Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Irene Market with friends - part 1

It seems that March was the month of visiting Pretoria - I purposefully planned these adventures for March as it's autumn and should technically not be blazing hot but still, it was blazing hot. That'll teach me :)

This was the first social - we arranged with our friends J and P to meet at the Irene Market (Cat has raved about it for years!) and then to their house, which by the way, is the perfect combination of tiring out the kids enough so they don't trash your friends' place.

And of course, the zoo was the second social - that one was with the in-laws.

There were OODLES of lovely things to take pics of... I was actually very restrained.
one of my most popular posts is on milk tart (that's melktert in Afrikaans)
perfect vase
these hearts were just gorgeous

my friend holding an old camera
I really want one of these but a nice big cabinet with about 30 little drawers :)
what on earth???
isn't this gorgeous?
my little one checking out the dress forms!
this was the washi tape/ fabric tape/ lace tape oasis - I was very good after a solid talkiing-to - I didn't buy a thing :)
isn't this being rude to muffins??? I love muffins!
I love this!!!!!!! windmills.... blue... grey... love!
Which is your favourite pic?


  1. Ooh, I like the vase one and the wind pump one. Did you enjoy the market?

  2. That looks like such a cool market! I haven't been to one in ages, but it makes me wanna go!!!

  3. That little drawers, those were used and in some libraries still used. Filed little carton cards in those for the books that were or were not in the libraries before computers. I worked in a school library and this is where I get to know these :) Brings back memories, which my children will never know of.
    Love the picture of the old camera. Your focus there is very good.

  4. I love the swallows and that dress is gorgeous.

  5. OH I love windmills! And I want little drawers too!

  6. What a stunning market. I could spend my day there. Gorgeous photos.

  7. I love markets! I never have anyone to go with me though. Only Friend E. Lance hates the sun, Child1 finds these things boring and Child2 doesn't cope well with crowds. My favourite pictures here are the ones with Kendra.


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