Sunday, February 24, 2013

{Project 25 recipes} A food blogger I am not

I've been having the worse time in the world with iBurst.

Crikey -  the most I can get in my house at the moment is 60% IF I stand at one spot in the kitchen.

Right now, I'm typing this out and then when I'm ready to publish, I'll go stand at that spot and publish, quickly send all my emails and then go plug the laptop back into the bedroom.

Very, very annoying.

On the bright side, my house is Super Organised (because what is there to do if no computer???), I've cooked 3 meals this weekend alone (double portions of course) and I've been crafting - some of you will get some things from me soon... and playing with pics. My photo goal is to be 90% done with my Feb photos on the 28th.

But again, this is all very annoying because I can't stand and comment on blogs so that's waiting for Monday lunch time at work.


I've also realised that I have zero patience for food blogging. First of all, I cook from 6.30 onwards (my kitchen is a furnace in summer) but then the light is terrible for taking photos. Afterwards I also don't feel like taking the time to style photos.

That's my disclaimer for no pics or iphone-ography :)

Remember in January I posted my first 3 recipe attempts?

Then the weekend before we went on holiday I made a (4) mince (ground beef) hotpot. It was terrible. I don't ever throw food away so I had to rescue it and while it was passable, we were all glad when we were done with it all so we never had to see it again :)

On holiday for lunch one day I made (5) nachos with baked beans and pita bread - a recipe from the Pick & Pay magazine. Delish but a bit too high maintenance for me for just a lunch.

I also made this spicy sausage pasta while we were on holiday - since I first tried it, it's a firm favourite.

That was all in January.

(Yes, I realise I need to post more regularly - it's the photo thing. I keep thinking I can't possibly post without a pic...)

In February I also tried 5 recipes.

1. Thai mussamen chicken curry

This was from a paste they sell at Spar. Totally delicious. If you shop at Spar, get a sachet - it is divine. I even made it for guests - it was that good. And yes, this gets a star from me.

(just pretend there's a pretty pic)

2. Taco mince

Another one from a Pick & Pay branded sachet. My work colleagues tease me because when anyone talks about something to do with food, I say, "can I get it at P&P?" If not, it kind of doesn't exist for me. (The Spar curries are from the Ballito Spar!)

Easy-peasy. Onion, mince, can of tomato, sachet (tiny sachet about R9), 200 g black beans/ kidney beans. Of course I had black beans from my supplier :) :)

DIVINE - we've had it twice already in .... P&P tortillas :) Good thing I made a HUGE pot - there's still one portion for me and D.

3. Fish pie

Again from the P&P magazine :)

Very easy and tasted good but I don't think I will make again as Connor wasn't a fan (I think because of the potato). He normally eats anything so I let this one go. I do want to try make a chicken pie though - something I have also never made.

4. Sausage pasta

click to enlarge and try if you want :)
Again, from the P&P magazine. It's actually ridiculous. But now you can at least see I'm working through them all.

This one was a weird recipe - as I was cooking I could see there was too much spinach (150 g is a LOT) so I halved it - was still too much as my children told me.

They also had only one can of tomato - I put two in and the sauce still seemed skimpy to me.

Or maybe I should have only cooked half the pasta. Recipe called for a whole bag of fusilli (500g) - I probably should have used half.

5. Indonesian chicken curry

Today I cooked this recipe, yet again from the P&P magazine. However, this one is a readers' choice one so it is actually excellent.

Oh man, just the smells are DIVINE.

I've tasted and it is good but it's for a week-day meal.

I added 1 tsp coriander paste (I use John West minced coriander) and 1 very flat tsp salt, no pepper. When I read recipes, I consider 1 chicken breast to be 100g so this is for 600 g chicken breast cubes.

So there you are all caught up.

10 recipes done of project 25 and I promise I'll try to do better :)

The asterisks are the ones we love and will repeat.

So what have you cooked lately? Any good recipes to share? 

PS Strongblonde, I'm making your recommendation next weekend :)


  1. No good recipes to share. But I do have a "to make" list! I have come to the conclusion that I really do not enjoy cooking. It's like organising. I need to be in that mood and then I will go all out! I also love the recipes in the pnp book - it's just that some of them have SO MANY INGREDIENTS! That's usually the first thing that puts me off.

  2. I am always cooking :) This week was chicken and dumplins, stuffed salmon, turkey burgers (with homemade buns!) broccoli chedder soup, carbonara, waffles with pears (had to sneak them in), flaxseeds, and chocolate chips. Any recipes you are interested in I will share :)

  3. You are on a roll! That's fantastic how many you've tried so far...and it's hot summertime for you, too!

  4. Lesley12:53 am

    I've made 3 new things this month. Chilli pork, for Chinese new year. A chicken chilli stew/curry (cant remember name) was really lovely. Also a raspberry tiramasu (cant spell that)no chillies in it ; ) - we had it for dessert on - lovely
    Haven't made my bread yet, must do that, February's days are running out...

  5. I wish I could be more adventurous! Not with this crew!! You should move here and have me over... ;-)

  6. TODAY I am making a recipe list!!! Usually I try and do one a week but I end up scrambling during the day for find a recipe and it stresses me out. I have to do meal plans today as well so will just add the recipes :)

    The chicken curry is definitely going on!

    We have actually had a few new things so far this year. LOL I never remember to take pics so my posts are always boring :)

  7. I could also never be a food blogger. I am useless at remember to take photos on the different processes, even with crafts and things.

  8. Oh I had great intentions to cook new recipies this year, but NOTHING yet! And I can so not be a food blogger too - I just od npot have the time.

  9. You know me. I share recipes as I go on or feel like it, which you read :)
    I love that first photo here on this post.

  10. :) you will LOVE it. or at least i hope you will!! i can't wait to hear. i want to try some of these!!

    i talked to someone recently who tracks their meals (not just Mandy). i feel like i have to start doing this. i need to increase variety again!!!

  11. Wow! You've been busy busy busy trying out new recipes. I am very impressed, even withour photos. I need to kick-start mine again. I did that one with the nuts and then never got round to trying another one.


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