Sunday, February 03, 2013

{Trust} when you actually want to lose it, an odd weekend and my budding photographer


I didn't have the best day on Friday.

You see, I received an email that my job application was unsuccessful which, quite honestly, threw me for a loop.

While I didn't really want that job, it is in my absolute core strengths and I've done 2 months of it in my past. Would have been longer had I not left previous company because of a job offer from current company. So I started having thoughts about "well if I can't even get something that is absolutely suited to me, what hope do I have of doing new things?" New things being the job I'm holding out for.

Anyway, one's thoughts are a bad thing sometimes, right? And on and on all this swirled in my head.

When I got home though, my little guy came out to meet me and I had the best 5 minutes of my weekend.

We hugged tight, I told him I missed him today, he said I love you spontaneously and we just had an all-round lovely old time. So very precious.

This is not normal for him - getting hugs and kisses from him these days is like getting blood from a stone.

Because I'm so rarely home in time to catch the golden hour, I took the kids into the back garden and we took some pics.

The really cool thing is that Connor is SO into photography, it about kills me.

I let him use the big camera under strict supervision - my strap must be around his neck, I focus and he has to stand still while he presses the shutter.

So he takes some pics and does exactly like me - looks down to check the camera and says, "oooh, that's nice, Mummy" :)


Yesterday morning D took Connor somewhere and K and I were home. We were both taking off our nail polish on our toenails when I lost my balance (how?!!! I have excellent balance) and fell off the bed. My toe is bleeding, I scraped my foot, hand and Kendra told me I have a bruise on the left side of my back. What in the Sam Hill?!

D and I went on a date yesterday afternoon to see  The Silver Linings Playbook and... I really loved it :) Have you seen it?


This afternoon I walked into the lounge and Kendra was sitting on a chair eating McDonald's chips. She looked 3 going on 13 and ultra-cute so I said, "Baby, will you stay there so I can get my camera quickly?" and she said yes.

I ran to get my camera and when I got back, Connor and D were also in the lounge. Connor goes, "oh Kendra, you look so cute!"

For goodness sake! So I need to watch what I say around these two.

Kendra's new thing is to call everyone "my darling". Connor cries for who-knows-what, Kendra goes to him and says, "what's wrong, my darling, why are you crying?" It's one part adorable and one part scary. When I asked her where she picked this up, she says, "Granny!" When I told D's mother, she cackled - she seemed a bit embarrassed but I think she loved it.

And then we had to all take pics.

Connor says, "Mummy, you go sit on the bottoman (ottoman) and Daddy, you sit there" (on the arm of the chair) and sure enough, he took some pics.

Some of his pics are really good. I'm totally done with Jan pics and one photo I actually printed for project life (oooh, that's right - I need to tell you exactly what I decided to do) of D, me and Kendra is one Connor took.

In other news, I had a wonderful photo sorting out day today. I completely finished all my OCD photo organising for Jan. I also selected 125 pics to be printed for my Ballito album (I'm using a 200-photo album for all the holidays this year - the other one will be a 4 day one in April/ May and then I'm going on a weekend away with two of my friends) and my pics for my mini scrapbook album.

I also printed the pics for Project Life for January and for the holiday scrapbook. I feel so accomplished but I was in the zone and decided to just plough through and not bother with reading and other such things.

Then I felt a bit guilty so I quickly cooked two meals - a chickpea and tomato sauce to go with the butternut panzerotti I bought at P&P (I'll let you know how that turns out - it was a new recipe) and a gigantic pot of bolognaise sauce. Only thing is I think I was too heavy-handed with the garlic & chili spice (my new favourite) so I'm not sure the babies can eat the bolognaise sauce.

Tomorrow is a new week, people, and I'm ready to go full-steam ahead!

How was your weekend?

And now, I'm off to work on my mini scrapbook. It's raining outside my window, I have a mug of Joko tea so life is good :)
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  1. Ah honey. I am soooooo feeling you with the job thing. I'm really sorry that you didn't get it. And yes, ones thoughts can just be soul destroying at times. xoxo

    Lance and I ended up going on an impromptu date earlier today and also I saw Silver Linings Playbook. LOVED it!
    Had a really nice weekend actually. Went to a very interesting seminar yesterday morning and straight afterwards had tea and scones and a spot of sewing at the Cape Grace with some friends. I LOVED it.
    How cute is your budding photographer? Joel walks around with my phone all day. We have to stop whatever we are doing to pose and smile. HE's so divine lately!

  2. This weekend is all about football! And I don't even watch it!!!

  3. Sorry about the job. It wasn't meant to be, right?

    Absolutely LOVED Silver Linings Playbook! I saw it just last weekend.

    I'm jealous that it's summer there! Green grass... ahhhhhh! It was 10F here last week. Sparkly snow. Bitter.

    My kids have these kid cameras that have USB ports. They are made by V-Tech. But the real camera, well that must have been super special to Connor!

  4. Ai, so sorry about the job but maybe just another confirmation that in event, it was not the right one for you. I just love the pictures in the post - they are adorable. And really, they say the cutest things!

  5. So jealous about the rain!!! We had none - not one drop :(

    Sorry about the job :( It does knock ones ego a little!! Trust my friend - time to test your word :))

    Our weekend was lovely. I had a party on saturday morning and then we spent an unplanned afternoon/evening with friends - it was just what I needed.

    Sunday has become DIY/organise day - so we did that :)

  6. I'm sorry about the job, even if you didn't want it. It's like being rejected by a date that you weren't that into :)
    I can't believe you let Connor use your camera - I'm very impressed! Mine aren't allowed to touch mine.

  7. I'm really so sorry that you did not get the job. I know that this is something that you put your heart on - so sorry my friend.

  8. That last photo is so cute!
    Sorry you didn't get offered the job, even though you weren't going to take it anyway? ;-) The right one will come at the right time Marcia.

  9. I think that you need to keep your hopes high for the job that you have your heart set on. This one was not meant to be - to make space for the one you really want!!!! Have faith. x

  10. Sorry about the job, but maybe it came across that it was not the one you had your heart on.

    Little OL calls me Sweetie, when she wants something. Its what Mr OL calls me so now when knows she is being cheeky she says "sweetie please go and get me.....". Funny and not - it doesn't work though, she still has to go and get it herself.

  11. So sorry that you didn't get the job. I love the photo of Connor with the camera...he is going to be a photographer just like his mamma.

  12. I really want to see Silver Linings Playbook! I need to convince J that we should have a movie date soon...

  13. Ag sorry about the job! And I loved your favourite 5 minutes of the weekend... I love impromptu, unprompted "i love you's" and hugs. THE best!

  14. So sorry about the job, my take when one door closes, God opens many more windows. Your job will come at the right time. As weird as it sounds, the fear of failure/rejection is why I have held up looking for a new job :(

    Connor is so cute and now you know what his next gift would be - a child friendly camera. Please share some of his work.


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