Monday, March 04, 2013

{Create} My "crafting style" and some washi tape gift tags

I started this creative journey in 2011 and really focussed in on my word in 2012.

I'm really glad I had the year of focus because I experimented with lots of different types of creative projects. Click on this link and this one to see all the projects.

However, I'm fast coming to the realisation that the medium that most floats my boat is paper.

I've always loved stationery and paper projects, and pretty stationery is practically my love language :) Which explains my love for washi tape and bakers twine because it just adds to all the paper prettiness!

So in my mission to simplify even more, I'm going to be de-stashing soon. There shouldn't be too much but I have tons of beads and such on one shelf and I'd really like that shelf back.

I also think I'll sell some of my punches. I have 10 but I use 5 regularly - tag, 2 and 1 inch circle punches, corner rounder and the happy birthday punch. I might even sell the happy birthday punch. And some scrapbook paper - fortunately I really don't have very much - so I may just give the paper to the kids.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested.


This is how the creative process happens with me - some of you may relate.

I'd had some free project life cards printed from the internet (the ones I sent to you, Laura and Cat) and once I'd cut out the actual cards, there was a nice thick card border left.

As a mini-greenie, I never throw things away I can reuse so I got out my tag punch and punched all around the border.

By the way, this was quite inspired because I ended up with 96 tags. 96!

I had to stick some of them back-to-back because there were some words visible but I was still able to make about 8 - 9 sets of tags.

supplies - and yes, water and iphone are supplies
oh, and I also use my hole punch

I had one little helper for most of my time - she's right-handed but here wanted to cut "like Connor". You can see in the next pic she's back to right-handed cutting. 
here's what they looked like
I decorated my little bags like this to jazz them up - I'm LOVING these little bags.

A very satisfying little Saturday afternoon project - took me all of 30 - 45 minutes. And it was time spent with my kids because Connor joined in after about 10 minutes.

I gave each of them some of the smaller pieces of card to cut and paste into their books. I also gave them some of these rolls of decorative tape and they were happy kids. You have to involve them if you want to get anything done :)

I think I only have two sets left - they've already mostly been given out :)

So what do you think? Easy-peasy!

Do you repurpose cardboard offcuts?
What's your favourite crafting medium? (if that's the correct term)


  1. You don't have a heart punch? Battling to find one - we need another one for wedding confetti :)

    Love your tags :)

    I used to keep all the cardboard off cuts but I now have a box of them and need to sort it all out - some of it has writing on or is patterned so I could still use it.

    I am more ruthless now though :)

  2. I do repurpose as much as I can. Not sure my favourite. I think it's knitting. No matter what I try, I end up going back there. Am fickle though. I don't do jerseys or anything big because I am easily bored. I DO love your tags very much - they are very pretty. x

  3. I've been on a paper kick the last few years, too. I like that what I make has a purpose...either a card, or a tag, or something memory- / scrapbook-oriented.

    I do keep scraps over a certain size. I have to will myself to throw away the smaller pieces...I can almost always rationalize even the tiniest piece if I let myself! HA!

    Love your tags and your bags!!!

  4. Oh lovely. You know I am a huge paper fan too. I kept the first batch of scraps but just had too much. So they went into the recycling bin. I actually phoned around yesterday for a corner punch. Will go and buy today.

  5. I am also a big paper fan. I was extremelly fortunate last year to be given a whole heap of stuff by my mom's boyfriend. His late wife made cards and kept every single little scrap. He had kept it for a few years after she passed away but did not know what to do with it. He knew I loved stuff like that so offered it to me. I spilt it half/half with one of her friends, donated a whole lot to various charities, gave some to my sister in law and still ended up with a while cupboard full of paper goods. I am now more ruthless but still tend to keep little scraps (I have two large tupperware boxes full of "cut Off's".

    I am justifying it by saying that as Little OL gets older she will also want to use them fro school projects and things.

  6. Nothing that is as good for the soul as crafting. I also have a huge stash and I am part of a "no buy" challenge this year. I have to work with what I have and no more buying new patterned papers.

  7. Lovely tags and bags! I actually did my FIRST craft with that washi tape I got from you only the other day! I made a Birthday card. I will sen you a pic.

  8. Those gift tags are beautiful.

    CONFESSION: I am not a crafter (is there a word like that? well you get the idea). I just don't have the energy or patience for it. Plus it would be another reason for me to hoard

  9. I have a bag of stuff for you- I was at Target one day and some little crafty things were calling your name. Someday I'll make it to the post office and you'll get a surprise package... I'm glad you posted this to remind me of it. I drove with it in my van when we moved last month LOL


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