Friday, March 08, 2013

{Friendship Friday} and early suppers

I've been so busy coaching and writing up action plans and doing life admin (sorting out kids' papers from school, planning and such) that I forgot I hadn't blogged yet.


Well, good thing I always have a lot to say.

I've had two wonderful friendship weeks. For now, let me tell you about last week.

My friend, Roz, and I have what is fast becoming a lovely tradition of early supper straight after work. We meet half way between where we both work at about 5.15 which is great because I'm home by 8.30. There's time to do things at home and yet, I've also had a really nice time of connection.

We're both J's so we decide on a date, diarise and it's sorted.

I went straight from gym that day but I did a quick wash and change of my t-shirt :)

I always forget to take pics because we get so involved in the talking so this time I asked her to remind me and that worked much better.

These were taken by the waiter. At first he couldn't figure out the camera and was only half-pressing the button. But once he figured it out, he just went for it, which is why I'm laughing in the 3rd pic. I do like it when people get into the photo-taking.

As usual, it was just so soul-nourishing to catch up and connect in a deep, meaningful way. I so love our suppers.

Roz prefers the black and white; I don't think there's anything wrong with the colour versions.

What do you think?

When I get home, I go into the kids' room to kiss them goodnight. Connor doesn't even feel my kiss on his cheek but Kendra is such a light sleeper, she woke immediately.

She asked me again, "where were you?"

Me I went to have supper with Aunty Roz.

Kendra Was Aunty Roz also wearing grey?

(this child is random!)

But crazily, Roz was wearing grey so I said, "actually, Baby, yes, she was".

And then she went back to sleep.

The other day I was wearing yellow and out of the blue, Kendra says "is Aunty Roz also wearing yellow today?"



Earlier that day I said good-bye to another friend who is no longer working at my company. A used to report to me many years ago at a previous company and I suggested her when I heard that they were looking for people.

While she reported to me, she got engaged, married, fell pregnant and had a baby, and now I think back, I wasn't good at taking an interest in the pregnancy, baby, etc. Remember I've never been a person interested in babies. I would be a much better manager now and yet I have zero interest in managing people. No thank you to the drama.

She tells me she worked at our current company 5 years! I'm getting old - feels like a blink of an eye.

Pic taken by a colleague who asked me, "is dit goed genoeg?" (is it good enough?") Yes, it definitely was, especially on the first try!

A and I had a chance to catch up for about 30 minutes 1:1 which was just divine. Love her energy!

So that's me for now.

My friendship tank is full!

And we're off to the land of blazing hot sun tomorrow - Pretoria! :)

Have you tried to do early suppers with your friends?

BTW, I know it's difficult but once every two months, the kids and husband can sort themselves out, right?



  1. I actually prefer the colour pictures, I think because of K's question about the colour of the outfits, it was good to really to see what colours you were both wearing.

    K's questions are really very very random but very very very interesting

    I do early dinner with just one friend (aside from you) and we have a date planned for very very soon.

    My friendship tank is 3/4 full (LOL) had a good lunch date with a friend last week and we have both committed to meeting up more often than once every year as we have done so far, she works just 2 buildings away from me. And I was able to offer another friend some much needed encouragement

    PS: Except the weather changes drastically during the course of the day, it is not blazing hot in PTA today, but probably too early to tell

  2. Both your friends are gorgeous.
    I like both the colour and the black and white. I don't do early suppers but that's only because I have to fetch the kids. Logistically it just doesn't work for Lance to collect them. I did an early (5pm) dinner once and I had to involve approximately half of the universe in the arrangements to fetch them and drop them at said point so that Lance could fetch them again to take them home. If I'm doing supper then I drop the kids and then just leave straight away. So my earliest supper is around 18:00 which is not really early! My friendship tank was empty last week - caused by a really bad friend date - I will blog, and then it got all filled up again with decent conversation with Friend E and then a quick coffee during the week with Friend L.

  3. With my schedule, and that of most of my MoM friends, late suppers work best for me. I had some super great friendship time, two nights surrounding my was fantastic! The only thing is that left me "hungry" for more the next few weeks! ;) We got together for our monthly "coffee night" this past week, so that helped. And I'm meeting K&S on Wednesday night (haven't quite decided for what, yet), and I'm ready. :)

    So glad you got filled up on this note! And I'm laughing about what K said about you and Roz wearing the same color...that sounds EXACTLY like my B!!!

  4. Early suppers just wouldn't work in my world - we only get home most days after extra-muruals at 5 and David is only home around 6h30 - so if I did they would have to be with kids in tow :)

    We had a great night out last night with friends - most of them new. It was a friends birthday and her kids and my kids are the same age and BFF's - it works so well. We laughed and drank and ate - it was so great!!!

  5. Lovely pics, I prefer the colour ones!


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