Monday, February 04, 2013

{Messy Monday} painting at the beach

Just because the year of create is over doesn't mean I've forgotten what a fabulous time I had creating everything from crafty goodies to memories with the kids.

One of the best things I did was to take the paints with us to the beach.

When I instagrammed someone said something about how I let them paint when I'm not there. Of course! It was the only 20 minutes of rest in the mornings to get dressed :)

Anyway, we had 1.5 rainy days, a Saturday and a Monday morning.

We painted with them on the Monday morning. My works of art are the girl and the boy :)

I must also tell you something cool I do.

I bought a set of 3 paintbrushes - yellow, purple and i can't remember the 3rd colour. No-one wants the yellow one so I said the child who gets the yellow one gets the BIG paint set and the one who gets the purple paintbrush gets the smaller paint set. Problem solved :)

Painting at the beach is a lot more fun than paintingyour home.

We took some Priddy workbooks with us too - Caren, it's the same ones like I gave Seth.

There are stickers in the front and about 4 colouring pages at the back. Those workbooks really WORKED for us :)

The kids did all of the shapes pages - finding the stickers, sticking them in the right place, identifying all the objects, answering all the questions, etc. Then they painted the colouring pages at the back because the paper was nice and thick, and then when the whole book was done, I handed out scissors and they cut out all those shapes. Best R20 - R30 (x 2) I ever spent.

Normally when they paint with me at home, I make them wear aprons. As you know I need mess to be contained so I don't twitch and can actually enjoy the activity. The other day they came home from school all excited.

K: Mummy, today we painted and we didn't even have to wear aprons!


This weekend I want to get messy in the kitchen making heart biscuits for Valentine's.

Are you doing any fun (messy) things with your kids? (for Valentine's or otherwise)

Please give me some ideas!


  1. A & M have been doing quite a bit of watercolor painting lately too. It's hard to make too big a mess with those...I can handle it!

    I love K's declaration about painting without aprons. : )

    I just bought tiny little notebooks that I am going to let the girls help me decorate for their class Valentine's party. I am going to mod podge scrapbook paper onto the cover, then let A & M decorate with heart stickers. It should be pretty manageable, mess-wise!

  2. Well you know we are all about being messy and muddy..... I love water colours because yes, they are a whole lot less messy than other paint.

    Mine love any sticker or work books - we do a lot of that together (and on their own). Exclusive books had a whole lot at their sale this year - bought some to use later as the boys have so many nice ones from their birthday.

    Still need to get a Valentines craft idea....

  3. I am slack with this - apart from him playing in the mud outside or with the hosepipe we don't do much else yet but he is still a little too small I think.

    He paints at moms and tots but it is still a huge mess so I will wait a little longer before trying it at home :)

    The pics you guys did are lovely!

  4. Wow, those all look great!

    Nicola has taken to sticking cotton wool on pictures (picked up from making a sheep at school) and now she's always asking to do that. That would still be okay, but usually a few days later she tries to take the cotton wool off again and I have little bits of fluff all over the house when she's done.

    We made some jelly in teddy bear and heart molds the other day, which was a great hit. She got to pick the colour and the forms, and then we got to eat that with some custard after dinner for picking up ALL her toys and helping me vacuum the lounge.

    I know she's asked my mom if they can bake pink heart shaped cookies this weekend at Ouma's house - so we'll see how that goes.

  5. Your children make the loveliest paintings. Wow! So creative - you know where they get those genes from ;)

  6. LOL...I had boys...and they did mess and muddy very well. Good thing that my grandchildren are mainly boys too. I let them mess to their hearts content when they are with me....and Leane gets as messy as they do.

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  8. Paintings are LOVELY! My kids are not seriously into messy play although Joshua does love working with clay. I wish they were messy play types - I LOVE messy play!

  9. Messy play is good, as long as I don't have to clean up afterwards :)

    The pictures are lovely and K is so cute, I am sure she was so proud of herself when told you about not wearing aprons.

    Did you make the biscuits as planned?

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