Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Instead of focusing on my sick child and my non-existent internet, let me tell you about some of the gifts in the midst of life.

This is my newest watch.

I bought it for myself on the Saturday before Christmas. i learnt this from my friend Suzanne - that you should always have something, ANYTHING, but something you really, really like under the tree, just in case you get nothing else you love :)

So I have something for me under the tree every year.

Isn't it beautiful?

I bought it at Swatch Eastgate but I saw it and couldn't make up my mind at the Swatch on Time Square and once I'd decided yes, I didn't have time to go back.

Another gift is about the job I've been holding out for. That team has finally had some resignations. Woohoo! The TRUST paid off and I didn't have to wait the whole year.

The HR person told me to send her my CV if I wanted to apply (of course I do - I sent the job profile to Julia who confirmed that yes, it is indeed ME :)) so I spent about 30 minutes this afternoon tidying up my CV and I sent it in.

Let's see.

I also had a little meeting with my HR rep yesterday and she advised me to have the personality tests redone if the way the discussion went last time is freaking me out. So I'll do that sometime this week.

I feel good but I've heard someone say to me now (twice) that the manager is a slave driver. It doesn't really bother me very much because I'm the same and no-one drives me harder than I drive myself, but it is a flag for me to question more thoroughly at interview stage.

One more - I had a goal to run a love languages teleseminar this month. I advertised in my newsletter and blog but sadly, not enough people registered so I'm refunding money.

I don't know quite how to feel - I'm partly scared to try again, I'm hugely disappointed but yet a part of me is also relieved. Workshops and teleseminars are a HUGE amount of work for very little money.

To go all businessy on you, these are my lowest profit margin activities. Being booked for proper speaking events is obviously the highest and then coaching. I make almost nothing on books - I wrote the book purely to add to my visibility and because it's a life list activity. Workshops are a tiny bit better than books but the pure amount of work makes it less attractive. If only I didn't enjoy getting up in front of people so much!

And last but not least, you, Caren, are a gift in my life. I appreciate all the effort you're putting into all those arrangements :)

What have been the gifts in your life lately? Physical but more than that, the intangibles.

PS after I publish this post, I'm writing one more on the organising blog and then diving into my book. I fully intend to finish one more on or before Thursday :)


  1. Oh I adore the watch! I love a swatch- I used to own many. I find it very hard to commit to anything in the evenings though- like tonight A had extra reading to do and although already in bed for an hour she is still awake and calling. Have no idea how you do this.

    Very excited about the work thing! Best of luck

  2. so exciting about the work thing!!
    I bought myself a Swatch in December too :)

  3. AAAAAHHHHH thanks my friend for the special mention and oh so kind words!!!! My intangible gifts are my FRIENDS!!! I had the MOST wonderful weekend in Durban with my best friend, long chats, lots of quality time and came home with a VERY FULL love tank!!!

    P.S. Why don't you try to get enough people together for a "Love Languages" talk (maybe on a Sat morning if it's at your home?) I may even come again!!! After Carols talk the other night, I was SO inspired and the one on one interaction was great for my "Quality Time" LL! The other 2 ladies who came with me were also VERY impressed with the talk.

  4. You are more brave than me. I will not put something under the tree for myself. I like the watch. Very snazzy.
    So glad that there is now openings in that department. I hope you get the job.

  5. Love your watch. I love watches I just cant stand wearing them ;)

    PS - look at the tan line your rings have left on your hand! WOW...

  6. I thought my watch was a swatch but I see its a fossil. Yours is pretty :) I also couldn't buy myself something - David has to get it right - he knew this on date 1!

    I take my me time while Jack naps during the day - I don't get much stuff done in the evenings that isn't kid-related and then when I make it to bed I just want to sleep!

  7. I always buy myself a Christmas present, although it not necessarily something that I put under the tree. This last Christmas I bought myself a silhouette Cameo cutter. I do think it is important to give yourself something as well.
    At the moment I am considering all my blogging friends my gifts – so many have been so thoughtful and I have received a couple of gifts in the mail, and many kind words. It means so much – thank you.

  8. Lesley5:49 pm

    I saw something today and it made me think of you straight away, so i went and bought it ; ) xx

  9. I bought myself a new pair of jeans last week. And a top. Am buying nail polish tomorrow and hopefully a watch on the weekend - still deciding.
    This week is not treating me too well so am not seeing the gifts - I wish I could, my headspace is not so hot at the moment. Except the promise of a beach swim on Friday and breakfast with a friend on Sunday morning.
    Sorry about your teleseminar. xoxo

    LOVE the watch btw.

  10. Oh and how could I not mention my MOST PRECIOUS GIFTS of all, my precious twins, true gifts from God!!! I am blessed!!!

  11. Yes, do love the watch. Not me, but oh so you!

    I must do the gift thing for myself. Thanks for that tip. Although I leave a 'gift wish list' on the fridge for months leading up to Christmas, so Dean is normally pretty clued up!

    sorry about the seminar x

  12. Sorry about the seminar...

    Beautiful watch, I can imagine buying something like that too. I did myself 2 watches once ;)

    I do buy myself gifts - though it's usually shoes and more shoes (wink wink). And yes everyone deserves a self-bought gift once in a while

    My intangible gift this past week was having a long midnight chat with an old friend, it was truly food for my soul and a big confidence buster

  13. I ♥ that watch. I have had mine forever...maybe I need to spoil myself.


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