Monday, March 11, 2013

Are you a rebel dieter?


So remember last week I joined Weigh-Less?

When I mention to people that I'm on WL, I get one of two reactions:

oh WL is great. It's always worked for me/ it worked for me in the past OR
oh, I could never weigh my food all the time

GRRRRR - because that tells me you're not open-minded about this.

Nevertheless, this is not a post to promote WL but to tell my story.

This week I honestly felt like it was easy.

I saw that I lost a lot quickly (after 2 - 3 days), then I stabilised, picked up 200 or so grams, and then lost a bit again at the end of the week.

My total weight loss when I weighed on Saturday?

0.8 kg!

AWESOME considering for my frame I'm always happy with 0.6 or more, and I had about 4 mini Cadbury's eggs and 5 caramel marshmallow eggs...


I briefly mentioned in that post I linked to that I'm a profile B.

When she weighed me this week, I told her I found this week quite easy, easier than I did the whole of last year's WL attempt, and that somehow I think it's linked to this profile B business.

She said they've had LOTS of success with this new profiling business even though she thought it was a load of nonsense but it is working.

A - these are the good girls - they love a plan and following that plan to the T. Last time I was there there was a lady who was the PERFECT dieter. She even told me last time she counts out exactly 12 nuts for her snack..... (I thought, "wow, self-control") For these girls, they tell them exactly what to eat and when, and they follow that plan perfectly and lose their weight.

(I think this is you, Marleen - what do you guys who know her think? :))

B - these are the ones who mostly follow the plan but don't like to be too restricted on weekends especially. This is me. I consider it a good week (as you saw above) if I don't cheat too badly. For us, they tell us what to eat but we have such a lot of choices and I feel like I can eat more of what I like (like 3 fruits a day) and I only have to have 1 - 3 veg per meal (at least 1 so I only have one :))

C - these are the rebels - they don't like to be told what and how much to eat. They just don't like rules. She told me for these girls they don't use any "must" or "should" language. They say things like "they suggest that they do x and y"

All these mind games are working, people!!!

I'm already down 0.7 kg from Saturday but of course, we expect that to increase a bit mid-week and then dip again. Unless I lay off the chocolates totally!

This has been going round and round in my mind since Saturday and I've decided that there are 21 meals in a week - breakfasts are really easy for me and I always do them "right" so that means of the 14, I want to do at least 8 - 10 right and the rest mostly right, in other words, I may not do the recipes in their entirety but I will focus on getting my carb and protein portions correct, and let's see how we go.

The one thing I've been really good about is not drinking more than 3 cups tea/ coffee a day. Do you know how hard that is with our weather cooling? And tea for me is much more than just tea - it's how I read blogs and books, how I write, how I blog, etc.

Wish me well and send me good Easter egg vibes because it is HARD with all the chocolatey goodness around.

I must thank God that I "only" like Cadbury's because it's really hard to find Cadbury's easter eggs. I bought 4 bags of little ones for the kids and us and don't intend to get more. By the way, does anyone know if Cadbury's still make those divine mint crisp eggs? Oh man! If they do, tell me, I'll get D to get a pack and dole out half of one every Sat just after I weigh!

Right, so into which category would you fall - A, B or C?
PS the lovely yellow flower is from Caren's garden

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  1. Was thinking about you last night...was actually going to email to find out how the weigh in went. I am a profile B....but I tend to eat the same thing every day. I am not good at mixing things up. But Brad joined me at Weigh less this I am kinda forced to mixed it up. So far so good....

  2. OH I AM A REBEL BABYYYYY! I find it so difficult to diet. I feel claustrophobic when food restrictions are placed on me! I also have a real sweet tooth and when I feel for a chocolate, I do enjoy a wide range of foods (this is my defence haha) so I make sure we getting lots of fruit and veggies in, but I must say that I do enjoy a burger or slap chips or BOTH TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME. Haha! My problem is exercise. While training for the Midmar - the weight I lost JUST from training with no adjustments to my eating was pretty good. Of course, after Midmar, I haven't set foot into a gym again! So that's what I need to be doing - exercising! Good luck with WL! xx

  3. Marcia, it's so difficult to motivate people in losing weight and training them in exercise because like this lady have describe, you get different motivations for different people.
    Glad all is working for you :)
    P.S - hubby lost 3kgs since last week Monday since we stopped carbs after 3pm :)

  4. I am a B without a doubt!

    You and my DH would eat tons of Cadburys together - for him chocolate is not chocolate unless it is Cadburys. I love Beacon easter eggs though but the Woollies ones are quite close to Cadburys. Or don't you think so?

  5. I am a combination of things, depending on how I feel at the time and how desperately I want it. I will start off being a C. Something will happen or shift and I will move towards a B. With a bit more motivation (i.e. something snaps in my brain or I see the improvements) I will move to an A. I would then stay at A until I reach my goal.

    I generally HATE being told what to do, even if it is by myself. I need to be told it is something I won't be able to do and then I will want to prove them or myself wrong.

  6. Hahaha, I am definitely a C! (but you probably suspected that already) ;-)

  7. I used to be a B but with my last eating plan I was an A.

  8. I would say I'm a combination B & C. I don't do the traditional "diet" plans...I have never tried Weight Watchers, etc. I know without a doubt that I do not do well on a plan that absolutely forbids anything. Tell me no bread at all, and bread is going to be the thing I want most in the world until I have it. : )

    I adopt a B attitude in general, especially lately. Like you, I am trying to make 80% of my meals "good" ones. Lots of vegetables, only whole grains, etc. But on the weekends, I am NOT going to feel bad about a burger or a steak. Weekends are made for splurge meals, to me.

    Have you heard of this 5:2 diet that's apparently all the rage in the UK right now? It's five days of eating normally followed by two days of fasting (500 calories total on those days). I'm curious, but it doesn't seem sustainable.

  9. I have never been on a diet in my life...and I thank the Lord for good genes and that I don't need to because I would never be able to stick to a diet. I love snacking and sweets too much.

  10. I don't know - I think I am probably a B but even though I do well on WL I never once followed one of their menu plans - I worked out my own thing and just made sure I had my formula.

  11. Lesley6:48 pm

    I would be a B, i lost a lot of weight after having Micah by not mixing cards and proteins (cant remember name of the diet now), i stuck to the principle, but never weighed out milk or cheese or cereal. I cut down on the teas and coffee but not as much as i was told to, because like you said, tea is more than a drink - got to have some pleasures, lol.

    1. Lesley6:51 pm

      that should say carb's - you know I'm dyslexic right : )

  12. I'm a B. I'm good for a whole week (or at least 95% good) and then I lose control over the weekends. You are making WL sound very appealing right now. Am meant to see a Paleo nutritionist next month.

  13. I am a swinger between A and B!!! If I put my mind to it, I can be an A but usually only in the beginning, once I get into the groove of things I become a B, I follow the rules to an extent but still like to do my own thing. Life is not meant to be too restrictive, there's no way I am going to only eat 10 juicy grapes and be fine. And as much as I like dark chocolate, if I feel like a milk chocolate then I would have it :)

    Why can't loosing weight just be all about exercise!!!!!!

    Hope you did good on the WL program this week so far?

  14. C. It's also why I bailed on joining the military. Don't tell me what to do!

  15. You are right. I'm definitely type A - hie hie hie


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