Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Something is really bothering me

I need some of this happy water today

Two things happened this morning:

1. I had a massage last Monday and the therapist was seriously rushing through - you could hear her huffing and puffing and when I looked, only 20 minutes had elapsed but my 30-minute massage was done.

This is a new owner so I emailed her and just said to please make sure the girls check the clock.

The owner emailed back and said she's sorry, blah blah and could they please give me a complimentary massage to make it up to me (I am a very loyal customer and I pay in advance or on time, etc.) so I said, "that will be lovely but please don't tell her it's me - I don't want her to feel uncomfortable" which she agreed.

I mentioned to our PA and this guy says something to the effect of how I just complained to get a freebie.

Which I didn't - I honestly just want them to fix their processes because I don't want my next massage cut short!

I said something.... nothing horrible... just assertive.

And now - this is the final thing!

2. Amazon sends these lovely emails as you know, suggesting things you might like to buy. I am totally hooked so I usually do buy a book from their suggested reading :)

There were two nice books today but one immediately caught my eye (and I'm totally a "judge a book by its cover") - called Crazy Little Thing by Tracy Brogan

So I said, "ooh, I do think I'll buy this book.

And do you know what he says???

"why don't you just complain about it and they'll give it to you for free?"

Oh yes, he did.

You'll be proud of me, friends, because I actually took a deep breath first to calm down a smidgeon. But the red mist descended very quickly!

I said, "you know what, ____, it really bothers me that you would say something like that to me when that is just totally not how I operate"

He just kept quiet and so did I.

He's been here for not even two weeks.

I guess the lesson learnt is for me to stop saying everything that goes through my mind! But that is me!

What would you have done?
How could I have handled it better?

I'm going to check out the vibe tomorrow and take it from there - he is at outside meetings the rest of today.


  1. I would have made light on it...I probably would have said something to effect of "Hey, thats a great idea...gee, so you are not just an airhead"....and smiled

  2. Oh he is stupid. Sorry, I have to say it, but ut would have upset me totally. Who the hell does he think HE is. I would just turn cold, right now, and see if he can win my trust again (thisis now on the personal type stuff as these are, not work stuff.

  3. It's him not you. Don't let it bother you. You know your intentions were honest, if he doesn't believe you, it is his problem not yours.

  4. I think you handled it perfectly! I would not have been that nice

  5. You should never feels as if you should keep quiet. Always keep speaking your mind, that's what I like about you (and others who does that.)
    I like it that you complained. I would have too because just like you, I don't want them to cut my time if I paid for 30 min and only get 20 min.

  6. I'm with Baglady. He needs to deal with HIS issues. I would honestly just ignore him! Or just laugh or something.

  7. Oh the words that would have flown out of my mouth! Something to the effect of what is he compensating for! ;) Especially at work, and to a newbie!! I always stand my ground, why did you let him off so easy!

  8. Lesley8:58 pm

    I think you handled it wonderfully! You didnt let his disrespect go unnoticed, and you were honest and polite. Some people will always think what they want to think regardless of the truth. I think because of the way you have handled it, he will think twice about voicing his thought on your behaviour again.

  9. I know some people try to say things that are funny, not realizing they are really using the wrong kind of humor, and/or not taking into account their audience.

    The first time (from what you typed), I could have taken it as simply misdirected...but the guy - at the very least! - is totally unperceptive...or just doesn't have carried on with his "joke".

    Try not to let it get to you! You know your heart is right.

  10. i would have just silently fumed. i HATE confrontation!! i'm proud of you. it seems like you responded very appropriately! :)

  11. Sheesh! What a nasty thing to say!

  12. I think you handled it just fine - what a rude little a-hole.

  13. I think you handled both situations VERY well. I probably would have complained about the massage too as I would have felt that the owner deserved to know because she could loose customers and have no idea why.

    I don't think I would have handled the second situation quite as well though. The cheek! But knowing me I hate confrontation, so I probably would not have said anything. Or the exact opposite and blown up totally.

  14. He has no tact...and he doesn't know you. I love the first commenter's suggestion to turn it back on him.

  15. I would have also said something - I am not as tactful though.

    The thing that people don't understand is they moan about bad service but do nothing to change it and the only way to change it is by complaining to the people who DELIVER the bad service.

    Chances are the only reason the owner offered the free massage is because you are a regular and it is more than likely not her common practice anyway!

    LOL look how I moaned at Samsung and not a dam would they give me a thing until I threw the CPA at them!!!

  16. So I'm terribly behind, but argh!! I'm still irritated for you. How rude! Have things been better since the incident? Or is he still working out of the office?

    I can't believe they shorted you on massage time! Thirty minutes means thirty minutes, nothing less.


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