Friday, February 08, 2013

So I didn't blog about something rather big for about 9 months now

The other day I got sick at work. In fact it was the day I posted a pic of my lunch on instagram!

About an hour later I felt really sick and remained queasy for about 2 hours and then it was suddenly over.

I mentioned this to a friend the next day and she said, "oh no, don't tell me you're also pregnant"


I'm definitely, definitely not.

But it reminded me that I hadn't spoken about this on the blog.

You see, in our very infertile group, we've now had 4 ladies pregnant with 5 unexpected babies. This is in a total group of about 15 of us who were there right at the start. That's really high odds.

4 babies are already born and 1 will be born in Aug.

While I think it's fine for me to ask questions like, "were you trying?" and "is it a natural pregnancy?" it's still socially inappropriate so I haven't asked. Well, not exactly. But I'm 90% sure they were unplanned.

These pregnancies freaked me out a bit and I think it's because if everyone is falling pregnant so easily, why could that not have happened to me? Why did I have to endure all those years of hoping and wishing and praying? And then all the expense and emotional trauma of IVF?

These people already had anywhere from 1 - 3 kids though. So did their first pregnancies "fix" something in their bodies?

The one person is Dee with the triplets :) whose little guy was born on Wed (my half birthday).

It's odd because of course I'm happy for them. It's just a bit of a mind-shift realising that now previously infertile ladies can also have these sorts of unplanned pregnancies.

This afternoon I was whatsupping with a friend who told me she didn't even know one of the people was pregnant. Then I told her about the others and she was SUPER SHOCKED. Like that, in caps.

It was kind-of funny til I remembered that actually, that super shocked state was my reaction for about two weeks after hearing about each of these ladies.

Isn't that weird?

So just be warned, and as the safe sex campaigns say, the only safe sex is no sex :)


Otherwise, I had a great Friday. Do you know why? Because I got an important legal document DONE and off my to-do list today and my inbox is down to 7 work emails. YAY!

How was your week?

PS don't forget to get your posts ready for tomorrow.
PPS I intend to start a nice, juicy book after supper - have a lovely evening!


  1. Yay for great Fridays! My week was BUSY and tiring and it's nearly over. I really am super tired tonight and may even skip blogging. THAT should tell you how exhausted I am. After this wedding tomorrow I plan to do nothing except read in bed. I don't know if pregnancy fixes an IF's body. But I do know that some questions just cannot be answered by mere mortals. Have a great evening. I think I'm off to bed now. xx

  2. Oh gosh, we are DIYing on a Friday night, and late too. But this year we need to get the house in super order.

    My gynea had the same thing- struggled for years, at last an IVF set of twins ( but lost one to maldevelopment), tried 3 more IVF cycles and gave up. And wham, at 41 unplanned natural pregnancy. When I asked her about it she just remarked that God only knows how or why some things happen but that she does believe that sometimes getting pregnant once does make the second time more likely to happen naturally. As to why she had 3 failed IVF and then this little boy, she just shook her head and said that maybe God decided it was time.

  3. My week was long and tiring - still have a party to get through this morning and then its chill time!!

    Do you know Tertia? She also had one of those pregnancies - battled for years, did IVF, had the triplets and then Max arrived suddenly and unplanned - naturally.

  4. First I got a fright and thought I saw Marcia in Dec and I didn't notice she was preggie!

    My dear friend God works in mysterious ways that we mere mortals can not and would not always understand. These things don't shock me again, they just make me appreciate God's grace even more :)

    My week was loooong, just glad it is over and I am de-cluttering a few minutes per day as planned (the sliver lining in my busy week)

  5. so. i know Dee and was shocked when she told me that she was pregnant. we both know what she had to go through (what we ALL had to go through). another lady i know well had do to DONOR eggs for her twins after 3 IVFs failed to produce a single follicle on her ovaries. she just had another baby, too. a total oops/nautral pregnancy. after she tried for YEARS to produce a single follicle! it's all crazy. it's stuff like that that makes me glad that i have an iud in right now. i'm not sure if another kid is in our future, but...i'm not ready to let my frozen embryos go just yet!!! :)

    do you want more kids? i'm not sure i know this about you! :)

  6. Our son was unequivocally a whoops, but he was a miracle whoops and I am honoured his soul chose us as he is just perfect. that being said there will be no more that I am very sure of, also getting an iud fitted, my IF history made it very difficult for me to sterilise, too final if you know what i mean. I also did 2 donor egg cycles if you remember.

  7. I have been known to say that it's a bit like pandora's box - once you open it, they just keep popping out! ;-) Well, for some people it's like that anyway. A friend of mine gets pregnant every single time they move house...I wonder if she packs her pills and then doesn't feel like looking for them when she's busy unpacking?

  8. I heard of many couples who had IVF's and then with their second or third baby, they got pregnant naturally. It's weird how that works.


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