Saturday, March 02, 2013

I joined Weigh-Less today

It was one of my February goals that I just didn't get to because I miscalculated and thought February Saturdays hadn't run out yet :)

Nevertheless, goal 1 of March is done.
see the beautiful light in my study in the afternoons? this is what the table is for - so these two can do their thing and I can get one or two quick things done :)

The fact is since I was sick with the flu two months in a row last year (Aug and Sept), I seemed to pile on 3 kgs (in about 6 weeks) and try what may, I couldn't shake them. Another kilo has also crept on the last two months so enough is enough.

Today, Connor's practically bald. The boys went to get their hair shaved for the Cansa Shavathon and they went too short - I'm still cross.

The girls at work were putting together a Weigh-less group but nobody's actually doing it and before you say, "you should do it!", I normally would but I don't want any extra responsibilities for now because I need to be AWESOME when I get this new job (notice the faith speaking) and I need to have my head 100% in the game.

So last night I set my alarm on my iphone (I noticed that no alarms had been set before - what? I haven't needed an alarm to wake me since 27 Nov?) and got myself to Weigh-Less. The group leader still remembers me from my two previous attempts at this venue. I must say they make it easier and easier each time I join - this is number 5 for me. I'm a B profile (mostly can stick to a plan but I do go a bit wild at socials and at weekends.......).

they and I love this toy
Anyway, the group leader said something key to me. I told her I'd like to weigh x but will be happy with y, and she said, "well let's put y because sometimes those last few kgs could mean the difference between easily maintaining and you getting demotivated and falling totally off the bandwagon". SO TRUE! So I have 6.4 to go. I'm horrified! I thought it would be 5....

Tonight I sat down with my diary, menu planning pad and my Weigh-Less file and I planned all our meals for the whole week. A bit time-consuming but I'll get used to it again. And it will all be worth it next week when she says "good job. You lost ____" :)

Today hasn't been bad... but it's also been a really good day and I'm definitely an emotional eater.

Are you an emotional eater?

Remember my cooking frenzy last weekend?  Just cooked another two meals. Technically one is new but since I just made a weigh-less version of that indonesian chicken curry, I don't feel like I can count it. However, if it tastes good, I will post the recipe. And then I made a chicken casserole for D and the babies.

Speaking of presents, today I treated us to some beautiful new linen. New duvet, sheets and pillow cases. Oh Mr P Home, you are not helpful with the budget! D asked me if I was going mad and I said, "I feel like I deserve it". Ha! Will take pics next week when I get my A into G and dress the bed :)

The Mandys and I are doing it this week. Are you joining us?


  1. Oh gosh, I love linnen too but we have way too much so none for now. I have always had so much success on Weigh less- all the best dor that.

  2. All the best with WL.
    I'm on the fence about whether or not I'm an emotional eater. I do eat out of habit and I eat ritualistically. Also when I am bored.
    Take a pic of the bald head!
    I usually ask for a number 1 cut when Mel shaves their heads. I have to because their hair grows FAST. Within 4 weeks it is WAY TOO LONG again. If I don't do it this way then I will have to cut hair every 2 weeks.
    I am desperately in need of linen for ALL OF US. I just can't get to it right now.

  3. our hair salon has that same toy for the kids. M is always drawn to it (T is usually getting his hair cut).

    good job with WL. you've been talking about it for awhile. i find that just having the social support of other people is key. i'm in washington DC right now and have been out of control. alcohol nearly every night, last night we made homemade pasta, sauce, meatballs, etc. i ate so much that i had to lay on the couch for awhile after dinner. i was so uncomfortable that i couldn't take it. when i woke up in the morning i was STILL full. i'm certain that at that meal i probably consumed 3000 calories (wine, pasta, meatballs, salad with dressing, garlic bread, and chocolate raspberry cake--> gah. maybe more!!!).

    can't wait to follow your progress. you CAN do it! :)

  4. Yip I am an emotional eater and a carb emotional eater. I am so glad in many ways I can't eat bread because if I could I would look like a house!!!!!!

    I love weigh-less - it works. I still follow their formula - for me it is the most maintable diet.

    I think putting Y down was a very smart move. When I went years ago they put me at 63kg - I have never in my life weighed that. I did manage to get to it ONCE - literally ONE weigh in and that was it - I could never maintain it. But if I get to 65kg then I can manage that fine (ok with a little bit of effort but I stay there for a while) so that is my current goal :)

  5. I have never been able to stick to a diet. Then again I exercise regularly and just work harder after I over indulged or eat to many sweets.

  6. Mr P House is definitely not great on one's budget. I have to agree there, but they do have the loveliest things though.
    I was an emotional eater before but now that I have lost all the weight, when I'm down, I go lay down on my bed till I fall asleep and then when I wake up, I feel better :) Much better than eating though.
    Well done for joining Weigh Less again but you know what, you are stronger than you think. You can lose those kgs by yourself.

  7. Good luck with the Weigh-less thing. If anyone can stick to a goal it's you, you'll drop them in no time!

  8. Hope it works for you... Good luck. Hope it is going well so far, it has been almost a week already

    I wish loosing weight was just all about exercising. I have also been toying with the idea of joining WL or WW.


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