Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm not really into animals

We went to the zoo last year (9 April to be exact) and I posted really cute pics of the kids (they were so cute last year :)) but of course, I hardly care about the animals!

I'm just not an animal person.

Are you an animal or a kid person?

I don't have issues with animals, per se, but if there's ever a choice for my money, it goes to human beings, no question about that.

I was thinking about this because they have those tins at the tills (checkout counter) and I'm always more touched by the plight of kids than animals.

Then in a meeting earlier this week someone went off on a bit of a rant saying the same thing. I get it but would never voice quite my opinion in quite that way.

Moving on.

So here are the pics of the animals, mainly for Mandy who wanted to see them, if memory serves me correctly.

couldn't resist :)


I couldn't get my camera to focus on the monkey (correct me, MandyE) and have the rest blurred but in retrospect, I still like this pic
I was hard at work last night - my coaching ran an hour late - and then I got stuck into my work so I didn't bother to blog.

I don't think anyone missed me so no big deal (which is a subject for another post).

How's your week been?


  1. I am a "people" person. I can never get myself into causes for animals. That is just me. If I have to choose between children and pets...I take children every day.

  2. I am passionate about both animals and children...I am passionate about anything that does not have a choice or a voice. I support both causes...I view them as equal.

  3. You assume that nobody missed you but actually you're wrong :)
    I too like the last photo.
    I choose animals due to the fact that they can't speak for themselves and we are there to defend them.

  4. of course we missed you - well I did. This is the 4th time I have come to check your blog today..... And even though there was nothing in my emails :-)

    Oh, and I am all for the animals - or at least I was until I had Little OL. Before all my money would have been given to the animals, now its split a bit.

  5. I missed you!! I really did - I usually read your post first and then Julias - it wasn't there!!!

    I am not really a kid or animal person :-p But possibly more of a human person if I had to make a choice!

  6. Ooooh I LOVE the elephant pic.
    You post late at night and I’m all about getting enough sleep so I usually read your post first thing in the morning. It wasn’t there today and I was actually quite bummed. I figured you must have been very busy. I did miss you. I had a terrible day btw.

    I don’t do animals. I know that some people are passionate about them and that’s cool. It’s not wrong or right, it’s just what they are passionate about.

    I have promised to get Joshua some chickens though so we are working on that at the moment. I told Lance to sort it out ASAP before I change my mind. I only said yes when I saw the big picture benefits.

  7. How could we not miss you?!

    Oh gosh, well, I will admit that most of my cash donations go to animals. There, I said it. I like animals more than people! I'm always torn over renewing my zoo membership; am I supporting the caging of animals or supporting the animals already encaged. Serious stuff.

    However, if the donation is easy I'll likely to give to anyone. "Would you like to donate a dollar with your payment today?" Sure, since I'm already checking out and it requires no extra effort on my part. Fantastic. Take more money! I'm so lazy!

    Now let us discuss zoos. You live in SA and you went to a zoo?! Go on a safari, stop at a reservation, see real wild life!!!

  8. Lesley9:33 pm

    I missed you too. I popped by a couple of times : ) xx

    Love my cats, but thats about it. Dont like dogs, even though most of the family keep banging on about getting one. That's because i do not want to deal with dog hairs, cleaning poo from the garden and worst of all poo from shoes - yuk!!

  9. Of course we missed you!

    I distrust all of those cans... ;-)

  10. You were missed, your blog is usually the one I read last before dozing off or once I wake up and I kept refreshing my GR to see if it was in (because for weird reason, the email announcing that you have posted usually comes hours, sometimes a day after you have posted). But I figured you were busy.

    I don't do animals, even though I love dogs (I have 3 at the moment) but I am like you if I am given the option to donate to people or animals, people would win. My office would sometimes give us the option of planting trees in a park or forest (hmmmmmmm, seriously I see that like pouring water into the ocean) or building houses for orphans, of course I choose building houses, as much as I like trees I would sleep better at night knowing my effort went into helping a fellow human being have a roof over their head (can you tell I am passionate about this)

    BTW, I also don't do animals in the zoo or safari kind of way either, doesn't interest me what so ever, don't get the hype :) ;) Maybe for some photo op but that's it

  11. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Don't always comment, but I love your blog and I really missed your post, so you are definately missed!!

    I love animals and children both and would rather give equal of my last cents to both than just to give to one. Humans were put on this earth to take care of animals too. Had to LOL at your "disgusting" for that animal it is "YUMMIE" and had a good chuckle at the bum pics. Love your pic of the horse. You must take the twins to Lory Park Zoo, my brothers takes his two there and they love the place.


  12. Thank you for posting these! It's interesting...many of the animals are the same ones we regularly see. I have never seen a hyena, though...ack! And I do love the monkey shot! :)

    Don't you mistake anything though, Miss Marcia...I notice every time you don't post! I missed you again last night!!! You usually post in the late afternoon (our time), so I always come down after I get the girls in bed to check on the state of the world...and I can almost always count on a "Marcia fix".

    At least I had some emails last night and this morning to tie me over. ;)

    I hope you're having a great weekend! It's supposed to rain here this afternoon / tonight, and then be cold again for a bit...but at least this morning is gorgeous. Ready to finish my coffee and hop to it! :)

    Hugs to you!!!

    By the way, did you see the link I sent you a few days ago, to the lion plays soccer from the JHB zoo? Our girls are FIXATED on that! :)

    And I do have a very dear place in my heart for animals. I agree wholeheartedly with one of the first comments...animals and babies are two groups that cannot defend themselves. And -- unlike a human -- I think an animal has no evil in its heart. An animal can be trained to do "bad" things...or it can act on its instincts...but it cannot be blamed. OK...getting deep...back to the land of crayons and plastic scissors happening at my kitchen table! HA!

  13. :) i don't LOVE animals...but tend to deal with them. UNTIL they are harmed in some way. then it breaks my heart :(

    love all of these pictures.

    have you decided what you're going to do as far as google readers go? how the heck will we manage blogs now??? gah.

  14. I'm the same. Growing up we always had a couple cats and a dog, but now that I have so many kids to take care of the last thing I need is a pet.


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