Friday, March 22, 2013

{Friendship Friday} Ladies night out and quality time

Something weird is happening with the comments you're leaving - they're not all coming through to my email.

I almost thought this morning's post didn't publish because I'd had no comments the whole day, went into my dashboard to check if there were any views and then I saw I had 6 comments.

By the way, Jhb (Jhb!) was even hotter than Pta was yesterday - yes, I melted. I needed another 2 Panado and a 1.5 hour sleep this afternoon. When I had my coaching appt at 4:30 it was STILL 32 degrees! Dear Lord, the weather is trying to kill me.

Laura, I'm attributing yesterday's wussiness to the fact that there was a ton of walking at the zoo :)

I told my friend C that I only take lovely pics of her - don't you agree?

And then I saw a TON more congrats emails on the job thing - thanks so much, everybody. It's starting to sink in now.

There was a "discussion" about me taking today off because I have a TON of work to finish in only 8 working days so there may be a day or two of me working late but I insisted on having today off. I also intend to have another half day but let's get through most of that work before broaching that subject :) HAHAHA

Although D said (not meant as a compliment but I took it as one!) to Connor earlier, "you and your mother have the same negotiation skills" because he said, "we only have time for 5 pages of the book tonight" and C said, "why not 10?"

gorgeous H

So here's what I love, love, LOVE about the love languages. And why I keep nagging everyone who will stand still long enough to listen.

My friend, Caren, went to a love languages talk a few weeks ago (actually by now, probably a month ago) and raved to me about how wonderful it was, etc.

I've been telling everybody this for ages so I just smile when I hear this type of thing.

I asked her what her love languages were and she said quality time and words of affirmation which made complete sense.

She organises these fertility ladies night out things and get togethers and really LOVES seeing everybody in the flesh.

So I made a promise to her that I'd prioritise any getting together with her even more than I've done so in the past :)

As usual we met at Doppio Zero in Rosebank.

This was the day my 50 mm 1.8 lens arrived so I was keen to test it out. I was VERY happy with the pics I took (all of these in the post).

Apparently we're only meeting twice this year without kids (I never go to the "with kids" ones because I get too frustrated with the not connecting while tending to kids) but at least I'll see Caren many other times!

me (taken by C)
our fearless fertility leader, K
the lovely Caren
Gorgeous H's hand :)
How important is quality time to you or your friends?


  1. Lesley10:13 pm

    Quality time is SO important to me. I felt exactly the same as you when my children were little, i'd rather not spend time with my friends with the kids present . I wanted to connect and couldn't really do that with the children there. Also my two closest friends didn't have children, and i was very careful to keep my 'two worlds' separate, which i think worked really well. They liked my kids but did not have to go through the whole making small talk to them and pretend they were interested when they weren't - which was totally fine by me.
    I have had friends that i've got to know in recent years who have allowed their children to sit down with us while we are talking, and they have no problem saying anything in front of them. I find that strange and inappropriate and it makes me uncomfortable.
    Quality time is very important to me, i always want to know how people REALLY are : )

  2. Looks like a lovely evening out... :-)

    I must admit that anyone who wants quality time with me sans Nicola will probably get very frustrated. I hardly go anywhere without her.

    Ps! Tell D he got off lightly. N won't let my dad stop reading before he's done at least 3 books! Her strategy for this is just to refuse saying goodnight to him until she's had her fill of reading. Oh and words of encouragement like, "Come on. You can do it Oupa!".

  3. Quality time = EVERYTHING. Not a fan of spending time with kids but I take what I can get because I understand that, for whatever reasons, not everyone can leave their kids.

  4. LOL I think I am just used to it :) We have such hot days here that even 2 degrees cooler is like a great relief :)

    Quality time is my love language but mainly with David. I don't need to spend a lot of time with my friends for me to feel loved by them. But I need to spend A LOT of time with David - I hate it when he rides or stays late after work or goes away. My cup empties immediately.

    A lot of the time I do spend with friends is proper quality time though - we will spend an entire day/afternoon into evening together and if fills my cup up. I don't enjoy quick coffees say twice a week as much as I do a braai for the whole day once a month. Does that make sense? I hate being with someone who has a time limit on our visit!

  5. Thanks for the stunning post! I have also recently discovered that "acts of service" is also quite strong with me. I doing and making things for other people. I enjoy it. I think Seth is also acts of service as he is always sharing with his sister and when he gets something for himself, he always takes one for his sister too. So sweet to see!

  6. I am also a quality time person. I love your my nifty fifty a few weeks ago and still have to try it out.


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