Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bedford sunset & how photography has changed me

I'm really, really proud of how I've changed in my approach to life because of my photography.

Case in point - normally I don't mess with the babies' night time routine. I'm way too attached to my generous chunk of me time every evening.

However, you may or may not remember one of my goals is to get better at taking pics in low light (which I suck at currently).

And the particular week in question I'd read a post by one of MeRa Koh's people who said there is only a 15 - 20 minute gap to catch a sunset.

So I prepped the kids and we waited for D to get home... and then there was a mad rush to get to the Bedford Centre to catch these 15 - 20 precious minutes.

I had "take pics on the roof at Bedford" on my mental to-do list for this year so this was just perfect.

And here are the results.

I'm super happy because I got a few I really liked from my first attempt at silhouettes. And best? Now I'm inspired to try again.

Amazingly, these were taken from 7:12 - 7:21 and now sunset, just a month later, is at about 6:40!

I love this one - my mad kids all a-pointing :)

last sunset pic of the evening
D and the babies
M and the babies - see the Connor blur? Life with a little boy :)
Favourite photos?
How spontaneous are you?


  1. Oh, I love sunsets!!! Love love love the pictures :)

    Spontaneous when it comes to pictures - very very very!!! I see something I like I whip up my camera or phone immediately and take a picture.

    Aside from all the sunset pictures which are stunning, I'll pick the second pic of D and the kids, definitely canvas worthy.

  2. I love sunsets. I love YOUR sunset pics. I have LOVED watching you grow in your photography. You get better and better. I am a lot more spontaneous than my DH. He's just WAY predictable.

  3. I love the ones where some of the lights are just coming on in the houses. :)

    And I'm not there (yet???), but kudos to you for working towards a goal...even if it meant going outside the routine a bit. :)

  4. Oh these are wonderful! Love the one of D and the kids pointing!

    I really get to my family but I just take all the time

  5. You're getting pretty good at low light photography. Well done. What is the settings you have used?

  6. I also LOVE sunsets! I like the last sunset pic the best. I am not ver spontaneous. But am learning to become more in my old age. Getting wiser I hope!

  7. These are lovely... I like that with the kids pointing the most.

  8. oh wow these are so great! (LOL great for scrapbooking - I may be borderline obsessive at the moment)

    mmm not very spontaneous during the week I am afraid - weekends we tend to just go with what happens.

  9. I love the photo of the cityscape...gorgeous. You are good...I also giggled that you DH cut off your head on the ones he took.


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