Saturday, February 16, 2013

The first of the 4-year-old birthday parties

This morning I woke up and said to D, "I can still remember sitting on C's couch, newly pregnant, and her 6 months ahead, feeling all grateful and in awe that finally, our bodies did this. And now our babies are 4".

Of course now they're 5 months apart, because mine came at 32 weeks and hers at 36 weeks.

But wow - how did they turn 4?!

Just the other day they were lumps lying on a blanket!

Anyway, can you see I'm a bit nostalgic?!

So we went to their party today - on their actual birthday - and it was lots of fun!

I bribed the kids (without any shame) - "no photos, no cake" - and that's when I got the pic I facebooked from my iphone, and the ones where D is holding them (see below).

It was TOTALLY worth it because I got some stunning pics. And the cake was without icing and quite small.

I believe in having a definition of success for everything in life (one of my Secrets of Adulthood a la Gretchen Rubin :)) and today, my DOS was simply to get a good pic of each of my children. I use Picasa so it's a picture I would star.

In my group of friends, there are 10 kids who'll turn 4 this year - these two are the first ones in the year. Thank goodness 8 of those kids are twins.

(I took 387 today, I've deleted some but am only down to 311 at the moment)

Without further ado, pics!

my friend C, as usual kissing G :) (i love it - I need to go look on my external hard drive for the past 3 years' pics - I have one at every party like this :)
A - she didn't stop the entire party
gorgeous cake made by C's sister
A and Daddy
birthday cake time
my handsome guys - is there anything better than a husband with his kids?!
so very Kendra!
sweet Kendra
I love this pic of us - look at her putting some chips in her mouth
and C brandishing his water bottle - D said our kids were the only ones drinking water and not juice. Apparently this is hardcore....
How many parties do you go to in a year? I think we go to 6 besides our two. 
Also, please share some of your Secrets of Adulthood with me.


  1. Pics are LOVELY. We don't go to many parties - maybe 3 at most. We've been invited to one next week (the first one that Joel ever received from a school friend - I consider that HUGE progress for one that plays alongside others as opposed to WITH others) but I had to decline because Lance and I will be away. I called the Mom immediately when I saw that we couldn't make it. That's so grown-up, yes? Definitely one secret of adulthood.
    Make a decision there and then and act on it.

    I'm thinking of still buying the kid a gift. Is that the done thing though? You can't make it to the party but buy a gift anyway?
    I am going to write a post on my Adulthood secrets. I'll try next week.

  2. The pics of your husband and kids are AH-Mazing! Nice job!

    Now that we are in preschool - we get an invite to everyone's party. I think that is nice and difficult at the same time. Of the four invites we have received this year (of 15 students!) we have only attended two. When Mellow had his party in September, we were bad and didn't invite the whole class - just a set of twins with whom I am good friends with their mom(boy-girl twins :) ).

    I have three close girlfriends - two of which have children turning one this year. Those will be mandated parties and I am so excited about them!!

    Secrets of Adulthood - I will have to work on that.

  3. Love the pictures!!! Aside from the ones of your kiddos (my faves, of course!), I love the one of A...gorgeous focus, beautiful light...wonderful!!!

    I'm laughing at you about the cake...I'm more apt to let our girls have cake than chips! ;) [I call them "potatoes", and I'll let the girls have ONE chip each if we're somewhere. The exception is at the Mexican restaurant, where I consider the chips part of the meal...they'll probably have about 6 chips.]

    And our girls are just like your K&C with water. B will drink a little bit of juice, but A outright refuses. They love their water! If they are served juice at school (like at a party), they always ask for water. I think it's a huge win! They drink nothing but water and milk at home.

    Love that SOA!

  4. They grow up so quickly. Gorgeous photos Marcia. It always makes my heart happy to see happy children.

  5. Ok I have to smile at the juice/water thing!!! My kids only drink water... it is a bit of a social problem (not really)!!! Because even now when some of them are teens and they go to friends and everyone is drinking soda... mine will ask for water!!! Water is for thirst and the other... has sugar and anything with sugar makes you more thirsty.

    And sibling legend has it (ask one of my oldests ... and all subsequent kids) juice makes you desperate for the bathroom... It comes in a container that you have to finish or forfeit and inevitably you are miles from a bathroom. When my oldest was little his granny (m.i.l.) insisted on giving him juice in the car on an outing - because shame I always gave them water... needless to say poor kid just couldn't go the distance!!! My kids have juice about once a year, and they seem to have grown up fine without it!!!

  6. Lesley7:18 pm

    Love the pictures. But more than that love your DOS and SOA, you always make me think, and smile x

  7. Wait, you're going to go to loads now that they're in school!
    We don't go to as many as we did when the kids were little... thankfully!

  8. I jokingly said that Little OL will be restricted to 5 parties a year! I can see that, that is not going to happen. It is only Feb and she has already been invited to 5 (if you include hers. I can see with school it is just going to get worse.

    I invited one of the school friends to her party (which is on Saturday) but that mother still has not RSVP'd - annoying. I even asked on Saturday, while at another party, and she said she is still not able to give me an answer.....

    Little OL also prefers water and will rather eat savoury over sweet.

  9. Looks like a great party! :-)

    We go to A LOT of kiddies parties. Probably at least one or two a month. Some months are more hectic than others. Most of these are family ones because we come from such a giant family, but it's all good fun.

    My secrets of adulthood:
    - Pick your battles
    - No use crying over spilt "milk"
    - Find the bright side, there always is one

  10. We go to a lot! Now that they are in school you will see!
    Love the pics - and yes, dads and their kids totally have me all soft hearted too.

    My secrets:
    This too will pass.

    My C loves his water, but my other two are not that keen. Although the school is helping a lot with this - each class has a water fountain and they drink a lot in school.

  11. Love your photos :)

    We go to a million parties a year. It depends on the big kids circle of friends at the time. We get invited to about 8 that are our friends. We party a lot ;-p

    I dont know what Secrets of Adulthood are so I cant share!

  12. Absolutely LOVE the ones of D and K. Absolutely delightful. Makes me all goosy.

    My secrets - have faith and all will be fine. This I have learn't after worrying and carrying on which made no difference.

  13. Lovely pictures as always :)


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