty of cuddles when they're not feeling well. I try to keep it balanced, though...I never want them to use "I don't feel well" as a least as much as I can help that from happening. I want them to feel nurtured when they're sick...but I don't want them to have more "fun" with that than doing the things we do when they're healthy. :)

    And as for the probably know this was a big one for me. I try to avoid public bathrooms as much as possible, for one. If, at the end of a meal, someone asks to potty, I'll tell them we're going straight home, and ask if they can wait. They usually do, and I'm thankful for that! When I do have to go to the potty with the both of them, I try to get the handicap stall. I put one on the potty (after I wipe it down!) and tell the other to find a square (tile) to stand on. They make it this game about "I'm standing on only one square!" or, "My feet are on 8 squares!" They're pretty good not to touch things...finally!!! What I hate is when I have to go potty then, too...I have two kiddos playing the "square" game, and I am in a precarious position. It hasn't been an issue in a long time...but there was that time almost two years ago, when A (I think) opened the stall door on me while I was going potty! Ack!!! Now I tell them, "Remember, it's Mommy's job to open and close the door." ;)

  10. And I agree with Julia...we ALWAYS go potty right before we leave home. I can generally predict the girls' schedules, too...I try to wait in the mornings to leave until after A poops. She's like clockwork! Hahaha!

  11. I was actually quite good with my sick children and end up with Stefan when he is feeling a bit off because B has so little patience.

  12. I'm pretty lucky in that I've only ever had one proper one of those bladder infection ones. It hurts like hell, so my heart goes out to K on this. Poor kid...seriously, nothing helped for me when I had it and I was a giant baby about it.

    My cousin gets them often, no idea why, but she clued me in to cranberry juice. The antibiotics did nothing for me but the cranberry juice cleared it up in a jiffy.

    Nicola had it once as a baby too, and I even gave her some - which helped loads. Now I always just keep a box of it somewhere in the cupboard in case one of us needs it.

  13. Katie4:25 am

    My husband takes our 3.5 year old daughter to the men's room if he can't find a family restroom and says there's never been any problem. She still needs some help reaching the toilet and sink for hand washing afterwards.


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