Friday, March 01, 2013

Decluttering feed readers and some reading for the weekend

I don't think I mentioned but early in February (after the pile-up of posts in my Google Reader from the holiday) I decided to declutter my subscriptions.

I started with 109 and ended up with 85. Isn't that fantastic? I can't even remember which ones I unsubscribed from which is as it should be.

And I'm back up to 94 now - I just checked. So I want to get that figure down to 80 or thereabouts again.

More in another post on how I find blogs because it's interesting (at least to me) 

How many subscriptions do you have in your Google Reader?

I'm stretching myself with some night photos - view from rooftop of Bedford Centre
I subscribe to Simple Mom and she does a linky every Sunday. I must tell you, I know before I even sit down with my cup of tea that I'll want to click on each and every one of those 5 - 6 links.

I like to think my links are also always click-worthy :) :)

  1. This cake makes me so very happy. Seriously, I smiled SO BIG.
  2. When our personal goals change and she also wrote an excellent Project Life post for the non-crafty :)
  3. I love the mindset part of this post more than the how-tos
  4. Susannah Conway on the 3 layers of self-care. Oh how I loved this post.
  5. I wrote two great posts (well, I loved them!)on the organising blog. How I find time to do things when the babies are awake and a review of what successful people do on the weekends.
  6. and this post is why I realised I need to declutter more blogs because I'm spending too much time on energy type 3 and 4
Then, obviously I'm a full-time working mother and I've recently stumbled upon a whole stack of blogs by very clever working mothers. Would some of you be interested in me linking to some of those posts? I am FASCINATED by how other people do the work/ life balance thing plus all the yahoo stuff going on around the internet. It sure beats the stuff going on in my country :)

Which was your favourite link?


  1. Yes, please share working mother blog recs! There are so many SAHMs in the blog's nice to connect with full-time working moms sometimes. : )

  2. Thanks for the link :) I also loved that Weekends book (and all her books really!).

  3. That view is amazeballs!!!!

    I like that cake (because it looks easy enough for a rookie cake decorator like me to do) he he he he. No fuss

    And the very nerdy view of the percentage of the whole week the weekend constitute. Guess we should stop complaining about not having enough time during the weekends :) ;)

    I actually lost count of how many subscriptions I have, I usually just flip to what I want to read and there are some blogs I have not read,I know it is time to do some clean up, for now I just mark all as read once I am done reading what I want to read...

  4. Hehe, I think your list is small.
    I follow 140 photography blogs, 20 trend tech finance blogs, and about 80 personal blogs. But I must admit I do need to cull all the blogs that are not active anymore

  5. I have about 170...but some I only read occasionally.

  6. LOL...I am laughing at Mrs FF and Amazeballs! Someone is watching too much Glee! I am averaging about 100 blogs at the moment but it IS time for a declutter. Will do when I have time next week. Am linking up a "new blogs I discovered post" early tomorrow. I think you should link or share whatever YOU enjoy. That's the purpose of this, yes? I loved your two and Susannah's link.

  7. haha. i have 70. several of them don't update anymore, but i keep them there *incase* they do...I don't want to miss out on it. i have some that are IF related, twins related, cooking related, food related, and fitness related. i do love trying to hear about how other mothers manage things while working. if you believe everything that you see on fb, you're led to believe that everyone is totally perfect!!! :)

  8. I have 73 and this is after I actually also did a clean up on Friday :) It is still too much for me to be honest! Like now it there are over 60 unread items - it makes me twitch a little!

    I am doing a blog read catch up now (in between trying to follow up on wedding RSVP's) so will come back to the links :)

  9. I have no idea how many subscriptions I have in my's a lot though - I know that! I don't comment on all of them though, some I just read and if someone gets a bit out of hand like posting 10 or 20 new posts a day then I unsubscribe from those quick-quick.

  10. OMG that cake was gorgeous!

    My reader is out of control, much like my inbox. BUT in my defense I have lots of folders and tend to stick to just one with close to your amount of subscriptions. The rest I tend to delete every few weeks. I've tried removing them but had issues with them showing back up, which is why I just made the new folder.


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