Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snippets of my life

after gym last Monday night. My shoes are falling apart but they're SOOOO comfortable and sentimental (bought in Dublin, Ireland, in May 2008)
the little cottage I instagrammed last week - this is the other side (I don't know how to link a specific pic but it was 21 Feb)
guava on a random branch on the work property
the AMAZING sunset last week in Jhb - this pic taken with the lens poked through the security gate of my back door
Valentine's gift on my bedside table
my study/ guest bed
new pillows from Mr P Home - I LOVE THEM
pic by Connor
pic by Connor - he's getting very bossy. "No, Mummy, sit like this, not like that
Ï grabbed my camera because I loved the last bits of sunlight streaming through with the babies relaxing on my bed
I love when people do posts like these because it gives me a chance to virtually snoop :) Don't you agree?

Which pic did you enjoy the most?

PS ideas for a photo theme for 9 March?


  1. Oh I also adore these type of posts. Totally. And I love your study/ guest bed. I do need a study again in my life. Will think about a theme

  2. I love the pic that Connor took of you, you can just see the softness of your eyes in the love, joy and pride for your son ;-)

  3. Those pillows are gorgeous! And the last shot is absolutely dreamy. :) :)

    I CANNOT WAIT for SP so I can get some new perspective...and maybe show you some bits and pieces of my house. :) I know I still owe you the shot of the kitchen!

  4. LOVE the sunset! And the kids on your bed!

  5. Love those beautiful windows in your guest bedroom. They are fantastic!! The last picture is great too. : )

  6. I soooo love the character of old homes! Those windows are fabulous. I am such a snooper too!

    I love this last picture, and my first thought was why is Connor planking?! LOL

  7. I like the sunset one :) I also love it when people post pics of their homes!!

    What about choosing a colour for the challenge?

  8. I love them too as I get an insight of what your home life looks like :)

  9. Lpve that last shot :)

  10. I love seeing pictures like this - and the last one is my favourite.

    Those cushions are gorgeous!

  11. Love the one of you & K.

    And yes, also enjoy peeking into peoples lives :)

  12. Love Love Love!!! You know my take on random pictures, I think they are the best.

    HA HA HA HA HA on Connor (learning from mama), he has to get the perfect picture.

    My favourite the one of you and Kendra!!! It's perfect imperfection - love it. And that sunset OMW -I am blown away

    PS: I am sure you know you should not be training with worn shoes. That was what I think resulted in my knee problem that had to be operated on. Take a picture of it and get rid of it (I am learning from you about not keeping clutter) LOL

  13. I also love peeks into peoples lives :-) I love the sunset one.


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