Monday, February 18, 2013

"It's a way of seeing the world"

Edited to say - THIS IS POST NUMBER 1500!


People have been asking me how my photography got so "good".

I say this totally in inverted commas because while I acknowlege that I do now take some nice pics, I still don't think it's really good.

This is what I say - I think I always had somewhat of an eye for what looked good. And that was a HUGE part of my frustration because I knew what I wanted but I could never make my camera do what I saw with my eyes.

Am I making any sense?

Then I bought the big camera (big for me!) on 1 Dec 2011 (it was that momentous that I remember the date) and then.....

I took Superhero Photo.

And I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that it did something beautiful for me.

I look at things... life... people differently and I'm gasping even more at beautiful light, angles and colour.

If you like the photos I take (and even if you don't) or you want a boost to your creativity, a new way of looking at the world or just the joy of photography back, can I boldly encourage you to at least go take a look at Superhero Photo.

The next one starts on 2 March. I'm going to do the treasure hunts again because I want to practise certain things again (particularly those low f-stop pics - blurry background).

Also, the best. I still don't know all the techno mumbo-jumbo! I just know what I like and kind-of how to get that. But always, always having fun.

pic taken by Andrea and taken off Superhero site by me!

Since I decided I needed some Superhero in my life, I've taken two little photowalks - one at work on Friday and one yesterday with D and the kids in our neighbourhood.

It's been GOOD but mostly, I've had fun.

I got some really nice pics yesterday - Friday's was okay except for the peacock :) - and today before I go for my personal training I'm walking around campus again, because it'll be the golden hour which is when I'm normally driving home and going "oh MAN, the LIGHT!" like a real hippy in my car :)

So who's in?

I forgot to mention, you can use any camera and I'm really looking forward to playing with my iphone too.
Photography makes me look for and see the beauty in the world.

What does it do for you? 

PS of course, those are affiliate links. I may as well earn money for all the honest gushing I do about Superhero. Click on the Superhero label below this post to see all my other posts and MY pics.
PPS last night I had a terrible headache so I slept from 7:30 - 4:36.... so it's going to be a long day!


  1. I am the very first one to agree that your pictures are just fantastic and has totally improved. I just at the moment can not spend either the money or the time.

  2. Oh no! That headache sounds not cool :(
    I like that but I will be doing a local part time course soon, so money is going towards that. Won't be participating in this.
    You do take GREAT photos.

  3. Your photos are great and worth the effort and money.

  4. Oh, thank you so much, everyone!

  5. :) you do such a great job. just looking at YOUR pics is inspiration! i just have to get into the habit again of having the camera out and easily accessible!!!

  6. I have LOVED watching you grow in your photography. Also had a headache on Sunday. IT was heat-related. I took 2 Nurofen tablets before we left for Wellington because I KNEW that it would get worse there - it was about 38degrees in Wellington. IT helped though.

  7. I've always wanted to take a photography class since I was in high school, but expense has always been an issue for me. I FINALLY got a DSLR camera last summer and am LOVING it! I really wish I could take this class (or any photography class) just so I can learn how to use my camera better, but the timing is off right now . . . hopefully sometime very soon!!

  8. Your pictures are wonderful.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ps: congrats on reaching 1500


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