Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's your super crazy passion?

I'm knee-deep (arm deep?) in my goals review and planning process because this is my favourite night of the month.

Can you tell I love it?

I have Feb goals page out, my 2013 goals nearby, my friends and goals spreadsheets open (of course I track them) and a new doc open for March goals.

Bliss :)

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone has something they're passionate about.

And that area of their life is kind of super crazy to the rest of us (I know a lot of you think I'm MAD!) but makes perfect sense to them.

D is like that with books and movies - lists, etc.......

And I'm like that with goals.

I once had an organising client. This person's house was so full of clutter... but let me tell you about one cupboard in her kitchen.

Her baking cupboard was SUPER organised. Absolute perfection.

In fact, I caught a tip from her that I still use today with my own baking things and this was a good 7 years ago....

So what is your mad thing you're super passionate about?

Cooking, baking, scrapbooking, reading, fashion, politics, what????

PS my second thing is finances :) LOVE! I have a post in drafts which I need to finish and post!


  1. Creating things- be it crafts, memories, keeping of memories. I need to physically make something. And reading. Totally

  2. You DO love it!

    I love teaching, making kids feels that they're not alone in this big ugly world, and making sure that I raise functioning adults that contribute positively to society. I think I can do that with my own kids, but I also feel that I have an imprint on other people's kids as well. Is that demented?

  3. What Cat said - physically making something, scrapbooking, mosaics,baking whatever - I must have it in my life.

    That is not to say my craft supplies are organised :) I still haven't got to my embellishments yet and after doing some PL stuff my table is a pile of paper, buttons, stickers and ribbon :)

  4. I truly have absolutely no idea - it is a big problem.

    I love making stuff, like crafty stuff, art work or even sewing and baking. I love being physically active and doing triathlon's and running and trail running. I love reading, I love doing physical stuff, like gardening etc. I love the feeling I get when I learn something new and realise that I have mastered it, and the respect I get at work for it. I love travelling, seeing new places, eating new foods. I love lists, and spreadsheets, and figures and stuff.

    But, what it is that I am truly passionate about though I have no idea.

  5. Marcia, should I really answer this for you? Hie-hie-hie .... FITNESS! And gaming (technology). These two things is what I am passionate about, a LOT.

    1. M, you've mentioned gaming before but I don't hear you talk about it - are you keeping it on the down low? :)

  6. I know it's a wide swath, but I'd have to say, creating. I love to create in the kitchen (more than just getting supper on the table...but doing something artful...baking...). I love to write (again, not just recording notes, but really putting something together). And I love to craft.

    J asked me a few days ago, when I had the counter completely covered with paper, ribbons, and buttons, "Where did this come from?" He said he never remembered all this *paper* before. I reminded him that, once upon a time, you wouldn't catch me sitting still without some kind of sewing project...and then it was jewelry...and now it's paper. :) That was a reminder to me, it's not the medium, but the act of creating. :) :)

    I love "seeing" your passions (plural!) in action...your excitement is palpable, Marcia!

  7. I never would have guessed your passions! : )

    Mine are reading and pop culture (mostly television- and book-related in the last few years). I love reading entertainment blogs and keeping up with what's happening with my favorite people/shows/projects. Oh, and my baseball team...I'm pretty passionate about my Braves.

  8. Nice picture of D!! Hope he enjoyed the oscars. I plan to watch it this weekend. Not surprised about your passion

    My passion - exercise, outdoor races/walks. Did a 10k last weekend, just finished a 5k and doing another 8k tomorrow and recently added a new passion spinning and of course step. Other than that cooking and knowing my family and friends can rely on me and connecting with people :) OKAY so it is more like passions than passion - LOL

  9. Taking photographs and scrapping them.

  10. Photography.

    And memory keeping.

    And i'm passionate about my children. Sound weird? But I am.

    I LOVE your pic of D. I don't know him, but these seems to have captured exactly who he is. Am i right?

  11. food and fitness :) for me they go together, too!! one allows me to do the other.

    and i totally agree with mandy--your energy and drive are palpable! :)


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