Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} 2012 Christmas pics

isn't it gorgeous?
loved the special Christmas stuff for the kids
of course the doll needs a place too


elegant simplicity
love this pic
I don't know what they're looking at
my reluctant elf
Which one is your favourite?


  1. I love the second one of your reluctant Elf, the one of Kendra with the hat laughing. The last one of you and the two little ones.

  2. First thought: She's mixed her christmas and summer pictures up. Christmas dinner outside, in the sunshine?! Unheard of!!
    Second though: Gosh they are soo adorable!

    I absolutely love the third from the end with the three of you together! Such a moment picture.

    1. Many people spend Christmas in the pool or at the beach. It's summer here :)

  3. The relunctant elf and the second one of you with the kiddies - pure bliss :)

  4. Love the one of Kendra looking to the side and laughing. And the one of you and D

  5. Too many gorgeous pics to have a favourite! I just LOVE pics of kids with no shirts on, love their cuddliness!
    I hope you have printed some of these!!!

  6. P.S. Love the new blog page!

  7. These are all amazing! And I love the look of the blog :)

  8. The one with D kissing Kendra is my absolute favourite!

    Love the new blog look as well - very naice peter...

  9. The first one of K swimming is my favourite.

  10. How do you choose! They are all lovely! xx


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