Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Random bits of loveliness

I've had the BEST time with the babies today.

D is busy doing that thing he does every time this year - catching up on all the Oscar movies so he can decide who should get the Academy Award - so I decided, on the spur of the moment, to grab the babies and take them to the shopping centre to get my Ballito photos printed.

I always get mine done at Foto First - they are more expensive than Kodak but the quality is a zillion times better so worth it - AND the man who owns the store always says nice things about my photography :)

The babies were well-behaved for a change (no competing for attention between me and D?) and we spent the 20 minutes waiting for the pictures at CNA where I bought a set of Sharpies in lovely pastels and a book for the kids (they have plenty but who can resist?!)

When we got home, they told me they wanted to write but I said no - writing always involves writing with markers on one or two limbs and I was not in the mood to wash legs and arms... so they played with play dough instead.

Do you know they played totally by themselves for 45 - 50 minutes?!

They do play independently but I usually only get about 25 minutes to do things at any one time.


When I saw what a good mood they were in, I decided on the spur of the moment to try a new recipe. Will let you know how it works out as it's just come out of the oven but it does smell delicious!

And then they had no problems doing their before-bed routine and going to sleep.

I almost want D to go watch movies every day :)

K: Mummy, did you go to the hairdresser today?
Me: Yes, baby.
K: Because your hair looks nice. I love you because your hair looks nice.
Me: Kendra, you need to love me whether my hair looks nice or not.
C: Mummy, I love you ALL the time, even if you don't go to the hairdresser.

So after I eat tonight, I'm going to finish my list I started today, do some business blogging, make some sidebar buttons for my projects and then put those photos in an album. And hopefully jump into bed at 10:30 with a new book.

How was your Tuesday?

this is how I organise my Project Life cards. I posted more here

And I also forgot (thank you, Lesley, for the reminder) to post the link to how I get so much reading done. Here you go.

I've read my 5 books for Feb. Goodreads tells me I'm 4 books ahead of schedule. Last night I started Delight in your child's design. After that I'm going to read another Irish author.

By the way, who's read Liane Moriarty's What Alice Forgot? I loved it!!!!!

How has your week been so far? What are you reading at the moment?

PS it is hot as hell in Jhb!


  1. I have the book on my list - do tell. I love how you got so much done - truly some days are golden. We had two great afternoons - a rarity this year but maybe the start towards more great ones. Now I can nit wait to get my project life sleeves and start

  2. These pictures are torture, you're teasing me!! LOL!

    D sounds like me at grammy time, only I enjoy torturing the ladies with all my new music.

  3. Too funny what K said!!! Kids' honesty can be brutal sometimes! ;)

    And those cards just make me swoon. :) I am getting together with a couple of girlfriends later in the week...between the 4 of us, there are 3 birthdays within a couple of weeks. I have never traded gifts with them before, but I am thinking of making them each a set of notecards. I saw the prettiest envelopes at the dollar store today...would be great to pair with my craft paper brown, maybe with some stamping and washi tape??? :) :) SQUEE just thinking about it!!!

    So glad you had a great time with K&C! I know it doesn't go smoothly every time, but isn't it great when it does???

  4. Lesley12:10 am

    Glad you had a lovely time with the babies : )
    Thanks for the link, think i need to prioritize a bit more. I read every night before i go to sleep as well, but i'm finding lately that my eyes keep closing, lol. I tried to order 'What Alice Forgot' after looking it up on Goodreads, but the library couldn't get it(?)

    I'm reading this series of books at the moment by Ian Sansom - 'The Mobile Library' series. It's about a Jewish man from England who comes to work in Northern Ireland to run a mobile library and kind of becomes a bit of a detective. It's very funny, all about the funny ways Irish people act and speak (funny to outsiders that is), which can be confusing when you first experience it! I'm on book two. But what i SHOULD be reading is 'The Other Boleyn Girl' by Phillipa Gregory - thats our bookclub book, but alas I havent been able to get hold of a copy.

  5. Please may you stop posting pics of your Project Life stuff! I severe PL stationary envy!!!!!!!

    Jack is actually a lot better at playing on his own that Cameron was but Kiara still wins - she will go into her room/outside and play with her dolls and stuff for ages and ages!

    Our week has been a bit muddled. Monday was fine, tuesday saw the kids getting to school 15 minutes late and Kiara is home today with a bug!

  6. Just LOVE your conversation with Kendra!

  7. What a sweet conversation... :-)
    This heat is terrible! I am glad to report that I have yet again moved desks. Steamcleaner wanted mine, so I had to go - my new desk doesn't catch direct sunshine even though it has a window, which is a blessing in this glas box.

    I am counting off the days till we hit the road for our vacation. *grin*

  8. My Tuesday was spent catching up on work missed while away on holiday and chasing outstanding orders for the month. Then I left work later than normal and when I got home I found my baby had woken from his afternoon nap with 3 mozi bites - one on each eyelid and one smack bang in the middle of his eyes - he looks like someone dondered him :s... Then he cotched all over me at bed time... so a "fun" day indeed...

    LOVED your convo with your babies - out of the mouths of babes... I see a little mommy competition there too btw them... Cute tho!


  9. So glad you had such a lovely day with your babies. You do make the PL very tempting with your pretty photos.

  10. Guys, buy the digital sets and get printed at Postnet or similar :) There's no way you could EVER use all the cards in a kit so this is a great way to get it in a cost-effective way.

  11. Awwwww the kiddies are so sweet and observant. Tuesday was ok, Y battling the flu and the heat is killing me. Still don't get how people can like summer :(

  12. I wonder what your favourite colour of the moment is??? It's beautiful....

  13. Love the conversation between you & K!

    Must must must get that book!

    loving my PL x


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